What kind of life Lamicall will provide you

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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If I ask which of the two desks above do you want to put in your room, I think it should go without saying that the desk on the right is definitely beyond the desk on the left no matter from the  “beauty” or “practicality”, and the difference between them is just 4 Lamicall stands.

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In the current era,electronic products like phones and pads are closely bond with our life. You don’t need to take your wallet or cash,because your phone can solve all the problems. Electronic products have facilitated your life, but at the same time, they have also caused your life to be messy. If you are investing too much time in looking for stuffs such as phone, data wire, charger. I can guarantee that you would be suffering.

Lamicall phone stands can perfectly solve this problem. With Lamicall’s help,you won’t throw your phone casually on the table, but put it on Lamicall phone stand, where it supposed to be. When you need to use your phone, you can find it immediately.

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Have you ever thought what made you have impulse purchasing an iphone when you are in the Apple Store.Is the price?brand? or function? I believe it’s the attractive looks that the phone on the stand with spot light attracts you the most. A phone without stand is not as attractive as when it’s on display.

So, what about have a Lamicall phone stand on your desk? That would make your desk looks like a display shelf and make your life more beautiful.


While smart phone has become your life partner, you will use it in almost all scenarios. Lamicall phone stand could make it easier for you to enjoy your time with your phone. It could free your hands when you watching movies while eating,  viewing recipes in the kitchen, playing games, listening to music, making a video call.


Your home is a reflection of your life, and your desk should be where you study or conduct the business in your home. Like any well-run business,your desk should be organized for efficiency. It’s impossible to be focused on your work or study in a messy, disorganized space. That way, you need Lamicall stands to help you organize your desk and get more focused on your work.

Lamicall is not only a simple device which provides a safe and sturdy chair to your phone or pad, but it can also bring you an orderly, beautiful, easy and focused life.

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