We All Trying to Look Better

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Let’s start with a collection of data. According to an online survey with over 27,000 consumers aged 15 or older in 22 countries, people spend 4 hours a week on bathing, shaving, getting dressed, doing our hair and putting on make-up (some of us)on average. More specifically, it took almost five hours a week for women and over three hours a week for men to do things to make themselves look better.


Why people want to look better


A lot of people take this idea for granted that women make up and men go to the gym in order to attract the opposite sex, which is really out of date. According to the survey, 60 percent people want to look good to feel good about themselves while 36 percent people want to look good to leave a good impression on people of the opposite sex and to please their spouse. It shows that want to be good-looking is more related to people’s own needs.

And here are some other important reasons for this question.

1.It’s human nature to like beautiful things


Although we are always been told not to judge people by their appearance, but we all know it’s human nature that we will choose the good-looking one. When you buy something, a good packaging design can always influence your buying decision, that’s the proof.

2.To build up confidence


Have you heard of  ‘lipstick effect’ ? Research shows that women who put on make-up before taking a test achieved ten to 20 per cent higher marks than those who did not wear any. This research indicate being good looking boosts self-esteem and has a good effect on memory, confidence and mental ability.

3.To leave good impression and get better option


No matter in the workplace or in life. Many people are not willing to admit that physical appearance is crucial to them because its an unfair advantage, but actually, the good looks do help with both their work and mate choice.

How to look good

1.Do the hair


Sometimes small styling modifications could cause huge changes in appearance. Selecting a suitable hairstyle is definitely the first step for people who want to make themselves look better. Be careful, I know you want to look just like Beckham or Taylor Swift, but don’t rush to copy their hair style. You should know your hair texture and pick a hairstyle which suit not only your hair texture but also the outline of your face.

2.Wear make up


In a word, makeup could create what you don’t have and remove what you don’t want. Want cheek bones? want bushy  eyebrows? want a straight nose? Create them. No matter a fresh, natural look or a heavy makeup, you like it then you can just put them on your face and gain your confidence. That’s why we say make up is one of a girl’s best friend.

3.Dressed in decent


As the saying goes, The tailor makes the man. Good clothes can make a girl look more impressive than he really is. Dressed in decent could leave others the impression of positive, professional, confident, reliable, etc. There is no wonder that people dressed in decent get more opportunities to success.

By the way, dressed in decent means suits your body shape, fits in with the occasion and comfortable for you to feel confident.

However, trying to look better is not just about change people’s appearance, the methods mentioned above is effective, but what’s more important, in my opinion, is about one’s internal improvement and change. Here are some tips about that.



I believe most people would support the idea that A smile has the lips curved up, the cheek muscles lifted up which gives a rounded fuller face. The eyes also smile. All these together make a person’s face beautiful. Not only that there a psychology behind this. A smiling person is calm and relaxed. 

So, show your teeth and smile.



Do you know that working out can do your “beauty” good? According to surveys, exercise can help increase circulation, reduced bloat and puffiness, wards off wrinkles and cleans out the dirt and oils trapped inside your pores, etc. The most important is, exercise could give you a nice body that better than any fancy dress.

6.Encourage yourself


Want to be confident? Want to build up self-esteem? Want to improve your self-image? Encourage yourself. Don’t be awkward, just standing in front of the mirror and say, ”I am beautiful and I am worthy of the love, attention, and respect of others.”  Sometimes you have to speak a word over yourself, and see how it comes true.

7.Stay with good friends


The truth is, if you have a lot of attractive friends, people are more likely to approach you and your group if you hang out with those friends, If you have many friends are less attractive than you, that really can make you seem better looking. Sounds ugly but real.

8.Do what you are good at

lamicall sample image

It seems to be a common rule that you are much easier get down to things what you are good at. And what the most important is,if you do what you are good at,money will follow.Once you earned a lot of money, you can afford good skin care product, beautiful clothes, a gym membership, those things we mentioned above, which could enhance you beauty.

To follow the concept of Simplicity is the Core of Elegance, we spare no effort to simplify our products on the basis of functional integrity, because we know you are seeking a simple and elegant life.

Lamicall helps you look better

1.Help your desk look better

lamicall sample image

Consider that your friends come and visit you on weekends, you make up, dress up, do you hair carefully, then they see your messy desk. Oh gosh! They may ignore all the efforts you made but leave a impression of messy.Why not use Lamicall stands to order your desk.There are phone stand,tablet stand,laptop stand,headphone stand to keep all your devices on the right place. Trust me, your desk would be tide and beautiful with Lamicall stands.

2.Help to hold your phone when you follow video to learn makeup

lamicall sample image

Have you met with this: There you see a nice video about makeup teaching on YouTube, and you are going to follow it to learn make up. But there is nothing you can find to hold your phone and provide an appropriate angle. Lamicall phone holder could solve this problem perfectly. Not just hold the phone, you can also adjust it to any angle, any height.

Lamicall is trying to look better, just like you. And we will try our best to make you and your life better. Because we know you and we care about you.

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