T-Stand, A Better Choice for Nintendo Enthusiast

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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nintendo stand lamicall

Unsatisfactory original stand

Nintendo officially unveiled a stand for its Nintendo Switch in May 2018. 

It looked cool in the official picture,

so Nintendo enthusiasts were thrilled and  rushed to buy it as soon as it hit the market.



But when they got it in hand, lots of them were disappointed.

The main problems are it not worth the price, too small, the charging function is dispensable, etc.

On it’s official Amazon store, the stand gets only 4.5 stars.

Nintendo stand Amazon rate

Let’s check the comments from Amazon buyers:


The great replacement, Lamicall T- Foldable Stand

A stand for Nintendo Switch is necessary. So~

A high-quality replacement for the original stand is necessary.

Here it is!

The popularity of Lamicall T-Nintendo Switch Stand

And some of Nintendo influencers have made some comments on our T-Foldable stand.

Let’s see how these people say about this product.

1.T-Stand & Nintendo Enthusiasts

2.Collector's Show-off

3.Close-up shot of T-Stand

4.T-Stand & Nintendo everywhere

And some of Nintendo influencers have made some comments on our T-Foldable stand.

Let’s see how these people say about this product.

It's an easy way to play the Nintendo switch while I'm charging it during those long game sessions. -- Besides the built in stand is so annoying and I hate it. It always make the console falling and it's driving me crazy. So now all is good since I got a real stand. I can even put my phone, tablet or whatever else instead of the switch.
This stand is super cool! It is made out of metal and the part that your switch sits on has a rubber protection. What I love about this is the fact you can fold it up flat and pop it away for easy travelling!
Loving this Switch stand from lamicall! Now i can slowly work my way through the world of light while binging netflix series,perfect for these cold winter days.
Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to lamicall for this amazing stand. It’s intended for the switch or tablets, but I honestly use it for more than just that. Why? It’s got snug positionable points and a solid balance so I can use it to photograph with. Also the rubber boot comes off, so I could do “floating” shots easy. The thing is pretty cheap for how good it is.
I am really pleased with the switch stand from lamicall. It is extremely good quality and well designed. It is also great with iPads and smart phones. My kids really like watching movies on their iPads using the stand.
My friends from lamicall sent me this phone and tablet stand and is great! I also found other use. What do u think?
Check out this dope switch lamicall stand. Super high quality love it need to pick up a couple more for the other two switches now.
I'm using to display this beautiful kit of hardware, everything from the package to the materials used just screams quality, and the red colour finish is astonishing.

Why Would T-Stand Gain So Much Popularity

I think the most important reason is for the features of the product itself.


· Made from premium aluminum alloy, stainless

· Sturdy & durable

· Light, 195.6 gram only

· Foldable & adjustable

· Chargeable

· Equipped with rubber pads


T-Stand has almost everything the Nintendo enthusiasts need, it perfectly match the Switch. And T-Stand is far more than a Nintendo Switch stand, it also performs well when holding a phone or small tablet.

I think if you are a Nintendo enthusiast, you may want to get one now.

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