iPad Tripod Stand FT02


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Product Description

ipad tripod stand ft02 Banner

iPad Floor Tripod Stand

Make Your Life Simple
Easy to use the tablet and phone anywhere, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, gym, outdoor.

ipad tripod stand ft02 Banner
ipad tripod stand ft02 Banner

Height Adjustable

Adjust the height quickly by pulling the buckle.

ipad tripod stand ft02 Banner

Always at View

360 degrees rotation, support both landscape and portrait viewing.

ipad tripod stand ft02 Banner
  • Product Name Tablet Tripod Stand
  • Model No. FT02
  • Material Plastics/Metals
  • Package Dimensions ‎17.24 x 4.72 x 3.19 inches
  • Weight 750g
  • Compatibility of Clamp Devices between 5.5-8.6 inches(140-220mm) in width and within 0.67 inch(17mm) in thickness
  • Bluetooth Version 3.0
  • Range 10m
  • Battery Type CR2032
  • Tripod Stand×1
  • Clamp×1
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Shutter×1
  • Battery Replacement×1
  • String bag×1
  • User Manual×1
  1. Clamp
  2. String
  3. Ball
  4. Lifting Rod
  5. Lock Lever
  6. Switch Knob
  7. Supporting Rod
  8. LED Indicator
  9. Button for IOS
  10. ON/OFF
  11. Button for Android
  1. Take out the tripod stand. Loosen the switch knob and pull open the support rod. Then tighten the switch knob to fix it.
  2. Open the lock lever and adjust the lifting rod to a comfortable height. Then lock the lever.
  3. Screw the plastic nut out from the clamp, and cover it on the ball. Then put the ball into the socket joint of the clamp and tighten clockwise.
  4. Pull strings to open the sidearm and clamp your device.
  5. Adjust the ball-and-socket joint in the back of the clamp to different angles as needed.
  6. Turn on the remote shutter by switching the On/Off button. The LED indicator will flash to show it’s trying to pair. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and select the “Lamicall Shutter” to pair with the remote shutter. Press the Button for IOS or Button for Android to start and stop recording, shooting photos.

Adjustable zoom tablet stand applies to 4-13 inch tablet PC such as new 2020 iPad Pro 11 / 12.9, iPad Air 4, 2018 iPad Pro 9.7 / 10.5, iPad Air mini, Surface Pro, Galaxy Tab S7, Kindle Paper white, Fire HD 7 8 10, E-reader, Huawei, iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Switch. Width of the adapted device: 5.6 – 8.6 inches.

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