Ugreen vs Lamicall vs Omoton – Who Makes the Best Phone Holders?

height adjustable phone holder dp03 white-4

Ugreen vs. Lamicall vs. Omoton: Which phone holder is best for you? The appearance are nearly identical, so I will break it down and offer you the winner across 3 categories.

Ugreen vs. Lamicall vs. Omoton: Who makes the best phone stand? Choosing the right phone holder can be frustrating.

There are a dizzying number of different models with a multitude of features and specs. How are we supposed to choose?

Really, it just comes down to your needs.

I work full time in my office, the most essential feature I would look into when choosing my phone holder is stability. Really, I need the gadget to prop up my phone nicely and sturdy while I’m working.

For some people, their demands might be different; people who travel all the time need their phone holders to be foldable. People who enjoy watching bedtime shows might need a gooseneck phone holder.

Really, it just comes down to your needs.

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Ugreen vs. Lamicall vs. Omoton at a Glance


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Choosing the Right Phone Holder

By my estimation, these 7 factors are all you need to consider when choosing between Ugreen vs. Lamicall vs. Omoton phone holders (or any phone stand):

  • Stability
  • Quality and aesthetic
  • Compatibility
  • Versatility
  • Dimension and weight
  • Cost
  • Warranty

I will explain these in detail in my later product comparison, but here’s a cheat sheet:

  1. Stability // You don’t want your smartphone to tip over with the whole phone holder. The noise is embarrassing (in the office), and you don’t put your phone at risk.
  2. Quality and aesthetic // Phone stands come in all shapes and sizes, but at the minimum, choose one that is borderline good quality with an okay appearance. You deserve it.
  3. Compatibility // Most phone holders are universal. But not all of them hold cellphones with thick cases. Make sure the grip that props your phone is wide enough and rubber-coated (it enhance the fraction so your cellphone will be less likely to creep down.)
  4. Versatility // Some phone holders serve one particular need; some are more versatile for multiple scenarios. Keep in mind that if you need to charge your phone while using the phone stand, don’t get one that doesn’t reserve charging space.
  5. Dimensions and weight // In terms of portability, lighter and smaller are better, but obviously, some people don’t mind having a huge and heavy one. For backpacking enthusiasts looking to keep weight down, note that a few extra ounces in a phone holder may not be the place to cut back.
  6. Cost // Frugality is a virtue. They defined it as an “economy and simplicity of lifestyle, without being miserly.” The best way to show your modesty in consumerism was to be frugal. But beware of paying for an inferior product! That is why you need to buy smart.
  7. Warranty // You can sometimes use a nice fallback.

Choosing an Adjustable Phone Stand

The Situation: For indoor usages, such as office desk, gaming table, kitchen, or for whatever reason, you need your cellphone to stay in place at a certain height or viewing angle.

The Comparison: Ugreen desktop cell phone stand vs. Lamicall DP03 vs. Omoton CA02

Best value: Ugreen desktop cell phone stand ($9.99)
Best appearance: Lamicall DP03
Best display: Omoton CA02

I’ll be honest: This showdown was close. I couldn’t decide which could be the winner; they all shine in different ways.

All things equal, I think Ugreen makes better value out of this clash. If you need to find your phone a nice place to sit, Ugreen should be the go-to gadget. Lamicall DP03 is the most nice-looking phone and does the job at the same time. Last but not least, Omoton CA02 prop your device the highest. It gives you the best ergonomic display on your phone in the office.

Really, it depends on your specific needs:

If you only need a phone stand that stands your phone up, get Ugreen.
If you need to maintain your nice set-up, get Lamicall DP03.
If you need to raise your phone to the highest, get Omoton CA02.

Ugreen phone stand black
Lamicall DP03 adjustable Phone stand
Omoton CA02

Choosing a Gooseneck Phone holder

The Situation: For when you’re frustrated to hold your phone while watching a video, or need to keep your phone in midair for any healthy or unhealthy activity you’re doing.

The Comparison: Ugreen gooseneck phon holder vs. Lamicall LS04

The Winner: Ugreen gooseneck phone holder

These two gooseneck phone mounts are identical except for one difference: Lamicall LS04 is easier to bend, but at the same time, wobbles a lot.

I haven’t used any gooseneck phone holder that doesn’t wobble when adjusting; every gooseneck product has this problem. I will give Ugreen a slight nod because Ugreen ($15.99) is an excellent bargain compared to Lamicall LS04 ($25.99). But if you have a weak arm, go for Lamicall LS04; it’s much easier to curve.

Ugreen gooseneck phon holder
Lamicall gooseneck phon holder LS04

Choosing a Foldable Phone Stand

The Situation: For when you’re going out for the day — may be to the cafe, a park or business trip, or just to a friend’s house — and still need a phone stand for some reason.

The Comparison: Ugreen multi-angle phone stand vs. Lamicall DP01 vs. Omonton C4

The Winner: Lamicall DP01

Shocking choice! All three can be collapsed to a small enough size, while Ugreen and Omonton sell their’s in $10ish, Lamicall cost $22.99!What the hell am I thinking?!

This is the “Going out but still need a phone stand” category, so 2 things jump out at me:

I’m looking for the best versatility out of these products. You can’t charge your phone on verticle mode if you get the Ugreen multi-angle phone stand.

The Edmonton C4 is more extensive (4.33 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches) and heavier (7.2Oz) compared to Lamicall DP01 (4.69 x 3.82 x 1.38 inches, 3.2Oz).

If you want to go for the value — and there are situations where that may be prudent! — then go with the Edmonton C4. And if you don’t need to charge your phone in verticle display, then go with the Ugreen multi-angle phone stand. But I give Lamicall the slight edge here.

Lamicall foldable phone stand dp01
Ugreen foldable phone stand black
omoton foldable phone stand

Ugreen vs. Lamicall vs. Omoton Phone Holders The Takeaway

Ugreen is a budget-friendly brand most of the time.

Lamicall offers the best design in appearance routinely.

Omoton is like a trustworthy relative back home, basic but reliable.

Do you own a phone holder from these manufacturers? What do you like and dislike about it? Let us know below!

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