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Decluttering Your Workspace Start With Gifting Yourself a Tablet Stand for Desk

You may believe that your overflowing filing cabinets and your multiple electronic devices on your desk don’t annoy you. People thought they never needed a tablet stand for desk. However, researchers at Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute have utilized fMRI and other methods to prove that our brains prefer order and that repeated visual reminders of disarray deplete our cognitive resources and impair our ability to focus. That’s why we need to tidy up our desk, let’s start with getting a tablet desk mount, to never put our iPad on our desk again. The way we put our iPad on a tablet holder for desk can save up a lot of space for us, also, help us interact with the tablet in a better way.

Why Do You Need Lamicall Tablet Stand for Desk?

Lamicall’s design is innovative in every way; for example, each Lamicall tablet stand for desk contains high-quality rubber pads at the bottom that make contact with the tablet, increasing friction and creating a non-slip effect. Lamicall’s design, on the other hand, is unique and more attractive than that of other brands on the market. After all, no one wants to sit at their desk with an unsightly tablet holder.


Lamicall has been focusing on high environmental friendliness and sustainability of materials while using high quality materials in accordance with the notion of environmental sustainability since day one. Lamicall offers two types of tablet stands for desk: plastic and aluminum. Plastic materials are lighter, more portable, and more adaptable, making them ideal for a wider range of interior design styles. Metals are more sturdy and robust, but they are also heavier and less child-friendly of a tablet stand for table.

The robust quality and unique touch of Lamicall’s materials will astound you from the moment you receive one of our products. We regularly change the counterbalance of each part and the internal structure of the product to equip each part with the most appropriate material in order to make the latest iPad Pro stand smoothly on the tablet holder for desk.


No one thinks holding an iPad in one’s hand is a pleasant experience, and Lamicall is well aware of this. As more and more tasks are done with the iPad, its size is increasing, and the current iPad is even larger than a laptop, making it increasingly difficult to carry iPad in one hand. You may improve the display of your iPad by just setting it on the table’s tab holder, and you won’t have to use your hands as much. You can even use your voice to operate the iPad totally if you make excellent use of Siri and the different shortcuts given by the iOS system.

Various Choices

Lamicall offers various types of iPad stands for desk. The original design desktop tablet holder A1 is one of the best sellers of all time which prop up your iPad in a comfortable height and angle all the time. Lamicall also provides angle adjustable tablet holder for desk, stationary tablet holder for table, and last but not least, foldable tablet mount for desk.

If you are looking for a desktop tablet holder that matches your phone holder for desk, go for Height Adjustable Tablet Stand DT04 and Height Adjustable Phone Holder DP03. If you need to travel a lot and would like to match your laptop stand, phone stand, and your iPad stand for desk, go for the Lamicall Digital Nomads bundle.


The physical environment in which we work has a positive impact on our productivity. We are a mess when our environment is a mess. You may need to lay your tablet flat on your desk if you don’t have a tablet desk mount. This takes up a lot of room and makes your iPad sometimes difficult to get to. The tablet stand for desk allows you to keep your iPad close at hand so that you can simply tap your hand on the iPad that is on the tablet holder for table anytime you need it. When you use the desktop tablet stand, you can multitask more effectively. For example, while on a zoom conversation on the iPad, you can take notes at the same time.

Universal Compatibility

Lamicall Universal tablet stand suitable to iPad, tablets and cell phone, like 2021 iPad Pro 11 / 12.9 inch, iPad Mini 6 Generation, 2018 iPad Pro 10.5 inch, 2020 new iPad Air 4( 10.9″), iPad Mini, iPad 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ 5th/ 6/ 7/ 8th generation, Kindle Fire HD 7 8 10, E-reader, Huawei, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, Surface Pro, Galaxy Tab, Switch.


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