Prepared for Father’s Day Tomorrow?​

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2021 fathers day

Now, first thing’s first.

Tell me how that heart attack you just had clicking into this article feels like.

JK, Father’s day is not until June the 20th.

But really now, you still have enough time to get something online in time for dad.

Many things might stop you from just showing up and giving dad a hug. Things like the pandemic, or just that you’re not around that day.

Thanks to online shopping, though, you can still impress dad with a thoughtful gift delivered to his door in a few days.

Here are some cool/unique gift ideas that will probably help you

For the music enthusiast dad

Whatever genre your dad is into, this list might do well. (Even if he’s a punk rock fan)

a piano shaped teapot

If your dad is into tea and music, a piano teapot would be a fine idea. Imagine your dad looking at this little thing, then putting it in his studio where it blends in perfectly. (with other tea pots and other pianos of course)

a goose neck phone holder clamped on a guitar

This phone stand is for all dads who like playing instruments. Simply bending the neck helps phones to extend in any angle/direction. Whether your dad needs to look at chords, start streaming, or make a video of him playing, this gooseneck phone stand will help him all the way.  

Reminder: Clamp the gooseneck phone holder on the table or a chair, or on anything that doesn’t move to achieve its best performance.  

a finger touching major scale wine glass

Music and wine are always in tune with each other! Simply booze it up to the desired note, run a moist finger around the rim of the glass. Your dad doesn’t need to be an accomplished musician to rock this glass, but however, he probably will enjoy playing with these glasses like a real musician does!

Gramophone speaker for iPhone


I’m more than tired of seeing people’s boring speakers. This gramophone speaker would never get boring and old since it looks ancient anyways.

Ain’ nothin’ like em ol’ tyme eh.

For cook dad

These are probably tired of another Japanese knife. Or another Hardwood chopping board. I could be wrong, though, pricey Japanese knives might be quite good of a gift, but it also costs half your monthly wage and it does not look it AT ALL.

unnamed 5

Everybody loves chilies. you got a lot of meat, vegetables, beans, then you leave it unattended while it simmers for a couple quarters of hour, it starts to burn at the bottom of the pan. Then it starts to dry out, then it starts to burn, then your house burns down then you’d have to go through al the paperwork with the insurance company, then you’d have to call your dad and tell him about how his car is probably not coming back from the ashes, yahta yahta yahta, you know what I mean, it’s a hass.

This automatic pan stirrer might be a lifesaver (figuratively and possibly literally) for dads who may or may not be into cooking.

Recipe/food plan Subscription

Don’t have any link recommended, but it’s a good idea. Some of the recipe services offer a surprisingly huge range of all sorts of food blueprints. For the slightly lazier sort of dad, a food delivery subscription might be the new hip thing that him and all his old buddies are talking about lately (no one really gets it tho, it requires too much operative manipulation of the personal computer, which might prove itself to be a major deterrence for dads, grand dads and those alike).

Gooseneck phone holder

a man using goose neck tablet holder clamped on kitchen table

Nobody likes grease marks on their device. This Gooseneck phone holder would be a good help for dad when he is cooking while checking on recipes at the same time. If your dad is a pro, tell him to try streaming with this thing. Or, if your dad just like watching his favorite show while cooking, give him one of these and see him smiling like a little boy that he always was and still is.

Apron with customization picture printed on

Never could hurt to have another apron, eh. This might take some design effort, but it could just be worth the time. Put a picture of you two together, a picture of your dad’s pet, or a meme you made based on one of his DAD jokes.

For the artsy dad

I congratulate you for having one of the coolest types of dads! Artsy dad can be extremely picky due to his high artsyness (at least that’s what he think). My dad was never into art, but here are my ideas anyway.

a white porcelain mug with “I am a artist dad just like normal dad except much cooler”

Take my compliment, your dad is called dad because he’s way too cool to be called an artist. Do you think your dad would appreciate this art dad mug? Tell me down below the comment.

a Palette painting clock on the wall with 10 colors represent different number on clock

Despite the fact that we rarely tilt our heads up to look at the clock on the wall, art dad being a completely different type of beast could act wildly differently by actually using his time measuring device to keep track of time. I know, crazy right? These artist people.

an iPhone x shooting a hand sketching deer picture using ink pen

This gooseneck phone holder can be your art dad’s favorite gadget in the future.

Looking at a picture while sketching, watching shows while sketching, or…. Streaming while sketching?

forgive me for talking about streaming nonstop, I really think everybody should just do it. I just really want to know more about how dads work since mine hasn’t been talking to me much for years.

leather artist roll organizer

This is cool by definition. Just look at the name of this thing. I sorta could find one of these with every artist. Could be animal lovers unfriendly, tho. But I’m sure you could find ones made with things that aren’t animal skin.

For the geek dad

Geek dads are always young at heart. He plays video games, watches comics, he plays Dungeons and Dragons, he loves hentai (probably?)… Geek dads will go a long way by having fun with you.

Apparel for the geek dad

Your dad might be quite into Star Wars or League of Legends, but are you sure he has enough MERCH with his puny 7 glass showcases? Pick one that he doesn’t have (yet), and feed his absolute obsession with these little things.

a goose neck tablet holder clamped on a working table

Your geek dad has a cool table set-up. Period.


Wait until he sees this cool gooseneck phone holder. It’s compact, it’s convenient, it’s a good supplement to any set-up. People rarely have it, which by default makes it cooler.

For sports dad

Underwater scooter

a man using underwater scooter in the ocean diving

This is not to be missed by any diver. Basically, the underwater scooter is a hand-held propeller on a motor. It thrusts you to any direction under the water, like a scooter.

Darn, this thing is just cool. Go get one. Dad could wait.

Smart jumping Rope

smart jumping rope by apple

Jumping rope is some decent cramped space and limited time friendly cardio. A quarter of an hour of cardio anywhere is surely gonna help any dad be healthier.

Lamicall bike phone holder

This thing is just genius. If your dad is into biking, mountain biking or road biking, you HAVE TO get him one of these.

Works with scooters and motorcycles.

(Safety note: ride carefully and do not look at your phone while moving)

two Golf ball whisky chillers with glass of whisky aside

Golf ball-shaped whisky ice cubes? What is cooler than that! Next time your dad’s friends show up at the house, your dad is totally gonna tell all of them that you gave it to him on father’s day.

The Dad in hospital bed

If your dad is hospitalized and has to spend this Father’s day in a hospital bed (which is quite unfortunate), make sure to give him a video call or go visit him in the hospital. Show your support and tell him you really love him.

A soft cozy blanket

a light blue blanket

Hospital blankets are usually not comfortable (at all), a fluffy, cozy blanket would make your dad’s day.

Neck/back massager

Lying on a hospital bed can be quite stressful on dad’s neck and back especially if he needs to stay still sitting in one position. A lot of stiffness is to be had. A neck/back massager deals with just that.

To be honest, is there any reason to turn down such a perfect bed-companion? Surely your dad could kill his time staring at the TV on the wall, but cmon, give a man a break, and get him on his iPad. Also, don’t forget to tell him that this thing will let him video call you without even holding the iPad at all.

Digital picture frame

This comes from personal experience. Being in a hospital bed makes people feel really lonely. I was there once, and I was really afraid, especially when it hurts badly. I really hoped there was something that I could look at with pictures of my family, so I could feel a bit better. But I didn’t have it. Don’t let your dad suffer the same fate!

For stoner dad

I declare with absolute certainty that you have the objectively coolest dad. I could only imagine how it would feel like chilling with a dad like that. I’d be so happy to share my stash with my dad, if he ever asked.

3 pot leaf candy mold

Buy this if your dad is into making edibles himself. Just do it.

ganja land board game

My dad really likes Ludo and Monopoly. Playing board games with your family is a really fun idea, if people are into this sort of thing.

a goose neck phone holder facing a white bathtub

Video calls could totally facilitate a long-distance 420 session, if you two are not together. This thing is just the right companion for such an event. It also lets dad watch his favorite show while stoned (and prevents him from not being able to hold it the right way up)

an inverted lighter

The one lighter fit for every stoner! I am so prepared to toss my 43 million lighters. I thought for a hundred times about such an idea. Salute to whoever invented this magnificent piece of engineering.

Things you can do instead of sending a gift

Is your dad a hard-to-please person? Or are you a little bit low on funds at this moment?

Here are things that you can do for your dad if you are living with him/ planning to go visit his house.

Give your dad a call

a white cat calling using a Christmas theme telephone

Being a free spirit out there may be fun, but don’t forget to give your dad a facetime call frequently. Tell him where you are and if you are doing okay. And I can tell you, friend, sometimes this is ALL HE WANTS, to keep his family together, or in touch, at least.

Surprise your dad with his super clean car

Take your dad’s car out in the morning, get his car washed up like brand new. I do this a lot when I was living with my dad back in the days, he never got enough of it.

A trip down memory lane

When I was little, my dad (a single dad at the time) would take me to our local theme park every year on Father’s Day. It was our little getaway. There were never any lines because no dad wanted to be in a tiny little theme park on Father’s Day but my dad did.

We did this for about a decade. Every year he would half-jokingly and half-seriously say he was going to make me go on the bungee jump with him; one year we got close, we made it all the way to the harnesses and I chickened out.

So, fast-forward about 10 years, when I was in my mid-20s, it was Father’s Day and I told my dad I was taking him on a surprise outing. He had no idea. I took him to the theme park and walked him right up to the bungee jump and bought two tickets.

We had SO. MUCH. FUN. He’s just the best god damn dad in the world and he made my otherwise shitty childhood so wonderful. Nothing is as precious to me as those memories and now we have another one from after we are both adults.

I guess taking your dad on a trip down memory lane, especially if it involves a bungee jump is one idea that could potentially have some surprising results.

Taking him out for a few (dozen) drinks

three men dancing

Or take him dancing, how good is your dad dancing?

I mean, be a friend with your dad for a day. Take him out for a drink like you and your friends do. Take him to your favorite bar, introduce him to your favorite drink. Talk to him about how your life is going lately. Thank me later if you and your dad get closer after this.


Not just barbecue, do some dad things with dad. Doing things that makes your dad happy is the key to success on Father’s day. Stereotypically dads love barbecue. We all know that stereotypes are always very accurate and people never really deviate. Trust me. 

Give your dad a "dad joke pass"

dad making dad joke by text

Give your dad an opportunity to tell his jokes all day long. My mom had once given my dad a “dad joke pass”, and I think it’s a good idea to share with y’all.

Never had I cringed so much nor laughed to a point I almost passed out in my life for a day. For a single day your father has unlimited power.

Get your dad a box full of little things

a paper bag with ‘’better than nothing" printed

This is a brilliant idea if you’re short on budget, give your dad a box full of little things that you wrapped, so they were all surprises.

Cashews and/or mixed nuts, Heath Bars, Necco wafers, butter rum Lifesavers, the BIGGEST Hershey’s bar I could find, peanut M&Ms, GOOD ground coffee, things like that.

Trust me, Nuts are dad things, just like dad jokes or barbecues.

Finally, write up a postcard to your dad.


Here are some ideas:

  • I have so much respect for you.
  • I have learned so much from our conversations.
  • Without your wisdom and guidance, I’d be lost.
  • You taught me how to be strong and kind.
  • You always make me feel special.
  • I’m super grateful that I have you as my dad.
  • No matter how old I get, I will never stop needing you.
  • You deserve an award for all your hard work.
  • Well done, Dad! Because of you, I turned out awesome.
  • Even when you don’t say a word, I learn a lot of things from you.
  • You are a leader like no other. That’s why our family is strong.



If people have any questions, anything they’d like to say or discuss, please feel free to drop a comment in the comment section.

Thank you, again, for the incredible amount of patience to read through this painfully long post.


Have a nice Father’s day!

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