Top 3 Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz

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A phone holder will always be my greatest friend when it comes to using smartphones securely.

That allows me to attach my smartphone so that I may use it for GPS navigation, making/receiving calls, and other tasks while driving my Mercedes Benz securely.

Read this review for more information about the best cell phone holder that you can choose in the market for your Mercedes Benz.

Table of Contents

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz

You should constantly verify these considerations before purchasing and installing a cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz so that you can easily choose the most convenient and excellent cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz.

And here’s a checklist to help you select the best mobile phone holder for your Mercedes Benz.


There are very few mobile phones that can be placed on a Mercedes Benz, which is why you should always verify whether the holder is suitable with your Mercedes Benz model.

You may inspect the construction of the holder to see whether it matches your Mercedes Benz, as well as your intended installation location.

You should verify compatibility with your car as well as your smartphone since, after all, you are getting it just for your smartphone.

Check to see whether your smartphone is enormous or massive and if so, if the holder can accommodate it.

Holder Structure

Is it true that the holder will precisely hold your smartphone? Is the holder going to suit your car perfectly?

It all relies on the holder’s structure. So please inspect the building and determine whether or not it can be correctly put at your preferred location.

The structure will explain why a certain holder is worthwhile to purchase or why it is completely useless for your Mercedes-Benz model.

Positioning for installation

Again, be clear on where you want to mount the phone holder: on the air vent, dashboard, windshield, or cup holder, and many more locations such as between the air vents so that air may flow freely.

There are various mobile phone holders, like Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01, built particularly for Mercedes Benz Air Vents or to mount around/between the air vents, which are ideal placements for Mercedes Benz owners.

Because Mercedes Benz has such a sophisticated interior with so many wonderful features and designs, there are very few places where you can install your smartphone so that it works flawlessly for you and also supports the Mercedes Benz.

Built-In Quality

The next thing to consider is the holder’s construction quality, or the materials utilized to construct it.

The holder should always contain silicone/rubberized clamps that hold your smartphone so that it doesn’t scratch or damage it, and the grip of the phone holder improves when the rubber or silicone covers around the clips.

The holder should be constructed of robust materials such as aluminum, rather than plastic or low-quality materials.

Check that the holder you’re going to get has extremely powerful broad clamps that will easily grip your smartphone, even if it’s huge or enormous. This sort of holder will always hold your phone firmly and will never fall off, even if you’re driving your Mercedes Benz on a rough or bumpy road.

Installation Process

There are various mobile phone holders available for Mercedes Benz that can hold your smartphone, but if the holder is tough to install, there’s a good chance you’ll attach it incorrectly or the holder won’t be placed properly.

If you buy the most expensive, most powerful holder, your phone holder will not last as long and will not function as intended.

So that you can quickly install the phone holder and you don’t have to adapt your car to do so, it should be extremely simple to install.

Always seek a holder that you can install without having to make any modifications to your vehicle’s dashboard, air vent, or wherever else you wish to install it.

Rotational Capability

Your holder should be able to rotate 360 degrees, but if this isn’t feasible due to the holder’s location, such as a holder put between two air vents, you should double-check that the holder can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

so that you may adjust the viewing angle to your liking, making it incredibly user-friendly and simple to use.

Also, if your holder allows you to install and remove your smartphone with one hand, that’s fantastic; this allows you to mount and remove your smartphone securely even while driving your Mercedes-Benz, but please do so only while your car is parked.

If the holder does not have this feature, can you say if you need it or not?

How To Install Cell Phone Holder In Mercedes Benz?

Cell phone holders in Mercedes Benz are now quite simple to install.

Simply place the mount between the air vents or in a convenient location, then connect the holder to the mount using a ball joint. That’s all; no extra screws are required to secure it to the dashboard air vent.

Place your smartphone in the holder and test it; if everything works as it should, your holder is sturdy.

You may now use your smartphone without fear of it dropping out of your hand, even when driving on difficult roads.

Furthermore, no modifications to the Mercedes Benz are required to install the phone holder.

The holder includes the quantity that is sticky on the specific location, and you may attach the phone holder with the aid of the mount.

You may also use any form of a phone holder that comes with the mount, but you must choose the proper ball joint phone holder or the correct type of holder that is compatible with the connected mount.

List Of The Top 3 Best Cell Phone Holder For Mercedes Benz

Car Vent Phone Mount black C2-1
Car Vent Phone Mount black C2-7

Image Source: Lamicall

This Car Air Vent Phone Holder C has two vent clamps on the back of this vent phone mount to ensure that it does not come loose while driving. There are many different grip types in use.


  • The retractable phone clip will keep the phone secure and prevent it from falling off even on bumpy roads. You can quickly insert and remove your phone with one hand.
  • The phone car clip’s rubber cushions protect both your phone and the air vent from damage.
  • It’s good for long journeys if you use GPS. This car cradle is tiny enough to be carried in your pocket. The adjustable angles allow you to position your phone vertically or horizontally.


  • Easy to Install
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to use


  • No knuckle to adjust the screen so that it faces you

CAILIN Mercedes Benz Phone Mount

cailin mercedes benz phone mount
cailin mercedes benz phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

CAILIN created this phone holder, which has received over 450 positive reviews on It was also designated as an “Amazon’s Choice,” and buyers awarded it a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, demonstrating its reliability.

Almost all Mercedes circular air vents are compatible with this phone holder.

It’s also built of high-quality materials, so it can comfortably hold practically any smartphone, and the slip-proof clasp secures the air vent and protects it from scratches.

Furthermore, the silicone cushioned arms strengthen the grip of the arms, keeping your smartphone extremely stable and preventing scratches; as a result, you won’t have to worry about deceleration zones, uneven roads, or even emergency braking/sharp turns.CAILIN phone mount for Mercedes round air vents

It also contains a release button that enables you to install and remove your smartphone with only one hand, ensuring the safest and most convenient driving experience possible.

It also works with any smartphone with a screen size ranging from 4.0 to 6.5 inches, including the iPhone Xs/Xs Max, Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, and many more.


  • It has a clever gravity linkage.
  • It works with all Mercedes round air vents.


  • Does not hold the phone securely

Fics Cell Phone Holder for Mercedes Benz

fics cell phone holder for mercedes benz
fics cell phone holder for mercedes benz

Image Source: Amazon

Fics designed this phone holder, which has received over 200 positive reviews on Furthermore, this product has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, indicating that it is a reliable item.

It’s also the greatest smartphone holder for an 8-inch display (and a 7-inch fit).

Its base is also composed of a high solid silicone/plastic composition, making it very sturdy and making a very secure holder.

Furthermore, you can safely take fast turns or drive on bumpy/rough routes, and it will not fall off throughout the trip, so you won’t have to worry about your phone falling Mercedes Benz 8 inch mount.

The area between the gauge pod and the center console screen has been precisely sculpted to provide a secure fit.

The base is precisely what you’re paying for; you can use it to install any smartphone that has a 17mm ball mount.

It also fits Mercedes Benz GLC(X253) and C-class (W205 before 2018 models) flawlessly, making it a highly recommended cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz C-class Mercedes Benz (8-inch monitor).

Furthermore, its mounting points are suitable for mounting a smartphone holder so that you can readily access your monitor screen.

You can also use your smartphone without difficulty: – you can easily utilize GPS for navigational purposes, as well as make/receive critical calls.


  • It has a high built quality
  • It has excellent performance


  • Pricey


There are a variety of cell phone holders available that may be placed in a variety of areas on your car. You can quickly remove them and reinstall them in other spots.

However, practically all of the cell phones that come with Mercedes Benz vehicles cannot be used in numerous locations since they come with a mount that adheres to a certain position and these types of holders are not compatible with other positions.

For the latest cell phone holder, I recommend Lamicall as the top choice for your Mercedes Benz.

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