List of the Best Tablet Stand Manufacturers In 2022

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Tablet Stand

It is no wonder that people have started treating tablets as the next version of mobile phones. Similar to a smartphone, tablets allow you to watch videos, play games, use chat apps, and some high-end models even come with a SIM facility.

However, as tablets are a bit larger and wider than mobile phones, they have more chances to fall down when we hold them. Due to that, it is best to use a Lamicall tablet stand, which will make it easy for you to use the tablet.

At present, there are numerous tablet holder manufacturers, which is why people are not sure about which one to buy. Hence, we have curated this list of the best tablet stand manufacturers.

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Best Manufacturers Of Tablet Stands in the World

Tablet Stand

Source –

Lamicall has an extensive product catalogue that features different types of phone and tablet holders. The attachment options offered are different and are also based on whether the stand is to be attached or a flat surface or in the air vent of the car. This manufacturer is constantly launching technologically advanced products that are simple to use by all of its customers.

With over ten years of experience, their quality products have allowed this manufacturer to build a wide customer base around the world. This brand is also expanding its products to include accessories to go with handheld devices which will help increase the convenience of the customers. As their tablet holders have done well, one can expect other products to soon become best sellers as well.

When it comes to their tablet holders, Lamicall offers attachment options that can be attached via suction cups, stickers, or holders. Since the grip on the device is strong and keeps up the support even after continuous use, you will not have to worry about the durability of their products. Furthermore, the tablet stands offered by Lamicall allow for maximizing rotating angles and easy adjustability.


●360° rotation option
●Good customer service
●Ideal for hands free operation and navigation purposes
●Enable comfort and safety while driving

PWR Plus

Tablet Stand

Source – PWR Plus

This is a leading brand that you must consider while on your search for an adjustable tablet stand for your device. This manufacturer offers tablet stands specially made for more than ten brands. Their products offer ideal adjustability for comfortable viewing. The holder makes sure the grip in which the tablet is held is secure and durable.

They primarily offer tablet and laptop stands that can work best when placed on a flat surface. So while it is a great option to consider for indoor use, you will have to look elsewhere if you are considering a tablet stand for your car while driving. They also offer chargers and cables for different brands.


●Best brands for adjustable stands
●Ideal for flat surfaces like tables
●360 degrees of swivel allowed

Global Sources

Tablet Stand

Source – Global Sources 

These manufacturers primarily cater to iPad stands. Their products enable users to choose comfort as well as style with a sleek design that can easily be set up on any flat surface. They also offer laptop stands and tablet covers. The grip of each stand varies based on the user’s requirement, so you will have plenty of different designs to choose from.

The security cases in some stands offer all round protection that will keep the device secure in the case it falls. Other stands are of the minimalist design that is made to offer the user a convenient viewing experience. There are different products on their website, so you can filter through and choose one which offers adjustability and protection as per your personal demands.


●Filters on the website based on location and business types
●iPad users are the primary customer base
●Different types of stands for both tables and the floor.

Ambrella Nexus

Tablet Stand

Source – Ambrella Nexus

Ambrella Nexus is a manufacturing company made to provide their customers with the best tablet mounts that are both durable and highly functional. Their tablet mounts can be chosen on the basis of their end use and whether the user wants to mount it on the wall or on a table. The colours are such that they go well with the aesthetic of your home and workplace without feeling intrusive or distracting.

There are some stands that take the support from the floor and allow for work as you stand. They can be great companions to anyone who works by using a standing desk. The design of the tablet grips is such that the device remains secure, and any possibility of theft is prevented when they are attached to the stand.


●Wall mounted grip with adjustability
●Surface stands
●Anti-theft stands with secure grips

Benefits of Using Tablet Stands

Tablet Stand

Source: Lamicall 

Tablet stands have their own benefits that you might have gathered from reading the description of the products offered by the manufacturers listed above. You will need to understand that an ideal table stand will have all the benefits mentioned below:


The very usage of tablet stands will require the holder to be durable enough so that it can keep functioning well even after continuous use. The holder needs to be made of quality materials so that it does not bend or lose its grip due to constantly supporting the weight of the tablet. It is no use buying a stand which you will eventually have to replace in a short time because of its poor quality.


The main goal behind buying a tablet stand is to have the utmost convenience during use. Just by choosing a tablet stand, you are enabling yourself to be more comfortable as you work, cook or do other chores. Since using a tablet stand enables you to have your hands to yourself, you can easily multitask and get your work done in no time.


Most downloaded phone holders give the users the choice to adjust the viewing angle of the device so that they do not have to crane their necks. The better the tablet stands, the more adjustability options it will provide you.

If you choose to incline your tablet on a pillow or a pile of books, then you risk the chances of adversely impacting your posture. It is best to make a one-time investment in a tablet stand rather than having to constantly use your tablet against furniture or appliances.


If you are using a tablet for work purposes, then you might find it difficult to multitask while holding the tablet in your hands. You will also constantly have to set it down and then take notes or do another type of work. If you consider buying a tablet stand, you enable yourself to work hands free.

It will positively impact your productivity as you can multitask and complete several tasks before the deadline. It will also reduce the muscle strain that you might have from holding the tablet all day long. Having the tablet in a fixed position will also reduce distractions and will help you focus on your work.


Using a tablet holder or stand while driving will also help with your safety concerns. Many times you need to look for directions for your driving, but using your hand to manoeuvre your mobile or tablet can risk your safety as you drive. It will most likely divert your attention from the road, and you will not have both hands free to focus on driving.

On the other hand, if you invest in a good quality air vent or suction tablet stand, then you would not have to use your hands. It will also enable you to use voice commands to ask for directions to the destination. It will also prevent the tablet from falling out of your hands in case you encounter a speed bump.


Imagine you are cleaning your house or cooking a meal. You might be listening to music while doing it while looking at a recipe as you cook. Having to hold a tablet while doing your household shows will not only take a long while but will also make the device dirty. Stands or holders make it, so you do not have to hold your tablet while your hands are dirty, so there is little to no transfer of dirt and bacteria.

Why Choose Lamicall Tablet Stands?

Tablet Stand

Source: Lamicall

If you are wondering which is the best of all the brands mentioned above, we have the right answer for you. Choose Lamicall tablet stands for comfort and stress free phone holding. Lamicall has everything that you may ever look for in a tablet stand. From adjustability to versatility, there is no limit to the functionality of the products from Lamicall. The features that you cannot miss out are the secure lock grip that will protect your tablet all the time you are driving or busy using for hands for some other work. Consider buying the tablet stand an investment rather than a purchase.

Where To Buy Lamicall Tablet Holders?

Tablet Stand

Source: Lamicall 

If you want a reliable tablet stand for a different purposes and surfaces, you should trust a reputable brand with enough experience to satisfy their customer expectations. You can easily visit the Lamicall website to have a look at their phone and tablet holders. They have different products that work well on different surfaces so that you never have to look elsewhere. When it comes to tablet stands, you need a phone stand that can hold the size and the weight of the product, luckily, the design of Lamicall products handles it well.

The Takeaway

It is easy to choose the best tablet stand manufacturers even if you just choose from the product catalogues of the brands mentioned above. A reliable manufacturer will not compromise on durability and quality while providing their users with the best experience with their products. While looking for a globally recognised manufacturer and supplier, you will have to go with a trusted brand that satisfies all your expectations.

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