Vicseed Car Phone Mount Review 2022

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things to consider before buying a car phone mount banner
vicseed car phone mount review 2022 banner

Image Source: AMAZON

A car phone holder makes it simpler to make and receive calls, navigate unfamiliar routes, and listen to music. You can hold your phone at various angles with certain phone holders, and you’ll normally affix it to the windshield or an air conditioning vent. A clip-on automotive holder may be easily removed from the dashboard, but a suction pad vehicle holder, on the other hand, may leave unsightly marks on the windshield. Vicseed car phone mount allows you to drive safely without being distracted by the need to respond or check messages on your phone.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Phone Mount

things to consider before buying a car phone mount banner

Image Source: CANVA

It’s far safer to put your phone in the holder than to keep it in your hand while driving or to glance at it on the shelf near the gear lever or the passenger seat. The Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01 provides you all of these needs I shall say. Even if you’re not speeding, taking your eyes from the road for a few seconds causes the automobile to go hundreds of meters. And, given the high cost of most smartphones, you don’t want your phone to fall on the floor every time you slam on the brakes, do you?

Whatever you select, putting your phone in the holder will become second nature after a few days. Unless you attempt to save money by purchasing a vehicle phone holder that will become a piece of the junk within a few days.

Here are the few tips to consider before buying a car phone mount


There are a variety of them on the market, each with its own set of features. Before you decide, check sure the price is within your budget. This is to guarantee that you do not overspend and end up regretting your decision. Just like Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2, this holder is affordable and at the same time I can consider that it has quality features that are highly efficient.


You should go for a smartphone car mount that will keep your phone firmly in place. Any phone vehicle mount that loses suction in hot or cold temperatures should be avoided at all costs. For those who don’t want to utilize their phones’ back cases, a mount with a magnetic backplate might be quite useful. A rubber-coated mobile phone mount will protect your phone and vehicle from harm.

Easy to Use

A decent phone mount should enable you to easily reach your phone while keeping crucial controls hidden. It must allow you to use the phone while driving so that you can put the caller on speaker while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. If you opt to install it on the windshield, be sure it does not obstruct your vision. There are several places where installing a phone mount on your windshield is illegal.

Design and Features

This is also an important factor that you ought to consider when buying your cell phone car mount. There are some phone car mounts that also double as a charger for your phone. You can go for the ones that have a specific size ranging from small, medium, to large. There are the adjustable ones that have been designed to hold multiple brands of cell phones. Bottom line is, always know what you want and then go for it, provided it is within your budget.

Review of Vicseed Car Phone Mount

vicseed car phone mount banner

Image Source: Amazon

The VICSEED car phone mount is the way to go if you’re searching for a robust and safe car phone holder. The VICSEED is 2021 UPGRADED 3 in 1 Smart Car Phone Holder, with 3 mounting options. All your use requirements will be met. This VICSEED vehicle mobile phone holder is a multi-function car phone mount thanks to the long adjustable arm. It may be mounted on a vehicle’s windshield or dashboard. This VICSEED mobile phone holder is global in its compatibility. It can accommodate all mobile phones as well as most phone cases.

Pros and Cons of Vicseed Car Phone Mount


  • Sturdy design
  • Easy mounting
  • Compatible with most phones


  • Doesn’t support landscape mode

Three-In-One Design

Its three-in-one design allows it to be securely fixed on a windshield, air vent, or dashboard. The adjustable foot on the VICSEED phone holder comes in useful when you need a better fit on big phones. You won’t need to remove our phone cover while mounting because of the thin case-friendly design.

Super-Strong Suction Cup

The suction force is increased by the super-strong suction cup with a two-step locking mechanism. The additional dashboard pad also offers a smooth surface for the holder to adhere to more securely. You can drive over bumpy roads without losing screen visibility because of its remarkable stability.

360 Degrees Function

The VICSEED phone holder swivels back and forth and rotates 360 degrees. This function not only makes driving more comfortable for your eyes, but it also makes it safer since you won’t be squinting at the screen. You may move your device to any position for the optimum view thanks to the adjustable telescopic arm.

Open Charging Port

The open charging port makes it simple to charge your smartphone. The auxiliary plug, which lets you connect your phone to your car’s music system, is also visible. The silicone padded back, arm, and gripping feet protect your phone from all sides while driving.

Features and Benefits

features and benefits banner

Vicseed Car Phone Mounts Product Configuration

Product Dimensions4.78 x 2.9 x 3.56 inches
Item Weight7.7 ounces
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Seller Rank#1,128 in Cell Phones & Accessories
#61 in Cell Phone Automobile Cradles
OSIOS, Android
Special FeaturesThick Cases Friendly, Easy Clamp Car Vent Phone Mount, Maximum compatibility, 360 Degrees Rotation Car Phone Holder, Larger Phone Friendly Phone Holder for Car, Best stable car phone mount, One Touch Quick Release, Extremely Secure & Stable Vent Clip,
Date First AvailableFebruary 19, 2020

Universal Car Mount Usage

Universal VICSEED car cell phone holder is manufactured of airliner PTFE material and can be widely affixed to your dashboard, windshield, or vent to satisfy your needs. Decent companion for Uber and Lyft drivers; good option for most automobiles, pickup trucks, SUVs, lorries, and taxis.


Say goodbye to your automobile’s easily scratched plastic panel car mount. The VICSEED Upgrade 3 in 1 vehicle phone holder now includes a high-density silicone material that is very durable. A thick layer of silicone covers the vehicle phone holder, ensuring that your mobile device is protected from wear and tear. The ground-breaking design ensures that mobile gadgets are scratch-free.

Easy to Install

The VICSEED automobile cell phone mount has an extremely powerful suction cup with a very adhesive gel pad for a secure and stable installation. It adheres to the dashboard or other flat surfaces with ease. Pull the suction pad to effortlessly remove the vehicle vent phone mount without leaving any traces. (Note: if the surfaces are unclean or the suction cup is not sticking properly, wash it with warm water and let it air dry.)

Multiple Viewing Angles with Long-Arm

The vehicle mount for iPhone 11 features a telescopic arm that stretches from 4.84′′ to 9.05′′ and can swivel up and down for several watching angles, making it ideal for viewing. This cell phone holder for automobiles includes a 360° rotating ball joint that allows for limitless viewing angles. To enjoy a more peaceful and safer driving, position your phone at the ideal angle.

One-hand Operation

The automobile mobile phone holder also has a One-Button Release System that allows you to lock or unlock your phone with only one hand. Fits all mobile phones with a width of 4″-7″ and most thick cases.

Social Proof

As I scoured down on the internet, I found some user reviews and testimonials of Vicseed’s Car Phone Mount from users around the web, which I think can help you decide for your choice.


With many competitive products of car phone holders in the market, we list down here the top 3 competitive products that you can evaluate.

  • Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Car C
  • Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2
  • Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01
magnet car phone mount c black-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

Most smartphones are compatible with this magnetic cell phone car mount, including the iPhone series. However, it is only compatible with horizontal and vertical air vents. It has robust grip settings that allow it to fit on tiny or big vents. The grips were meticulously engineered to keep your vents and dashboard free of stains, scratches, scuffs, and markings. The magnetic vehicle mount’s base is very strong, allowing it to hold your gadgets in place regardless of road shocks or collisions. You may rotate the object at whatever angle you like. The automotive phone holder’s strong magnet secures your phone to the air vent and offers excellent stability. However, you cannot charge your phone and utilize wireless charging at the same time. To finish the installation, just slide the air vent phone holder into the vent. Hands-free driving makes for a more fun and safer experience. The design is compact and takes up minimal room. When sticking the metal plate to the rear center of your phone or case (which has a flat surface), press firmly for approximately 1-3 minutes, and wait at least 2-3 hours before using it.

car air vent phone holder c2 balck

Image Source: LAMICALL

This car phone holder works with smartphones that are between 4.7 and 6.5 inches in size, including several iPhone models. The two vent clamps on the back of this vent phone mount ensure that it does not come loose while driving. There are many different grip types in use. The retractable phone clip will keep the phone secure and prevent it from falling off even on bumpy roads. You can quickly insert and remove your phone with one hand. The phone car clip’s rubber cushions protect both your phone and the air vent from damage. It’s good for long journeys if you use GPS. This car cradle is tiny enough to be carried in your pocket. The adjustable angles allow you to position your phone vertically or horizontally.

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

Lamicall’s car vent phone mount has a sturdy elastic spring clip hook and a 360-degree rotating and adjustable ball joint. Even on uneven roads, the sturdy clip hook can grip a blade of the vent grille firmly and remain stable. The 360-degree adjustable design will give you the best viewing angle possible. This car vent phone holder is simple to install and requires no equipment. Single-handed operation is possible thanks to the quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms. When using it, just press the clamp arms to effortlessly clamp your mobile; press the quick-release button to instantly remove your cell phone. This mobile phone holder for the car vent has a lot of anti-slip and anti-scratch rubber cushions. It will protect your phone as well as the vents in your car from scratches. The car mount’s above designs will keep you secure when navigating, charging, calling, conversing, or listening to music. This car vent phone mount fits any 4.7-6.8-inch phones or other gadgets with a width ranging from 2.37 to 3.54 inches. Compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini, 12 11 X XR XS-Pro Max Mini 8 7 6 Plus SE, Galaxy S21 S20 Ultra Plus S10 S9 S8 Edge Lite Note A12 A51, LG, Moto, Pixel, Lenovo, and other mobile devices.


A car phone holder is a must-have for everybody who owns a car. It’s for both convenience and safety.

When picking a vehicle phone holder, think about where you want to place it. For example, you may merely set it on an air vent and be afraid of breaking the blades. You must also determine if the form of your air vent is compatible with the holder. Also, if you’re concerned about putting a metal sheet on.

Finally, have a safe trip! I recommend you to click here if you want to have the latest car phone holders.

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