The Wide Usage of BM01 and the Installation Steps

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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The Wide Usage of BM01 and the Installation Steps

Compared to desktop PCS, laptop is more likely to get overheat. That is because the hardware parts are so close to each other and there are no enough space for air to move.

- Usage while babysitting

Imagine that you are pushing the stroller, walking in a park with your sleeping baby. You want to brows some funny videos in Tiktok, you need to dig out your cell phone in your messy mom’s bag first, and continue pushing the stroller with one hand and operate your phone with another hand.

That’s a disaster!

stroller phone holder

But now, you don’t worry about that anymore. Use Lamicall BM01 holder, you could easily fix your phone on the stroller bar. So you can slowly walking with your baby and watching funny videos at the same time. Be sure you are walking in a safe place.

Besides, if your crib bars are round, you can also place your phone there so that you can watch videos and play with your baby simultaneously.

- Usage while shopping

shopping cart phone holder-lamicall

Have you met such situation? You have a shopping list in your phone note, but when you need to pick goods, hold your cell phone and push the shopping cart at the same time, things are not that easy.

Then why not take this BM01 holder and install it on the shopping cart? Things have been solved perfectly.

- How to install BM01 step by step

Let’s see the video of whole process of installation first.


Here’s the product you’ll get from the package, we name them part 1 and part 2 to make it more clear.


Unscrew the nut at the back end of the part 1.

How to install BM01-step1


Connect the part 1 and the part 2.

How to install BM01-step2


Screw back the nut you have just unscrewed so that the two parts are fixed together tightly.

How to install BM01-step3


Unscrew the nut of the part 2.

How to install BM01-step4


Fix the tube clamp on the handlebar of the shopping cart or the stroller.

How to install BM01-step5

Tips: If the handlebar is too thick you could remove the silicone sheet from the tube clamp.

silicone sheet in the tube clamp.


Screw the nut of the part 2 back and fix the BM01 on the handlebar tightly.

How to install BM01-step6


Stretch out the metal arms and put your phone in.

How to install BM01-step7


Push the metal arm back and then close the safety switch.

How to install BM01-step8



If you have any other question about the usage of our products, feel free to leave a message in the comment box below.

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