What are Phone Stands and Which Phone Stand is Best for You?

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A phone stand is a must-have accessory for any who owns a smartphone. But do you know which phone stand is best for you? It’s not as essential as a phone case, but you never realize you need one until owning one. Many of us carry our phones with us everywhere we go. While smartphones have become one of the most commonly used communication devices, people feel frustrated from holding them all the time.

The stands allow users to use their cell phones with ease anywhere comfortably they want to use them.

To help you choose the best phone stand for your need, we categorized 34 types of phone holders. Also point out their features and potential draw backs to help you make the final decision.

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What are phone stands?

Phone stand are gadgets used to hold or mount a mobile phone in/on a particular object to keep the phone clean and safe or more convenient to use. They are designed to sit on a surface, mounted on an object, or stick to furniture depending on the feature of your phone stands. With this gadget, you can watch Netflix, browse the internet and do many other things without holding your cellphone.

What are the different types of phone stands?

Several small clips hold different-sized smartphones, and these are known as phone clips. Some more oversized permanent holders have a retractable blade and are often made of metal, plastic, or fabric. In recent years phones have also been equipped with stickers, adhesive, or suction cups to be stuck to any surface.

If you have a smartphone, the chances are high that you’ve purchased one of these mobile stand accessories. While smartphones are great for many things, there are times when you’d still just rather use a stand that’s a little more user-friendly.

cell phone stand for desk s1

Standard Phone Stand

Standard phone stands are the phone stands that pop into your mind when you hear the word phone stand. They look like a stand for a phone and serve a primary job — standing your phone up or propping up your smartphone on a surface. But different kinds of standard phone holders suit different needs; read on to find out if these phone holders are just for you.

Lamicall foldable phone stand dp01
Foldable/ Portable
Lamicall DP03 adjustable Phone stand
Height Adjustable
Viewing Angle Adjustable

Foldable/ Portable Phone Stand

It’s a conservative, foldable phone holder that remains with a flawless design. With determining proportions and precise contours, it’s a nice piece of gadget to look at even when it’s unused and folded.
The aspect of a credit card is that it makes it entirely compact and lightweight. Put it in your pocket and bring it anyplace you go, to the exercise center, school, work, and so forth

Height Adjustable Phone Stand

Setting up your phone at a certain height allows you to operate your phone ergonomically.

Viewing Angle Adjustable Phone Stand

Some viewing angle adjustable phone stands use a ball joint on the back of the phone holder; some use a crankshaft damper. Either way, you will be able to adjust your smartphone to any viewing angle you need by simply rotating or tilting the gadget.

Stick-on Phone Stand

Stick-on phone stands come in different shapes and sizes, and indeed, present in different kinds of scenarios. Stick-on phone holders are a category that combines pragmatism and aesthetics. It sticks to the back of your phone to support your phone at a comfortable viewing angle or to decorate it. Some Stick-on Phone Stands also function as a stress-relief toy, a mirror, or an AirPods carrier.

Clear Glitter Silver 07 Device White Expanded
Pop Sockets
Phone Ring RS03-2
Ring Stand


This tiny doorknob-shaped phone holder for fingers is so popular that multiple celebrities have been spotted using it. The PopSockets™ can be connected to the telephone’s body and creases, yet it takes after around door handle, metal, and plastic when unfurled. If you hold it between your fingers, the gadget will be safely locked when running, taking a selfie, and doing different activities.

The big gimmick can give the most incredible inconvenience while strolling and running. There are holders for the telephone, which are secured to the hand with ties for such cases. Frequently, they are made as a cover, wherein cell phones of various models are put.

Phone Ring Stand

Most phone ring holders will be made of tempered steel — which is generally lightweight for weighty metal (also safe) and a decent decision for the courageous or clumsy. However, you’ll likewise observe some to be genuinely adorable metal telephone ring stands you’ll need to whip out to flaunt.

Some are sufficiently able to hold fast to pretty much any case material, while others are contraindicated for waterproof or silicone cases. A smooth surface will give the best base to the tape to stick, yet a significant number of these accompany various substitution cement cushions if you wind up getting one more case down the line.

fidget spinner ring
fidget spinner ring
wallet phone stand
wallet phone stand
finger grip phone holder
finger grip phone holder

Spinner Phone Ring

Spinner phone ring or fidget phone ring holder. Somewhat of a play on the Spigen Style Ring and its variations, this specific telephone ring stand joins the beautiful experience of turning a whirly gig with the convenient common sense of a standard cellphone ring holder. You can utilize it as a kickstand to keep your telephone upstanding when you’re watching videos, slip it on your finger, so you don’t drop your telephone all over while looking through social media in bed, and, obviously, quickly make your telephone turn like a type of wizard.

Wallet Phone Stand

A wallet phone stand serves multiple functions packed in a slim profile: A stand, wallet, holder yet super thin. Some wallet stands sandwich the wireless charger between the phone and stand.

Finger Grip

You can utilize your knuckles to catch distinctive photography and recordings and hold them serenely from any point, or even pop an additional one on the rear of your tablet or iPad small scale to go about as a represent media seeing on more giant gadgets.

mirror ring stand
mirror ring stand

AirPods Holder Phone Stand

The AirPods Holder doesn’t supplant your AirPods’ charging case; however, truth be told, it holds your case inside. The thought is to stick the AirPods case onto the rear of your iPhone and work as a telephone kickstand.

Mirror Phone Stand

A ring stand plus a mirror? Salute to whoever came up with this idea by replacing the back of a ring stand with a small piece of mirror. But a mirror can be fragile; if you drop your phone, watch out for broken glass on the ground.

Charging Phone Stand

charging phone stand
charging phone stand

Phone stand plus wireless chargers work by creating a magnetic field that your phone to gain energy. When you place a device on a wireless charging phone holder, a small coil receives and harvests energy from the magnetic field and uses it to power the battery.

Gooseneck Phone Holder

Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03 Banner
Gooseneck Phone Holder

We rely on smart devices for just about everything from keeping track of recipes while cooking, watching new TV shows, movies and reading books on our bed. Sometimes life gets so busy and can be such a handful (literally) that we can’t always keep these devices in the palms of our hands.
Gooseneck phone holders help you solve the problem! With a gooseneck phone holder clamp on your furniture, rest assured that your phone will stay steady and clean. What’s more, you will never have to hold your phone while watching your favorite show.

Pillow Phone Holder

Iapd Pillow Stand PL02 Blue
Pillow Phone Holder

Nowadays, toddlers have to use electronic devices because their entertainment and study also depend on various electronic products (most cell phones). Therefore, parents need to ensure that children have correct and comfortable posture when using electronic effects. The plastic and metal mobile phone stands under their wobbly movements can harm children sometimes. So a pillow phone stand is a perfect solution. The pillow stand, which is a soft pillow, does ensure that the child operates ergonomically with electronic products and doesn’t get hurt at the same time.

Tripod Phone Holder

tripod phone stand
tripod phone stand

Tripod phone stands are stands with three folding legs intended to hold your cell phone while shooting pictures and recordings. They support around a middle post for the most extraordinary solidness, with a cell phone mount on top, just as a few joints so you can turn and shift your gadget.

Floor Phone Stand

ipad floor stand ft01 banner
Floor Stand

Floor phone holders are ordinary stands with a high foot and a latch on end. It is a phone stand that can be effortlessly conveyed from one space to another and utilized to show materials on a cell phone. You can likewise put the rack close to the table, cardio bike, or even a bathtub to keep up with the internet trend in real-time.

Ring light Phone Stand

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod tp01 banner
Ring Light

A ring light phone holder creates a delicate, direct light source regarding a target, limiting shadows. At the point when you snap a picture utilizing a ring light, place your telephone in the middle of the ring; this guarantees that your subject is lit equally from the heading of your telephone.

Bike Phone mount

Bicycle telephone mounts are little contraptions used to set up your cell phone on bicycles, bikes, and so on. They are intended to cinch or adhere to a surface of your bicycle/cruiser, similar to a handlebar or top tube. By mounting your telephone to your bicycle, you can guard your telephone clean and additionally monitor your route, shooting videos while riding.

Back Clip BPM ​
Back Clip BPM
Fully Enclosed BPM​
Fully Enclosed BPM
Magnetic BPM
Magnetic BPM
Semi-enclosed BPM
Semi-enclosed BPM

Back Clip Bike Phone Mount

Back clip bike phone mounts are easy to install and remove. A brand like Quadlock ace in this type of phone stand. But such back clip phone stands cannot protect the phone from shocks.

Magnetic Bike Phone Mount

Magnetic bike phone mount allows you to snap your phone with one piece of a magnet attached to your handlebar. It’s easy for one-hand operation, but your phone is very easy to drop.

Fully-enclosed Bike Phone Mount

A genius bike phone mount that can protect your phone to its fullest but feels a little bit bulky compared to other types of bike phone mounts.

Semi-enclosed Bike Phone Mount

Semi-enclosed bike phone mount. Compared to fully enclosed ones, part of the bezel is stripped down and won’t block your phone’s rear-facing lens, but it won’t fully protect your phone.

Mechanical Stretch BPM​
Mechanical Stretch BPM
all metal bpm
all metal bpm
rubber BPM
rubber BPM
tube bag bpm
tube bag bpm

Machenical Stretch Bike Phone Mount

Mechenical stretch bike phone mount. A brilliant type of bike phone mount that can protect your phone to its fullest but feels a little bit bulky compared to other kinds of bike phone mounts.

Rubber Bike Phone Mount

Rubber bike phone mount is light weighted, but you need some effort to install remove your phone.

Full Metal Bike Phone Mount

Whole metal bike cellphone mounts are highly safe and reliable but can be hard to install and remove.

Tube Bag Bike Phone Mount

A tube bag phone mount is a relatively popular choice that provides storage spaces (a reasonably popular choice). But the con side is that you cannot adjust the viewing Angle; also not easy to keep track of navigation.

Charging Bike Phone Mount

charging bpm
charging bpm

The pro side of a charging bike mount is. You can charge your phone. But if you are biking on a rainy day, you should be concerned about whether it’s waterproof or not.

Car Phone Mount

The majority of the telephone holders are utilized in vehicles. With lesser spaces to guard your telephone, however close to you, and higher possibilities of telephones slipping while at the same time moving, telephone holders for vehicles are certainly a frill you ought to put resources into. While the more significant part of us keeps our cell phones on a board or rack, telephones are more likely to slip and break. While utilizing costly cell phones, it’s a danger no one needs to take.

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1
vent phone holder
suction cup phone mount
suction cup phone mount
cd slot phone mount
cd slot phone mount
dashboard phone mount
dashboard phone mount

Vent Car Phone Mount

Vent phone mounts are versatile general holders, fit for any vehicle brand. These holders have an exceptional cross-formed grasp that fits the vent redirector in the vehicle, paying little heed to the brand or model.

CD Slot Car Phone Mount

CD slot phone mount is another Magnetic mounting framework for mounting your cell phone in your vehicle. Float your gadget close to the Magnetic surface, and it quickly secures safely. The magnets hold your device safely set up even on the bumpiest streets.

Suction Cup Car Phone Mount

The suction cup phone holders are mounted on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle with the assistance of a vacuum pull cup present in it. However generally utilized in cars, these telephone holders can likewise be used in regular tables at the workplace or home.

Dashboard Car Phone Mount

The dashboard phone stand is the most preferred area were to mount a telephone in a vehicle. By putting your handset on the dashboard, you can undoubtedly collaborate with the phone without influencing your windshield view. This mounting choice makes your handset inside a simple reach to the driver.

lamicall Car Cup Phone Mount CCH02 5 700x700 1
Cup Holder
power socket phone holder
power socket phone holder

Cup Holder Car Phone Mount

Utilizing a cup phone holder isn’t the most prominent spot to keep your telephone mount. However, it functions admirably. Because of its long neck and tough development, this holder will situate your telephone sufficiently high, so it’s not difficult to see while keeping it out of your field of vision.

Power Socket Car Phone Mount

The power socket phone mount is designed to keep your phone mounted in your power socket while driving, making it great to follow GPS directions. It also has USB sockets for charging your smartphone while on the go. It can be used to mount and charge your smartphone. It has a 12V power outage.

Seat Headrest Car Phone Mount

Headrest Tablet Mount
Headrest phone mount

Headrest phone holders for car are the ideal choices for individuals who love to travel a lot. Out of the various kinds of telephone stands accessible, the seat headrest holders can assist you with transforming your telephone into television to engage you and your sidekicks.

Toy Phone Stand

Cutest phone stands ever! There are a variety of options when it comes to toy stands for a phone. Cats, doggo, carton characters, stress toys, you name it.

Easel Phone Holder

easel phone stand
easel phone stand

Show your telephone like an excellent masterpiece. A little easel phone stand keeps your telephone right where you can see it and makes a great piece of home stylistic theme.

By mounting methods, all cell phone holders fall into:

Magnetic Holders

This is the most widely recognized method for connecting a cell phone to the holder. One magnet is incorporated into the actual holder, and the second comes in the bundle and stalls out to a cell phone or case. Magnets are drawn to one another, and the telephone is safely appended to the holder. Most drivers favor this mounting strategy since it’s the most helpful one – the phone is essentially positioned on the holder and eliminated from it. There is no compelling reason to change anything.

Mechanical Lock Holders

Many individuals trust it’s the most dependable method for mounting the telephone. Press the phone against the lower clasp, and two side braces will naturally get it on the sides. Your gadget is safely fixed; notwithstanding, at first, it appears to be weird and abnormal to pull the telephone off this clasp – you want to apply power to it. However, models have a great button for pulling off the cellphone; press it, and the braces will naturally open.

Auto Lock Electromechanical Holders.

This auto-lock holder has an implicit movement sensor. It opens holder cinches when you bring the telephone near the holder and afterward naturally closes braces when the smartphone is in the holder. These holders regularly support remote charging. Kindly note that an auto-lock electromechanical holder will require electric ability to work, so you should mount it on the vehicle cigarette lighter.

Scotch Mounting Tape

They, for the most part, utilize this mounting strategy in PopSockets. One side of the twofold-sided tape is connected to the holder, and the other – to the telephone or case.

Picking a phone holder is a rather personal procedure, and the decision always remains with the user.

What are the Benefits of Using a Phone Stand?

  • Hands-free viewing of your favorite shows and movies on the bed
  • Playing games using external controllers
  • Working on your phone while using an external keyboard and mouse
  • Viewing photos and videos
  • Reading your favorite books or the news
  • Recording videos
  • Conveniently working on group tasks
  • Viewing recipes while you cook
  • Video conferencing
  • Safekeeping your phone when you are not using it

Whe Can You Use Your Phone Holders?

  • Exercising on treadmill
  • Getting Groceries
  • Mowing the Lawn
  • Golfing
  • Working in the Kitchen

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you enjoyed it. And If you need to buy a phone stand, don’t forget to check on Lamicall products. We have over 50 features of phone holders on the shelf just for your need.

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