What we developed from PL01 to PL02 Pillow Tablet Stand

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Last year , in the Lamicall lab, people wondered what they could be doing with the simple idea of the phone/ tablet stand. This had remained a central idea at the lab for months. The designers there are a group of young, enthusiastic maniacs, all crazy about the little phone stand. 

They came up with a wild idea. What about a phone stand, that is also a pillow? It’s gonna be great in a bed, it’s gonna be great with the kids, and it sounds completely mad too. 

Here, people all have one belief- little things that could make life that little bit more satisfying could add up to a much more motivating force in one’s life. Adding little things here and there will eventually result in a life that is fulfilling not only on the surface, but deep into the subconscious. Enjoying a simple, well made, competent product that seamlessly integrates into the comfort of one’s home is what people at Lamicall ultimately pursuits with an undying passion.

For this, we have perfected the well-applauded PL01 pillow stand, and made our newest design, the PL02 (I know, engineers and their naming schemes, bleh).


Fewer and Deeper Trenches

In our 1.0 version of the product, we made 6 ridges in pursuit of fulfilling more niches of use. However, we received comments such as these:

“I liked the color and texture of the tablet pillow stand and that it can be washed; however, the recessed lines that hold the tablet are not deep enough and the tablet falls off the pillow stand. I should return it but it is a bit too late. Just thought that I should let the seller know what I think is a defect in the design.”
Lamicall Honest Customer
The iPad kept slipping out of the grove it was to sit in. The grove was not deep enough and the material was quite slippery.
Lamicall Admirable Customer

The original designing perspective of the six ridges (PL01)  was that we were hesitant to give up any one of the six most common angles of product use. But this also meant that groves had to be more versatile, therefore shallower.

We sacrificed a bit of stability for versatility, which has been proven to be a bad idea. 

Our design team went back to work and made 3 new prototypes, decreased the number of ridges from 6 to 4 that are fused together, and started a round of alpha testing within the company

Having gotten rid of two of the ridges, we deepened the groves. This time we are sure that no slipping will happen. We were slightly too ambitious with the depth, and went a bit overboard and it blocked the bottom of some devices. We quickly hot-fixed that issue. 

After Some serious consideration and voting, we ended up with a depth of 3 cm / 1.81 inches.

6 1

Tiled bottom

On top of the deeper groves, we added an upward slopage to the resting plane, adding more stability and comfort of use.

5 4

We look to further optimize this part of the design in the future in the light of more customer feedback.

Slightly Smaller Size

After we published our first generation product, we noticed a review sayin:

“Too Bulky, not easily portable, inconvenient.”
Lamicall More-than-nice Customer

Easy carry-on? Not exactly…

Strictly speaking, this product was not designed to be exactly compact. Each product has its niche and this one’s niche is comfort. 

A good news, though, for people who did not like the size, we did shrink it for about 3%.

Although this product was never designed to be small, we still opt always for the best experience. 

Lamicall has a diverse range of hundreds of stands and holders. A simply look through our catalog will surely grant you a few of them that fit your needs. 

pl01 and pl02

Tiny zip

Our 1.0 version used a wide zip head with a looped strip of polymer  that is easily held and pulled considering potential difficulties of people grabbing the head.

12 2

In further testing, we found that this design caused the bottom of the product to be uneven, propping up the whole thing in an angle.

so, this time we went with a much smaller zip head that could be tucked inside the zipper gap. 

In terms of ease of pulling, we had a better idea. 👇

PL 对比文图4 1

LOL! Just kidding.

More pockets

In our 1.0, there was no storage included. We looked at that, and made it better. On the side of the PL02, there are now two pockets. 

The middle pocket is a bigger one that could fit an iPhone pro max. The bottom one is a long, strip shaped pocket that will nicely contain an apple pencil, or something else that shaped. 

The two pockets are interconnected, preventing dust from accumulating while providing more storage potential

4 5

Bookmark (Gift)

12 1

We included a bookmark in the package of PL02, hoping to remind everyone to start reading books (more). 

Read more books, people. The internet is consuming us, please don’t give up books.

Pl02 book

We prompted the testers to try reading books with PL02 and the results were decisively positive

This yellow bookmark in the shape of LAMICALL’s logo will sure to rekindle your love for reading. (just kidding, you’ll probably have to do that yourself.)

This middle part is good for putting your finger in. 

Pl02 bookmark

Thanks for reading this article, now that you have a better idea of the difference between PL01 and PL02,

Now, Tell me down the comment, which pillow tablet stand would you prefer? Or you hate the idea of a bulky tablet stand?

If you are a relatively shy person, feel free to email me to discuss your idea.

Contact writer via Email: rita@lamicall.com 

Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand PL02

Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand PL01

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