These accessories for phone and tablet could save your life on wheel

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Traffic accidents caused by the use of the mobile phone in the car are becoming more frequent.

In fact, did you know that 17% of young people between 18 and 24 use their social networks and messaging apps while they drive? The data are worrisome , so that more and more solutions have come out to avoid the situation.

If we want to avoid any danger behind the wheel, we can choose to disable all notifications, activate Do Not Disturb Driving Mode, restrict incoming calls or simply use a car phone holder with which you don’t have to take the Phone by hand whenever you want to check any information in the screen.

And today we are going to recommend two of our most popular car holders at a very affordable price.

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Though play with mobile phone while driving could be dangerous, but just admit, mobile phone is also an indispensable tool while we are driving, it help us to get the  traffic information, road controls, radars, GPS navigation and much more. So how do we take the advantage and avoid the danger?

There are various types of phone holder for the car. There are suction cup holder, magnetic holder and air vent holder. The latter one is the most common because it’s easiest to set up. Simply insert the base of the holder into the rack and adjust it to the desired angle. Once it’s done, the smart phone could be placed in the clamp and all is done.

Lamicall C2 Car phone holder is super practical and functional. It is a holder for the ventilation grill of the vehicle and is completely filled with rubber surfaces that will allow you to protect your smart phone and your vehicle of any hit or scratch. It has rubber surfaces on the base, on the clamps and the coupling panel. In addition, it allows you to rotate your phone 360 degree In addition.


It is compatible with all phones that have a screen of 4.7 to 6.5 inches. Either an iPhone or Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi mobile, etc. A perfect car holder for long trips with which you can adjust your phone to the position and angle you like.

This tablet holder, although we could rather qualify it as a stand, is specially designed to fit the headrest of the passenger of the vehicle. It’s an ideal accessory to keep people in the rare seats entertained. Besides, it can also help those who sit behind inform the driver about information related to the destination.

As with the C2 Car Phone holder, this P headrest tablet holder has rubber pads in the clamps so as not to damage your vehicle or your tablet. As for the rotation system, it is much more simple but also more functional. It has a universal ball structure that will allow you to move the tablet in any position and angle.

We have found only one catch for this iPad stand, and it is not compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9 inches But it works for any smaller iPad like iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro 10.5 inches and other tablets such as the Samsung Tab.

C2 and P are two ideal accessories for those road trips, they will enliven the journey and improve your safety conditions with tolerance to the use of your smart phone and your tablet.

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