What are the function of Car Headrest and Car Tablet Holder

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Most of you would take it for granted that the car seat headrest is designed for resting your head on it. If you feel the same way, you’ll need to read this article carefully. You may find the headrests in latest cars are getting more and more uncomfortable, that is because the primary function of car headrest is not for resting but safety.

If you really miss having a nice tablet holder in your car, read this article!

To prevent Whiplash

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The  image above shows what’s Whiplash. It is a type of neck injury caused by sudden movement of the head forwards, backwards or sideways. 

When it comes to irregular movements while you drive your car, the car is still move forward which make the seat pushing against your back. Your body is held by the seat but your head and neck continue to move back. If your head is unsupported by a properly positioned headrest, you would probably suffer the “Whiplash Injury”.

Besides the other safety devices such as seat belts and airbags that could help to protect you in front and side impact collisions, you also need a properly designed seat and adjustable headrest which is the most effective safety device for protecting yourself and your family from injuries that may happen in a collision. 

To escape in a emergency

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There is an additional function of the car headrest you may not know. The car headrests were designed to be detachable and sturdy so that they could be used to break car windows in emergencies.

Though, we know that the seat headrests were not deliberately designed to break the window but to protect our neck from “Whiplash Injury”, but it’s still a useful survival tip that worth remembering.

How to adjust the headrest to the safest position

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The right position is to have the top of the headrest level with (or slightly higher than) the top of your head. You can place  your hand on top of your head and adjust the headrest to be touching your hand.  Besides, the headrests should be about 5cm(2 inches) from the back of your head. Closer headrests will provide significantly better protection for the head and neck in a rear-end collision than a poorly adjusted headrest.

Not all cars are equipped with Headrest DVD Player, if you want to install one yourself, it could also be expensive. Then, why not fix your tablet or Nintendo Switch on the back of the car seat headrest by using a practical & affordable accessory.

Lamicall P2 Headrest Tablet Holder will bring you big surprise. It works well with all 4.7-13 inch devices, such as iPad series, Samsung Tab, Kindle, Fire, E-reader, etc. And it’s easy installation also adds a lot of popularity to it. Just press ball into the groove and screw the ring, then press the bar and fix it between the two upright rods of the headrest. Done!

No longer feel bored in a long drive

Not all the roads are as beautiful as Blue Ridge Parkway. Sometimes, a long drive could be boring not only for the driver but also for passengers. People seat on the backseat usually choose to play with their phone or tablet to kill time during the long journey, but keep the head down like that for too long could easily cause neck pain and carsickness. Especially if there is a kid on the backseat, the journey cold be torturous.

If you are equipped with Lamicall P2 Tablet Holder, these problems would be solved. Just seat comfortably and lean on the seat back, enjoy your favorite movies, play a game, or play a cartoon for the children. The long drive could be enjoyable with Lamicall P2 headrest holder’s help.

No more upset in a traffic jam

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Five of the top 10 most-gridlocked cities in the world are in the United States. Have you ever been stuck in LA for four hours? If not, maybe New York? So, how do you kill time in a Traffic jam?Day dreaming, meditate, call your friends, talk to the driver. If you have tried all of these but still failed to escape from the annoyed or upset feeling, just try taking out your tablet and put it on Lamicall P2 Car Tablet Holder. The next thing you need to do is to position yourself comfortably in backseat and enjoy whatever you want. You will find the hours fly by.

Help drivers without being distracted


There are some passengers just won’t stay silent during the journey, they would talk to other passengers or even the driver. However, driving demands an extremely high percentage of attention no matter how experienced the driver is. Too much talk would distract the driver and put all people in the car in danger.

Why not play a good movie to shut up the loquacious passengers? Use Lamicall P2 headrest tablet holder, leave the driver a peaceful moment and keep the journey safe and happy.

I am using the P2 headrest tablet holder myself, and I am surprised by it’s humanized design. It’s super steady even when I drive on the bumpy roads, so I don’t have to worry about damaging my passenger’s eyesight. And the rubber pads inside the clamp perfectly protect my devices from scratches.

Oh! There are some important things you need to know before you choose our P2 headrest tablet holder:

1.If you want to hold your phone with a car headrest holder and your phone is a little bit small (4.5-5.5 inch), please choose Lamicall P headrest holder.

2.The distance between two headrest posts should be 5.1-5.9 inch. Some cars like Honda Odyssey /Pilot,Subaru Forester/ Crosstrek / Outback, Mazda CX5, Chevy Traverse, Audi Q7(2018) dont fit.

3.Some customers commented that the stand would press against the seat skin. Actually, if your car seats are connected to the headrests with two posts, and you had adjust them to the safest position like the picture below, it would not likely press against your seat skin. Please adjust your headrest first and check if there are enough space for the headrest tablet holder before you purchase one.

According to a set of statistics,people spend around three years of their lifetime in cars, such a long time right? So, why not use a little gadget to make your car a better place to stay and make your life in car more enjoyable.

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