What to bring on bike touring

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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bike phone mount

- Free and interesting way to travel

It’s almost peak season for bike touring again. Bike touring could bring so much fun and freedom, you may know some interesting people that you have no chance to meet in office work, and that’s why it attracts so many people to travel this way every year.

But before you riding on your bike, don’t forget to prepare your luggage.

- Bike touring must-have item

Here I list some essential items:

– Basic:bike, helmet, backpack, bike wear

– Food&Water:water bottle, quick-energy foods

– Settle:tent, sleeping bag

– Protection:lock, Vaseline, headlight&taillight

– Tools:zip ties, repair items, patch kit

– Weather:sunscreen, sunglasses, rainwear, arm/leg warmers

– Personal:quick-dry cloth/towel, cash, phone

– First-aid kit

– Map– Lamicall Bike Phone Mount

- Why you need this bike phone mount

It is necessary to know the route in advance.

As phone tech and GPS had developed to a high level, we have been already abandoned the paper maps (except some old school). We can easily find the best route by simply using our phone. The only problem is how to steadily place the phone on the bicycle handlebars.

Lamicall has solved this problem by designing a patented product – BM01 Bike Phone Mount. This product allows you to fix any type/size of mobile phone on the bike handlebars without falling or shaking.

- Bike phone mount features

1. Appearance

appearance of BM01

This bike phone mount consists of the front section and the back section. The front clamp is made up of 4 support corners and 4 shrinkable metal arms. And the back section is a tube clamp which could clamp the handlebar tightly.

2. Shrinkable Structure

Shrinkable Structure

There’s a gear structure inside the product which allows 4 metal arms reaching out and shrinking back simultaneously. When the arms shrinking to the exactly size of your phone, close the safety switch.

3. Three layers of rubber pads inside the tube clamp

Three layers of rubber pads inside the tube clamp

Not only for better protection, but for fitting to more sizes handlebars. The removable rubber pads make our bike phone mount suitable for handlebars with diameters of 22mm-33mm.

4. Protective EVA foam

Protective EVA foam

The bike phone mount is equipped with 3 EVA Foam pads. While using this phone mount, you can paste the foam when the phone not with case. Which could reduce the vibration while riding the bike and prevent scratches.

5. 360 degree rotation

Lamicall Bicycle Phone Holder 2 600x600 1

There is a universal ball connecting the front section and back section, so it’s convenient to adjust your phone to horizontal or vertical screen. It could provide multi-angle view whatever you want. No matter you want to answer the phone, play some music or use GPS function during the ride, Lamicall bike phone mount would provide you the best usage experience.

6. Broad using occation

Broad using occation

Due to its broadly suitable for different thickness handlebars, the bike phone mount is not only for bike. It’s also good for motorcycles, stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, treadmill.



I believe that if you like to ride bicycle especially if you like bike touring, you won’t miss the stylish and functional product.

If you have any other suggestions about bike touring necessities or if you have any good stories during your bike tour, welcome to leave us messages in the comment box below.

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