Shopping Cart Mobile Phone Holders: A Comprehensive 2022

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Phone Holder

Are you looking for a phone holder or mount to conveniently read your grocery shopping list as you push the shopping cart down the supermarket aisle? Many customers refrain from buying a Lamicall shopping cart phone holder because they think it would be a waste of money as the usage time is limited to shopping. But if you take into consideration a convenient shopping experience, this one-time purchase would prove very fruitful.

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What Is A Shopping Cart Phone Holder?

Phone Holder

Source – Unsplash

The main purpose behind using a phone holder is to keep it held up without having to use your hands. Different types of phone holders are used for different purposes like in cars as well as in shopping carts. A phone holder or stand was initially introduced to make reading and watching movies more enjoyable as it removed the need for hands holding up the device.

Slowly, phone mounts were introduced to make driving more convenient as they allowed each driver to look at the directions without diverting their attention from the road. Since phone stands are sturdy enough to hold the device, a one-time purchase lasts for a long time. Buying a phone stand for your shopping excursions is slowly becoming mainstream for anyone with a long shopping list or for adults who have children along with them.

How Does A Shopping Cart Phone Holder Work?

Phone Stand

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Understanding the working of a phone stand is not very complicated. If a phone holder is being laid on a flat surface, the stand can be made so that it leans the screen at an angle to enable easy watching or reading. But if a phone is to be held within a moving vehicle like a shopping cart or an automobile, then the holder needs to grip the phone securely so that the device cannot get damaged by falling.

Most phone holders work for different models of phones. So once you have bought a shipping cart phone holder, you do not have to buy a new one when you purchase a new phone. The phone holder will grip the phone while the other end will be attached to a flat surface of the cart of the vehicle.

Features & Benefits Of A Shopping Cart Phone Holder

Golf Cart Phone Holder

Source – Lamicall

The reason why phone holders are gaining popularity with time is that they are incredibly useful. With the increased reliance on their smartphones, people are looking for ways to include their handheld devices in their daily routines without compromising the essence of the activity. Some benefits of phone holders are:


If you are buying a lot of products on your visit to the store, then you are going to need both hands to push the cart, and freehand stop adds new products from the shelf to the cart. For any parent with a toddler or an infant, shopping is an activity where vigilance is required. They also need to keep their hands free in case they need to tend to their children.

So checking their phone for a grocery list can cause their attention to be diverted. Attaching their device to a phone holder on the shopping cart makes the shopping experience incredibly easy. Your phone is made to make your life easier, so it is natural that the phone holder should do the same.


Many times, the phone screen in our hands proves to be a distraction. If it is attached to a holder, it will remind the user to stay focused on the task at hand and will help an individual become more productive. As the screen stays in front of your eyes, you are reminded to complete your shopping whenever your eyes glance at the screen.


Many times, if your attention is diverted from the task at hand, it can compromise your safety. For instance, while driving, you do not want to get into an accident just because one of your hands was occupied as you looked in the direction. If your phone is attached to your shopping cart, the device will not fall in case you are bumped into it. It will prevent your screen from cracking in case of a collision of shopping carts.


Phone holders are best used without having to touch them with your hands. If you choose a good phone holder, you will have to keep adjusting it with your hands. If you are cooking or cleaning, it keeps the screen of the device clean.

Types Of Shopping Cart Phone Holders

Phone Holder

Source – Unsplash

While there are multiple types of shopping cart phone holders available in the market, only a few can be correctly used in a shopping cart. These are the phone holders you can easily use in a shopping cart:

1. Suction Cup Holders

This is a phone holder which can be used on a variety of flat surfaces. It can be used on cars, walls, as well as on shopping carts. Since suction cup grips are secure and stay firmly attached in position, your phone will be placed for the entirety of the shopping experience.

2. Sticky Holders

These phone holders rely on an adhesive backing that attaches the holders to the care of the surface where you want to place the phone. The adhesive on both ends ensures the phone stays in position, and so does the holder.

3. Bike Mount

Bike mounts for phones work well as they are attached to the bike handles. They can be effectively used for shopping carts as they can be similarly attached to the shopping cart handle. The group of the holder can be adjusted according to the thickness of the handle.

How To Use Shopping Cart Phone Holders

lamicall foldable phone stand DP01 black-2

Source – Lamicall

If you want to use shopping cart phone holders, you need to understand how to use them for the best applicability. It needs to be positioned so that you can easily see the screen. Angle the holder so that there is minimal to no use of your hand or your fingers. You can attach the suction cup or the adhesive after deciding on the position of the phone holder. Make sure the holder is firmly attached before you go ahead with the placement of the phone in the holder.

Things To Consider When Buying A Shopping Cart Phone Holder

Phone mount

Source: Amazon

There are quite a few things you should consider before buying a phone holder. These are mentioned below:

The Type of Attachment

Before buying a phone holder, you should consider the life of the attachment piece. For instance, a suction cup will have a different life span than that of an adhesive or a magnetic holder. Since adhesive attachments can leave behind hard to clean residue, many users choose other options like clamp handles of bike mounts for better grip.

The Review

Any product you are going to buy will have ratings and reviews you can easily check online. The brand value of the manufacturer is also mentioned and can be easily deduced through the ratings and reviews. By reading the good reviews, one understands how well the product suits a particular function. The negative reviews tell a lot about the drawbacks of a product and hence are equally important.


Before buying a product, understand the extent of your need for the product. For instance, you are buying a holder for a shopping cart. It would be best to look at how well a holder can secure your phone and how well it can be attached to the shopping cart. Limited adjustability can prove to be a hindrance as you will constantly have to crane your neck to look at the screen. Look for adjustability as it is helpful and convenient.

Weigh Pros and Cons

Different phone holders will have different strengths and weaknesses. As a buyer, you should be adept at deducing which holders are suitable for your personal use and which ones would prove to be unusable. Weigh the pros and cons of watch products and choose the one you can make good use of. It is always good to buy a product you feel confident about.

What Is The Best Shopping Cart Phone Holder?

Phone Mount

Source: Adobe Stock

There are numerous phone holders available in the market, but you have to choose the right one. Here are some of the best options you can choose from to attach your phone to your shopping cart:

Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stands

bike phone holder mount bp05

Lamicall offers phone stands for both desks and bikes, both of which provide adjustability options. The phone stays secure in the holder’s grip and is prevented from any damage or scratch. Charging on the go is also made easy in this phone stand.

Arteck Phone Mount

bike phone mount BM02 black-1

Source: Lamicall

The end of this mount is attached to any flat surface and provides a view of the phone at an angle. The adhesive holds in place and proves to be extremely reliable, and also provides adjustability freedom.

Wuteku Phone Holder

Phone mount

Source: Amazon

Thai is a magnetic phone holder which can be easily attached to a car as well as to a shopping cart. The magnetic aspect prevents any damage to the cart’s material, and adjustability is also great.

Where To Buy A Shopping Cart Phone Holder?

Phone Holder

Source: Adobe Stock

There are several online shopping sites that will source phone holders for you. But many of the sellers can take advantage of you and deliver unreliable or defective products.IF you know which phone holder you want to buy and know the model name and the brand, then go to that manufacturer’s website and order it from there.

There is a better chance of good delivery and quality products. If you want a good quality shopping cart phone holder, then the Lamicall website is made for you. You can choose from a range of options with varying adjustability, different types of attachment options, and there is guaranteed protection offered by the grip of the holder.


With the help of this comprehensive buying guide, you can easily select a good phone holder which is durable and easy to use. For a convenient shopping experience, you should go with phone holders that can be used for this purpose. Read through product details under all the applications and invest your money once you are sure about it.

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