What is Tablet Holder and How to Choose The Best Tablet Holder?

height adjustable tablet stand dt04 black-2

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What Are Tablet Holders?

height adjustable tablet stand dt04 black-3
Lamicall DP04 Black
Adjustable Tablet Stand A1 grey
Lamicall A1 Grey
Tablet Holders are gadgets that are used to prop up your tablet. They are designed to sit on a hard surface, mounted on an object, or stick to furniture depend on the feature of your tablet holders, so you can watch your favorite shows, scroll through the internet, and ultimately, keep your tablet neat and steady.

Types of Tablet Holder

The tablet stand field is surprisingly huge. There are thousands of tablet holders in the market, but all sorts of tablet holders can be roughly classified into 12 types by features.


adjustable tablet stand s2 silver-1
Simple tablet holder that props up our gadget on your desk/bedside table. Standard tablet holder works perfectly for workspace, bedroom and porch.


lamicall foldable tablet stand DT05 silver-6
A foldable tablet holder can collapse into a smaller size and sometimes save up to 90% space. Perfect for business trips or outdoor usage. You can fold your tablet holder and put it into your purse/pack.

Height Adjustable

height adjustable tablet stand dt04 white-1
The telescoping pole enables easy height adjustment, while the sturdy metal base prevents wobbling while typing.

Angle Adjustable

The angle-adjustable stand gives you an easy hands-free set-up for your tablet with multiple viewing angles for the most ergonomic experience.


aluminum stand hub for ipad pro stands hubs satechi
Charing tablet holders should be the trend in the future because more and more devices support wireless charging. Lamicall has been dedicated to inventing a wireless charging tablet stand since 2020. We are more than excited to see that great product going to the market, hopefully, next year.


Gooseneck Tablet Holder LS08 Black
Gooseneck flexible tablet holders are made of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy that allows you to adjust multiple viewing angles while clamping the other end to your furniture. Gooseneck gadgets are very sturdy and flexible. Perfect for video shooting or watching your favorite show hand-free on/in your bed.

Pillow Stand

Iapd Pillow Stand PL02 Green
The Pillow tablet stand is a combination of a throw pillow and tablet holder. Pillow is a nice added warmth to your interior space or your cozy corner, kids love them!

Floor Stand

The average height of floor stands is 65 inches (165cm), more than suitable gadgets for shooting dancing videos. Another character that a floor stand plays in bath buddy. Who doesn’t like watching Netflix while lying in your tub?

Ring Light Stand

ring light tablet holder
Ring light suits the specific needs of professional video shooting. Ring light plus tablet stand? Perfect! Ring light stands offer multiple colors and brightness of light choice for video recording; with a ring light tablet stand, shooting a perfect make-up video with your tablet wouldn’t be a problem!

Car Tablet Mount

Various cart tablet mount choices fit different needs of tablet usage in a car. Car tablet mount can be roughly classified into 4 types:

Headrest Mount

Lamicall Headrest Tablet Mount P3 black-1
Headrest Mounts are created for passengers sitting in the backseat. When it comes to calming your screaming kid on the back seat, this kid-approved and easy installation gadget can be your favorite friend!

Windshield Mount

windshield tablet holder
Windshield mounts come in different shapes and styles; there’re window suction mounts, there’re car dashboard mounts, etc. But did you know that some states restrict windshield mounting locations?

Cupholder Mount

cupholder tablet mount
If you have an extra cupholder room and are willing to make some space for your tablet holder, choose a cupholder tablet mount! Cup holder tablet mounts raise your tablet to a certain height that allows you to keep track of your navigation while driving.

CD Slot Mount

cd slot tablet holder
If you have an older vehicle, or you hate windshield mounts blocking your view, or you need to put your drink in the cupholder, a CD slot mount can be a perfect gadget to rely on when you need to check on navigation.

Other Tablet Mounts

As I mentioned before, tablet holders come in different shapes and styles. There are few other types of tablet mounts in the market that can not be classified in a large type, but they play an essential role for different tablet usage, read on:

Cupboard Mount

cupboard tablet mount
When cooking in your kitchen, it’s nice to have your recipe by your sight so you can keep your iPad clean and cook an admirable dinner while following the recipe step-by-step, hands-free.

Treadmill Mount

lamicall Spinning Bike Tablet Holder BT01-1
If your treadmill does not have a screen, it is important to get a treadmill iPad mount. I always wonder why time moves much slower on a treadmill. It would be excellent to watch shows or the news while running on a treadmill.

Tablet Mic Stand Mount

Tablet Mic Stand Mount
The tablet mic stands mount has been broadly used for musicians while performing live or recording in the studio. Well, at the end of the day, nobody wants to hold their giant iPad all the time.

DIY Tablet Holder

Making your tablet stand from scratch is cheap and clever! There are more than enough tutorials and ideas on the internet; explore on your own!
You want to purchase a tablet phone holder that’s durable and strong. The styles above can be made from any of these materials!
plastic material
metal stripes
Choose a tablet holder that works best for your budget and sense of style. Either way, you’ll be happy to have a designated place for your trusted tablet!

How Can You Use a Tablet Stand?

As mentioned before, there are roughly thousands of types of tablet holders, and no doubt we can make good use of each type. Here are 9 ways to use your table stands; I hope these somehow give you some inspiration.

Manifest An Extraordinary Table Set-up

table set up iPad
Setting up your table has a positive correlation to good manners and productivity. There are numerous ways to set up your table; whether you need a basic, casual or formal table set-up, your iPad needs a tablet stand instead of lying on your table.

Maintain the Best Viewing Angle on Business Trip

Business trips themselves are frustrating enough; you don’t want to hold your tablet by hand on a flight. That is to say, bowing your head on a long flight is painful as hell! Getting a foldable tablet holder for your business trip is a brilliant idea. Everybody needs a foldable tablet holder to operate your iPad hands-free and maintain the best viewing angle without neck-sore!

Watch Your Favorite Show in the Bathtub

lamicall gooseneck floor stand FT01 silver-2
Lamicall FT01 Floor Stand
One of my favorite things is spending half an hour in the bathtub catching up on the day’s news with my iPad. But one of my biggest fears is to have my iPad near water; the floor stand is truly a lifesaver!

Watch Your Favorite Show Hands-free

Tablets are almost as big as laptops now! Holding your tablet with hands can no doubt cause arm-sores. Tablet stands to offer you a great opportunity to operate your tablet hands-free.

Pillow Fight!

Photo by Ruben Santos
Photo by Ruben Santos
Do you know that iPad stands can also be used as a throw pillow? The throw pillow tablet holder is completely safe for kids to use.

Streaming/ Shooting Video without External Lighting

A ring light is an essential device for video recording; many make-up gurus and vloggers own them. It conveniently highlights the center part of the field of view of the camera. The 10′ right light provides various light source options that can be wirelessly controlled by a small shutter remote (also compatible with app control on IOS & Android).

Comforting Your Crying Kid(s) in The Car

Lamicall Headrest Tablet Mount P3 red-7
Photo by Lamicall
Kids hate car seats! Because your kid is used to the freedom of movement and more physical attention, but kid car seat restricts their nature. An iPad that’s playing cartoons is a perfect solution! Prop up your iPad on the back of your seat using a headrest tablet mount and enjoy the silent driving moment.

Keep Track of your Navigation While Driving

Although factory-navigation skeptics argue that smart devices are an alternative to a factory-developed system, nothing that phones already have a map application, and most of the time, that’s all you really need. Given the quality of the maps from Apple and Google, you can use your tablet for navigation while driving. Tablet mount for vehicle permits you to navigate on your tablet within your sight and never get lost!

Have Your Recipe Handy While Cooking

2021 tablet stand buying guide
Photo by Lamicall
If you don’t want your tablet to get all greasy while cooking, a tablet mount allows you to install your iPad on your cupboard so that you will be able to check on the recipe without picking your iPad up with your greasy hands.

How Can You Choose the Best Tablet Holder?

Every brand claimed their product to be the best, but each it’s/her/his/their own! The best way to choose your tablet holder is to know your needs, know your usage scenarios, and choose the right material. At the end of the day, don’t let all the review articles make choices for you; you are what you use.

Know Your Needs

tablet holder features
Tablet holder features
Try finding a balance between practicality and aesthetic when choosing the exact tablet stand to purchase. Whether you need your tablet stand to be height adjustable, angle adjustable, foldable, chargeable, etc. Keep an eye on the compatibility of the gadget! If you have a giant & heavy iPad, please read through the detail page and review to see if the table holder holders your iPad without a problem.
One thing that sometimes gets ignored is that the hook width, trying looking for info of the hook width, some brand makes their hook width so tiny, so the gadget doesn’t fit your tablet with a case.
The installation difficulty should also be considered before purchasing to ensure the package is spick and span; sometimes, your tablet holder comes in several parts that need you to assemble.
Make sure your tablet stand has a heavy-duty base. Otherwise, your tablet holder might not be steady enough to hold your tablet. Base and device hook need to be rubber coated with the result that the gadget won’t scratch your table and table. Rubber pads are essential spear parts for tablet holders; rubber enhances the fraction between each contact surface.
Last but not least, try looking for ergonomic products or brands that care about user experience.

Know Your Using Scenarios

Tablet holder Using Scenarios
Tablet holder Using Scenarios
Each scenario corresponds to different features. Some tablet stands are perfect for outdoor and business trips; some are designed for sitting on a desk, some are created for cars, some are invented for kids or beds. It’s recommended to have different tablet mounts for each scenario, but if you are a minimalist, try looking for an all-purpose tablet holder. Lamicall DP05 is a nice all-purpose tablet stand. 

Choose the Right Material

Metal has its lovely texture; metal is a relatively heavy material to carry and not the best material for an extremely cold environment. Wood-look warm and cozy but cannot be resistant to corrosive fungi, as well as fire. Plastic products are less stable but very lightweight. Fabric will not hurt your child but can be flimsy. If you need to do work on a tablet holder, fabric products are not the best choice.
Despite the superior versatility of silicone, there are certain environments and applications in which they will perform poorly or react negatively. They should not be submerged in alcohol or gasoline.

Lamicall International Ltd. Tablet Holder

cropped cropped LOGO 3
Shenzhen Lamicall technology Co. limited was established in 2009, headquartered in Shenzhen, China and dedicated to developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality holders/-stands/risers/mounts for electronic devices.
On 28th June 2019, Lamicall was prized as one of the top 100 cross-border eCommerce enterprises.
Regardless of the pandemic in 2020, Lamicall has sold over 4 million units, the overall GMV has doubled compared to 2019 ($80 Million GMV in 2020). To this point in 2021, we have sold over 16 million units to more than 80 countries. In addition, Lamicall has been ranked the top under the electronic holders’ category on Amazon for over 6 years.
Click to check on the Lamicall Tablet holder product list; you won’t be disappointed!

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