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Overall sales have doubled under the pandemic.  In response to the epidemic. Lamicall developed a revolutionary product PL01 (a pillow cellphone/tablet holder), and quickly occupied the market.  Lamicall expanded the market to Singapore, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other contraries through Amazon platform. In the same year, Lamicall Japanese market exceeded 600 million yen ($5M) in sales.


Lamicall launched on Rakuten, Japan, in the same year, the Japanese market reached 280 million yen ($2.5M ) sales.


We brought our brands and products to the Middle East and India through the AMAZON platform.Since then, Lamicall has become the first desktop culture brand of the world.  We created and optimized our website so that more people from all over the world could know about us through our website and we could share the needs and ideas together


This year is destined to be extraordinary for Lamicall.  We brought Lamicall phone stand to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam through the Lazada platform. +Lamicall entered Australia successfully with the help of AMAZON platform. Lamicall won the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) in CHINA.  This year,we sold over 1 million phone stands and our annual sales exceeded $100 million.We have become the best seller of AMAZON mobile phone bracket products since then.


We brought our brands and products to the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan through the AMAZON platform.


We registered the brand “Lamicall” in 40 countries and regions,so that we can share our products and ideas to users around the world.


Our company was founded. In order to be excellent and to provide our customers with best phone stand,we improved our products continuously and developed about 120 different models.


Our products come from a bended hanger. 

Our brand name comes from a concept:LET ME CALL. 

We have a wonderful wish:Bring you a simple and comfortable life. And our story begins.

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