Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount BP07

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The upgraded handlebar clamp adopts a new design, just press and hold the button on the handlebar clip to quickly adjust the clip to fit the handlebar. No rubber sheets or tools are needed. This bike phone mount with the up and down linkage phone clamp, easy to install your phone into the phone clamp with one hand and also quick release.

The new design handlebar clamp makes sure that your phone is more stable during the ride, wouldn’t slide even with severe bumps. The phone holder for bike & motorcycle has a upgraded security lock at the back to help you lock the cellphone more easily, make sure the safety of the mobile phone in high-speed cycling or on a bumpy road.

The four corners and back of the motorcycle phone holder are all equipped with non-slip silicone pads, keep your cell phone from scratching and slipping. Help hold your phone tightly, keeping your phone safe even on rough roads.

The adjustable motorcycle cell phone mount comes with a 360 degrees rotation ball, allows you to freely adjust the angle during riding. With this 360-degree rotatable phone clip, you can easy to adjust your cellphone to the viewing angle to horizontal or vertical, help use your phone to do GPS position/ have calling/ play music conveniently during riding.

This universal bike cell phone holder can fits 4.7 – 6.8 inches phones, the max thickness is 0.59″, the max width is 3.11″, like iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus 7 6s 6, Galaxy S10 + S10e S9 S8, Note 9, LG and more. The handlebar clip is suitable for various types of bike, like bicycle, motorcycle, stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, indoor treadmill bike. ! Fit handlebar diameter: ⌀ 0.59 – 1.57″ (15-40mm)

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Bike Phone Mount

Make Your Life Simple
Distinguished by wider compatibility, secure design, quick detachment. Ensure the safety and stability of your device when
cycling even on a bumpy road.

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Press the button to open the fixed clamp.


Press the button again to grasp the handlebar.


Tighten the hand screw to fix the clamp.

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For Treadmill

For Bike

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For Scooter

Other appliance with a handlebar

  • Product Name Bike Phone Holder
  • Model No. BP07
  • Material Plastic / Metals / Silicone
  • Weight 255g

  • Fixed Clamp×1
  • Phone Holder×1
  • User Manual×1
  1. Socket
  2. Nut
  3. Joint Ball
  4. Fixed Clamp
  5. Button
  6. Hand Screw
  7. Lock Lever
  1. Unscrew the nut and press the joint ball through the nut into the socket of the phone holder, then tighten the nut.
  2. Press the button to open the fixed clamp, and mount it on the handlebar.
  3. Press the button to grasp the handlebar. Then tighten the hand screw to fix the clamp.
  4. Push the arm of the phone holder by your phone and place your phone in.
  5. Turn the lock lever on the back to “Lock”.
  6. Loosen the hand screw and press the button to open the fixed clamp to remove from the handlebar.
Weight 7.9 oz
Dimensions 5.46 × 3.56 × 4.3 in

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  • Avatar



    Secure mount, easy to install/remove, padded so it doesn’t scratch. Can be used in portrait or landscape mode. Buy it!

    October 27, 2021
  • Avatar

    Jazzy GJazzy G

    One POWERFUL Phone Harness for your Bike!!!

    PROS:- solid build quality & materials- locking harness w/ metal lockjaws!- quick release bar clamp- fits larger phones- very adjustable!CONS:- noneI wanted to be able to mount my phone on my handlebars during my bike rides without worrying about my phone falling off. Many of the devices I’ve seen so far have been questionable, especially those that rely on some elastic corners to hold your phone in place. The Lamicall Phone Mount Holder is EXCATLY what I was looking for!This holder has a high degree of build quality and the materials are top notch! The corners are all rubber lined so that they do not cause any damage to your phone. The plastic construction uses a durable plastic that is both strong and retains its shape, even when being forced open. The two jaws are attached to metal plates which slide within the body. These plates are locked into place with a toggle at the back of the case – very ingenious! This provides a solid vice grip on your phone, eliminating the jaws from ever opening accidently!The bar mount is very clever as well. Built of the same quality and material as the holder, the clamp has a metal button that allows the jaws to open quickly. You put the jaws around the bar of choice and then squeeze the jaws together. Once they are touching the bar, you then screw down the tensioner and voila! The jaws are extremely strong and do not rotate on the bars at all!The jaws have a ball mount allowing you to refine the positioning of your phone for that perfect angle of view. Currently I am using it while on my trainer, but weather permitting I will go for a ride this weekend as the weather in Toronto is finally warming up!I tried the Lamicall Holder with both an iPhone X and iPhone 8+ and both were held securely and safely. I can’t recommend the Lamicall Phone Mount Holder enough – it is an amazing piece of kit!

    October 25, 2021
  • Avatar

    J L

    Excellent phone mount that’s removable.

    – This phone mount has a removable/adjustable mount on your bike’s handlebar. Basically you press and hold the button to open/clamp the mount, and then screw it down for a tight fit. The design is good in situations where you don’t want a more permanent clamp to the bike, such as using it on a rental bike, or moving the phone mount to different bikes or scooters back and forth. So far it’s doing good, but I need to wait for warmer weather so I can test it on different road surfaces to see how the clamp holds to the bike. But so far so good.- As for the phone holder, I measured the phone holder’s length is about 4.7in (22cm) so it can hold smaller phones such as the iPhone SE (2020). I have two phones, one with length of about 5.8 in (slightly longer than iPhone SE), and the other is 6.3 in (same length as iPhone Pro Max) and this mount has no problem accommodating them. The one hand take out feature does work. There is a switch clip on the back to lock the spring on the phone holder mount and it worked. This is to prevent the holder opening when riding due to shock, vibrations. The lock clip is on the back and you can open/close with one hand.- Overall, I really like the mount so far. It’s solidly built and easy to operate. I can’t wait for the warmer temp to kick in so I can ride my bike with this mount.

    October 25, 2021
  • Avatar

    Rocky Mountain EntrepreneurRocky Mountain Entrepreneur

    Well Engineered. Suitable for Bicycle. Still have to test for motorcycle when snow goes

    Rating: 4.8Recommendation: Very HighValue for Money: Good (look for coupon for $4 off).OverviewI tested this product with a bicycle and plan to test it with my motorcycle when I can get back to it (currently in underground storage and blockaded by Ottawa protestors). The unit is well designed and well built. It features rubberized corners which help grip the phone and give it padding. I used it with an iPhone 10 or 11 and my Samsung S10 both in cases and it fit well with both. With a case on it, the Samsung S10 just fits, anything larger probably wouldn’t. I use durable cases as I break stuff easily so hence why it is bigger.OperationThe top and bottom portions pull apart sliding on a metal rail, you put the phone in, then move the switch on the back to the locking side. This locks in the phone from moving. To attach the gripper you undo the plastic nut, firmly place the ball into the socket, then tighten the nut back on to securely hold it. Then undo the oval nut on the back and press the silver metal button to open the gripper jaws (also rubberized to protect paint). Then close the jaws and tighten the oval nut.FindingsThe grip worked well for a bicycle and will withstand vibration. The phone is tightly held in the device and the locking nut on the ball joint can be tighter or looser depending on how you like it. The lock on the back ensures the phone is tight in the case. I like the fact that the bars holding the phone are metal as well (you will see those when you stretch the holder open to hold the phone. Overall, this is very well designed.LimitationsThe only reason I am not giving it full 5 starts is because I don’t think it will fit on my motorcycle as the handle bars are triangular shaped which the gripper on this device won’t grab. I will add additional details once I get back to my motorbike. Also, the gripper on wide handlebars will not go fully around the bar. I have a concern that vibration could cause the device to fall off the handle bars if the device is not at least 75% around the bar. I already destroyed one phone when a strong gust of wind tore my tank bag off and with vibration due to wind, engine, gusts from trucks, etc., I am concerned the holder would fall off if not at least 75% around. Also, there is no room on the right handle bar on my bike anyway and the left will be a tight fit due to the brake and electrical cables. Not an issue for a bicycle.Overall, I would recommend this device for bicycle riding. I quite like it.

    October 24, 2021
  • Avatar


    Love it!

    The phone clamp is easy to use and quite easy to understand. There are two adjustment mechanisms for the handlebar side:1) a button operated quick adjustment2) a screw knob to tighten and for fine adjustmentsYou start with the quick adjustment and then use the screw knob to tighten. To release, you use the opposite order. Both of them has a range of adjustment of its own, so you cannot keep tightening the fine adjustment knob for instance; you’ll need to release it to be able to use it for tightening again.The phone side is simple too. It is spring loaded so you simply push the ends apart, place the phone in, and let the springs clamp the phone back in. There is a locking level in the back which brings it in a tiny bit more and locks the position in place. The phone cradle is rubber lined inside and also features a lip over the front side of the phone to prevent it from slipping outwards, which is really appreciated if you hit bumps in the road.Is this a burly phone mount? Absolutely. And is it solid? Yes! I think for motorcycle these look to work quite well; for bicycles and scooters they might look a bit oversized but it will certainly not come loose even with rolling over uneven terrain. The quick and easy setup is but a cherry on top of it all.

    October 13, 2021

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