List Of The Top Standing Desk Accessories Manufacturers Of 2022

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Desk accessory

If you use a standing desk and are looking to improve your productivity and comfort, then it is time to invest in some standing desk accessories. By making good use of ergonomics, standing desk accessories improve the functionality as well as the daily productivity of the user.

The main purpose of a good standing desk accessory is to help reduce the strain on the muscles as one works the entire day while standing. The best standing desk accessories will combine movement along with improving focus on the task at hand.

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Best Manufacturers Of Standing Desk Accessories

Best standing desk accessories facilitate movement and make the user more active and make the muscles more active.

Standing Desk Accessories

Source: Lamicall

Lamicall is an ideal brand that designs good quality phone mounts that can easily double as standing desk accessories. Primary offering phone stands and tablet holders, their products are highly compatible with placement in different surfaces, which also includes that of a standing desk.

The idea behind using phone mounts as desk accessories is a good one because it allows for more movement without having to use your hands to hold the device. The design of each phone mount is such that there is a lot of room for exhaustibility, so no matter the position you are standing in, you can easily view the screen of your tablet or phone without changing your posture repeatedly.

The designs are extremely simple to operate for every user. They are one of the best phone Mount manufacturers globally with more than a decade of experience. Their digital accessories like notepads will also allow for a seamless experience, improving productivity and comfort as one uses a standing desk.

●Good customer service
●Adjustable angles of phone mounts can go up to 360 degrees.
●Reliable and easy to use design
●Enable hands-free functioning and thereby improve productivity

FEZIBO and its Standing Desk Balance Board

Standing Desk Accessories

Source –

FEZIBO is a manufacturer that primarily designs and produces standing desks and accessories to go with them. They have an extensive product catalogue that includes standing desks and maths to go with that, along with monitor arms that can be attached for better viewing.

The wobble board offered by this company is a great addition to this list. It works on reducing the muscle strain that one is prone to have while standing during work all day long. It allows your legs and needs to have a good workout as you balance on the board. Rather than just standing and keeping your knees locked in a firm position, this board will promote activity and reduce fatigue.

There is a return period for this board, so if you feel dissatisfied with the product, you can always choose to return it. The main feature of this board is its successful utilisation of ergonomic benefits. It will not drive your attention away from work and will keep you physically active.

●8.5 degrees of tilting
●Supports up to 320 lb of weight
●30 day trial period

Ergodriven and its Topo Comfort Map


As the name of this manufacturer suggests, the standing desk accessories offered by this brand are primarily making good use of ergonomic principles. The comfort mats offered by this brand are primarily made to reduce fatigue that one experiences by standing all day long in the same position.

Their Mats are specifically designed to facilitate movement as you stand. Many people opt for a standing desk because they want to move more but face a lot of fatigue because they cannot exercise as much as they had hoped. But the premium quality accessories by Ergodriven are made to make you move.

From small to big movements, you can stretch and easily massage your feet without having to feel distracted from your work. If you already suffer from muscle strain and discomfort at the end of the day while using a standing desk, then this accessory will help you relieve some of the pain. Furthermore, you can easily reposition it with a single foot, and there will be no need to constantly bend over and use your hands.

●Seven-year warranty period
●Easy repositioning
●Ergonomic designs for muscle relaxation
●Good for both micro and macro movements

Vari and its Cable Management Tray Accessory

easy cable storage

Vari is a manufacturer that caters to a wide variety of products. Its product catalogue features a wide variety of options that include not only desks, tables and related accessories but also partitions for privacy as well as seating furniture. Their accessories include monitor arms marker boards as well as standing mats.

If you are using a standing desk, managing all the cables will be one of the primary concerns for you. The wires from the monitors and the computer system, along with other contributions that you might have used, need to be managed so that you do not trip over them. Luckily, there is an accessory for that.

Vari’s cable management tray is a perfect solution as it allows you to hold a bunch of cards together without impacting their function or durability. This tray will not interfere with your work and productivity. You can also choose where to keep the product, and adjustability is made easy with the use of the rotating metal brackets that come with the product.

●Available in black or white
●Rotating metal brackets for adjustability
●It prevents a tripping hazard

Benefits Of Using Standing Desk Accessories

Standing desk tablet stand

Source: Lamicall 

Now that you have gone through this list, you know how beneficial standing desk accessories can prove to be. Because of their varying uses, no single benefit can be printed out, but all of the major advantages stemming from investing in a standing desk accessory are listed below:


Whether you buy a phone stand or a monitor stand, all of it is meant to make you comfortable as you work. Accessories like a phone holder, a monitor stand or a cable management tray are all made to increase your convenience as you work. A phone holder will help you with its adjustability so that your hands are free, and you do not have to hold the device and impact your posture by bending your neck.

Cable management will prevent you from tripping and keep all of the wires in place. A monitor stand works similarly to a Phone or tablet holder as it will keep the screen at your eye level and reduce the strain in your neck muscles as well as for your eyes. This also significantly improves your focus when your attention is not diverted to you, keeping everything around you in a perfect condition.


Whether you believe it or not, standing desk accessories can increase your productivity. The more tired you feel, the more it will impact productivity and the amount of time that you are spending on each task. But if you constantly stay on your feet and use a mat to keep your legs active and your muscles energized, you will be able to focus better on the work, and the strain will not cause any pain in your muscles by the end of the day.

Having your hands free using a phone holder will also improve matters as you can use them to take notes or focus better on the text in front of you. Going hands-free with your handle device will also allow you to easily multitask as you work.


Your standing desk will be used all day long for 5 to 6 days a week. Since both the standing desk and the accessories to go with it will be required to function well, they need to be more durable and worth investing your money in.

Phone holders can become loose over time and lose their grip if you go for a cheaper alternative rather than that of a reliable brand. Mats meant for activity can also suffer wear and tear over time, so you need to only buy products that have a great deal of functionality over long term use.


The accessories that you buy should suit the function as well as the aesthetic of the standing desk. The colour and the function should suit the type of standing desk you are on, and for that, you need to read the specifications thoroughly and do adequate research.


Functionality is a big aspect that you should consider before you go ahead and buy an accessory for your standing desk. It is not a worthwhile purchase if it does not function as it is supposed to and does not provide as much use as you imagine it to be. For instance, if you are looking to exercise more than going for a mat specially designed for it will be a better option.

Why Choose Lamicall Standing Desk Accessories?

Standing desk tablet stand

Source: Lamicall 

Standing desk phone mounts are the basic product available at any brand that is offering phone holders or tablet holders. If you ask for recommendations we will go with Lamicall because of reliability and reputation. Choosing the standing desk accessories by Lamicall are meant to make your work easier and your life more convenient. We recommend Lamicall because of its functionality, durability, and adjustability.

Where to Buy Lamicall Standing Desk Accessories?

Standing desk tablet stand

Source: Lamicall 

This is an extremely easy question to answer. If you want to buy products from this brand all you need to do is visit their website and choose from all available options. The Lamicall website allows you to buy directly from their website, eliminating the need for you to go to third party sellers.

Buying from their website is also beneficial in the sense that you will be assured of premium quality delivered at your doorstep. So, we recommend visiting their website and looking at the product catalogue to make an educated decision about the type of accessory most suitable for your standing desk.

The Takeaway

Depending on the choice of accessories, the appearance of a standing desk can be improved, adding a visually pleasing aesthetic factor. One thing that a buyer needs to understand before investing in a standing desk accessory is that their functions will vary based on their goal. Most of the accessories are made to reduce the fitting that one feels at the end of the day after continuous use of a standing desk.

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