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What is the best location to put the phone ring holder

I believe that many people have tried phone ring holder before, but some people may find it not as good as it advertised. For example, many girls find it still difficult to make a good selfi by using it to hold the phone. When they cross the ring with their middle finger, their thumb is not long enough to reach the photo button. Just like the picture showed below.

Don’t rush to throw away your phone ring holder. Actually, this might not because the little device is not useful but you put it on the wrong place. To put it on a right place you should consider the following factors: The size of mobile phone, the size of hands, camera position, fingerprint lock position, user habit, etc.

Reviews of several common location

In the middle


Most people have chosen this place to attach their phone ring holder, it’s the most common place to choose. On the middle, so it looks not bad, and the performance of being a kick stand on the table is pretty good. The only drawback is what I just described, for those girls who have small hands, it’s difficult to operate with their middle finger stuck there.

Mid-lower position


It doesn’t look as balanced as it does right in the middle, but it’s surprisingly good to use. No matter for one-hand operation or being a kick stand, phone ring holder which stick in this position could have great performance for the action area is centered in the lower half of the screen. Even for girls who have small hands could reach the photo button easily when she wants to take a selfi.

Left lower position


Many girls have chosen this location for the same reason–easy for their small hands to operate. For that reason, it is truly a good choice. But when you need to use your phone by your left hand, it would be inconvenient. Considered this, I think mid-lower position would be a better choice.

Mid-upper position


Actually, I don’t know why some people like this location, but it was recommended, so I included it in. In my opinion, it’s neither good-looking nor practical. Your middle finger crossing the ring is easily to block the back camera, the other fingers especially the thumb are too far from the home button, it’s difficult to operate even for big hands.

No matter what location I recommended, you may have your own opinion, and it doesn’t matter, you need to find the best location for you. You could try these all or you can follow several steps to find your best location to put your ring holder.

How to find a location that suit you the most


Don’t peel off the sticker on the ring holder, and put the ring on the middle finger of your dominant hand.


Hold the mobile phone with your dominant hand, find the most comfortable position and mark it with a pen that can be erased. If you don’t want to cover the logo or fingerprint lock, just avoid them.


Peel off the sticker and stick the ring holder to the phone according to the mark,  and finally erase the mark on the phone.

Go through these three steps, and you will finally find the best location to stick your phone ring holder. Oh, by the way! I would like to recommend you our amazing Finger Strap Ring Holder RH01 and our original version RS

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Want to know why this phone ring holder is looked a little bit different from original phone ring holder? Or maybe you are curious about what is the use of the little tail? You can check my another article which introduced this finger strap ring holder in details. (Click here…)

Do you know any other good location to put the phone ring holder? If you have any new idea, you can put it and your reason in the comments box below. We would be happy to get your opinion.

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