Will Magsafe Charging Ruin My Battery?

iPhone 13 and Magsafe charger
Let’s get straight to the question, will Magsafe charging ruin your battery? Using Magsafe wireless charging in the long run does shorten battery life.
The main reason that your battery is ruined is the heat. Theoretically, preventing your iPhone from overheating is the key to avoiding battery capacity reduction.

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What's the Difference Between Magsafe Technology and Qi Wireless Charging Technology?

MagSafe charging technology solves the non-alignment of Qi wireless charging coils. Due to magnetic attraction, the coil inside will be automatically aligned. By manifesting the perfect alignment between the Magsafe charger and iPhone, charging power can ideally increase from 7.5W to 15W under stable current conditions.
However, due to the high thermal sensitivity of the Magsafe and iPhone built-in components, charging power does not reach the ideal 15W most of the time. According to Edinburgh News, charging causes the phone to heat up, which can cause irreversible loss of battery capacity. 
Mag Safe technology has dramatically improved the ease of everyday charging, but do we have to trade battery life for convenience? There are methods to prevent such issues.
Photo by Studio Proper
Photo by Studio Proper

How to Prevent My Magsafe Charging Ruin My Battery?

  1. Try to charge your iPhone 13 with the Magsafe charger when the battery is more than 50%.
  2. Don’t charge your phone with Magesafe while it’s hot.
  3. Try to avoid charging your phone while operating it.
At the end of the day, the key to Magsafe charging is the experience itself.
One last hilarious thing to share, you can easily reform a non-Magsafe charger into a Magsafe charger by adding a magnet coil between your phone and the charger. LOL!

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