What the bad effects of sleeping with your phone in bed

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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sleep with phone

According to the Pew Internet Project, 44% people who have mobile phone will keep their phone next to their bed while sleeping. Actually, most young people would do that because they are more engaged to the social media and they don’t want to miss out any message.

But this habbit could be harmful to your health. And here are the specific effects of sleeping with your phone next to you:

1. Prolong the phone use

Social networking apps and mobile games can be addictive. You just clicked on a social networking app and then you look at the time. Oh gosh! It’s already 2 a.m. So put away your phone from bed is a good way to keep you from staying up.

2. Affect sleep quality

Even if you switch your phone to silent, your cell phone could still release radiation as long as it’s on. This kind of radiation would cause nightmares,  waking up several times at night, or even insomnia. Besides, cell phones can also emit blue light whose wavelength is similar to the light of daylight, and let your body feels like it’s still daytime. Thus your body would refuse to fall asleep.

3. Cause headache

I believe most people have such experiences, you take a very long call, and them you feel a little bit headache. If you are a telemarketer you’ll know better.

Then imagine you put your cell phone beside your head or under the pillow for years!

4. Cause infertility for men

There used to be someone like to put his phone in his pocket, then he suffered from infertility. What if you put your phone in bed for years, guys?

5. Increased risk of cancer

Although there is still no evidence that show the relation between sleep with phone and cancer. But the World Health Organization they did warn that usage of cell phone has the risk of causing cancer in 2011.

6. Could cause your pillow on fire

Some people like to put the phone under the pillow, even the phone is still charging. Actually, it’s very dangerous. It blocked the air flow around the phone so the phone is easily to get heated or even over-heated. Even though the pillow is not burn up, it’s still easy to burn your skin.

sleep with phone

Photo by Senior Airman Destinee Sweeney

- How to prevent the harms

1. Turn off your phone

You’d better gain a habbit that turn off your phone before you sleep.

2. Using airplane mode

If you don’t want to do that you could at least switch to airplane mode.

3. Three feet away

3feet from phone while sleeping

If you really don’t want to miss some important call then you should keep your phone at least 3 feet away from your bed. You could put a Lamicall Phone Stand on your desk and keep your phone on it. (Better farther than the picture showed above.)

No matter the effects I mentioned above is for certain or still a speculation, you should gain a healthy sleeping habit from today on. To create a good environment for sleeping you should turn off all the electronic devices (yes! Not only your cell phone) off before you sleep.

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