Waterproof Tablet Pillow – The Third Generation Product

tablet pillow

The iPad is becoming more and more versatile and can basically cover work and life purposes completely except for games. In the meantime, the iPad has been designed to be bigger and heavier in recent years, but instead of being able to be used on a surface like a laptop, it always needs to be held by hand. This has led to many health hazards, the first and foremost being wrist pain.

Lamicall first launched its own product PL01: the tablet pillow holder in 2020, which was so well received that it soon developed an updated version of PL01, PL02, based on market demand. We certainly didn’t stop there, now let’s take a look at what Lamicall has done in terms of product iteration for PL03:

3 generations of lamicall tablet pillow comparison


The most special feature of this product is its waterproof, the previous two generations of products used a faux cashmere fabric, but we found that it is easy to get dirty and not easy to clean. pillow holder is mainly provided for children, but we all know that children can be a little flimsy, spilling milk juice on the furniture is common. In today’s electronic equipment will have a certain degree of waterproof, our tablet holder does not need to also waterproof it? We use polyester on the surface fabric, which is itself waterproof, but to enhance the waterproofness, we also add a non-toxic and non-hazardous Waterproof coating (Teflon Coating) to the surface. If you are unfortunate enough to get it dirty, all you need to do is rinse it off under the tap and hang dry it.

Larger storage room with zipper

tablet pillow holder pl03 blue-6

In the previous two generations, we reserved storage space for the apple pencil, but we found that the Apple pencil is an extremely easy object to lose, even when it is secured to your pillow tablet holder. So this time we increased the storage pocket and added a zipper above the pocket. Further help to prevent you from losing the apple pencil.

"Silicon ribs" instead of "grooves"

From the first to the third generation, we gradually reduced the choice of angles, from 6 at the beginning, to 5 in the second generation, to 3 in this generation. We realized from our customers’ comments that they cared more about the stability of the device “lying” on the tablet cushion than the choice of angles. So we changed the material, using silicone strips instead of hot-pressed foam, which greatly enhanced the stability of the device, longer life, and better anti-slip effect.

Non-slip bottom

Some customers complained that the surface of the first two generations of the product was too smooth, so that sometimes it could not be fixed on a smooth surface. So in the third generation, we pasted two silicon strips on the bottom to make the pillow tablet holder more stable overall, whether on the table, lap, sofa or mattress, the silicon strips can provide extra friction to help fix your tablet where you need it.

Compact design

tablet pillow amazon positive review

We shrunk the pillow by almost half, but strengthened the density of the internal foam to ensure overall stability. According to customer feedback, it can still accommodate any tablet even with Otterbox case.

tablet pillow

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