A Comprehensive Buying Guide for a Portable Laptop Stand

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A woman facing her laptop set up on a portable laptop stand

Work more efficiently on your laptop with the most suitable laptop stand. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose one.

Are you suffering from sore neck and back pain for so long every time you work on your laptop? Especially when you have deadlines, you ignore the pains to finish off your tasks. You tend to focus your eyes on the screen and get closer to see the details clearly. And you do this all while bowing your head for a long time that later on results in neck fatigue.

A portable laptop stand is the key to ending all your pains. How? By giving you the comfort you wish you had a long time ago when using your laptop. We took time to gather all the necessary details you need to know before you decide to finally buy a laptop stand.

Table of Contents

What is a Portable Laptop Stand?

A portable laptop stand provides optimal solutions to uncomfortable laptop use. It elevates your laptop till you are satisfied with the height that reaches your eye level. The material used is often the sturdy, high-quality aluminum alloy that keeps its life last for years.

A sample of portable laptop stand

Image Source: Lamicall

Since it is portable, you can carry it everywhere you want, be it on the desk, in a resto, or at your dining table. It is lightweight and foldable, too, so it is easy to pack and bring during travels. Just put it inside your bag, and you are good to go.

How Does a Portable Laptop Stand Work?

A portable laptop stand works in many ways. You may do your tasks such as typing and browsing while standing or if you want to transfer from your desk down to your coffee table. The features of this wonderful product will give you what comfortable working means.

A man facing his laptop that sits on a portable laptop stand

Image Source: Lamicall

It elevates your laptop based on your desired position.

Some people love working while standing, especially if they want to stretch a little from long hours of sitting on their office chairs. With the use of this stand, working on your laptop while standing is possible. You get your relaxing spot while keeping your good posture as well.

It keeps your laptop cooler to avoid overheating.

It keeps your laptop cooler to avoid overheating.
We all know that frequent heating, or rather, overheating of your laptop, may lead to damage. A portable laptop stand would help you save your computer from possible risks like this. Investing in a laptop stand would not hurt that much compared to buying a new laptop, right?

It eases relocating your device from one place to another.

The lightweight feature of a portable laptop stand allows you to transfer your laptop anywhere you find most comfy for you. Your working mood sometimes is affected by what you see in the environment. With the laptop stand you bring with you, you can adjust its height according to what suits your line of vision and your convenient state.

It allows you to move the laptop up to your eye level.

Long hours of working on your laptop may lead to serious health problems, especially regarding your posture. A portable laptop stand will not give you neck fatigue from bowing down too much to meet the monitor screen. Thus, it corrects your posture in the long run and lets you work comfortably, even for an extended period.

Features of a Portable Laptop Stand

As mentioned above, a portable laptop stand is handy; you can bring it anywhere you want to. Going on travels need this type of laptop stand, so the comfort does not just end at the four corners of your home or your office. Here are some of the features you would not miss when you acquire a portable laptop stand.

A woman holding a pencil and using her laptop within her eye level

Image Source: Lamicall

Portability and Lightweight

Bringing a laptop stand does not need to strain you from its weight. With the newest designs coming out today, portable laptop stands have a lighter weight compared to other types. Thus, it keeps the stand easy to carry in every place you want to go to. Its portability helps you get away from the clutter on your desk, too, as you can easily fold it and keep it inside your drawer when not in use.

Ergonomic Design

Most of the products nowadays apply ergonomics design to keep up with the changing technology we have now. Portable laptop stands adopt this idea, allowing people to have their desired position or angle in viewing their gadgets, mainly laptops. It helps you work while standing if you are tired of sitting all day. Adjusting it to the height favorable to you lowers screen glare that causes eye strain and neck pain.


Aside from the fact that a portable laptop stand lifts your laptop to your preference, you can also use it for other things like holding your books or other gadgets such as tablets. Its height is adjustable so that you can elevate your laptop through the stand’s flexible arms. Also, when we say flexible, it can be used too for other brands of laptops and even tablets, gaining compatibility.

Heat Dissipation

Again, the laptop’s overheating is a no-no. That is why the design of this stand is designed to keep the laptop cooler. You would not want to compromise its performance just because of heat that could possibly ruin your device. Most of the laptop stands today have ventilation features to keep the airflow on the laptop.

Benefits of a Portable Laptop Stand

Placing your laptop on the desk while working would mean having to look at it downwards. You focus on it without minding that you have been doing it for an extended period. Soon you would experience neck fatigue, followed by back pain and also your shoulders. But with a portable laptop stand, these cases will not happen.

A woman facing her laptop on a portable laptop stand with her coffee at the side

Image Source: Lamicall

It increases productivity.

You work faster and more efficiently when you feel comfortable at work doing your laptop tasks. Using a portable laptop stand improves your productivity as you are less likely to experience body aches. You would not be distracted by discomfort, which often leads to shifting your seat, thus decreasing accuracy and speed.

It fixes your posture.

Say goodbye to hunching over your laptop’s screen while doing your tasks. Upon placing your computer over the stand, you can adjust the height in line with eye level. It would be much convenient if you had an external keyboard, so your back remains in contact with your chair. This way, you keep your posture in shape and relax your back while working. Also, your eyes would be a little far from the screen glare, protecting your vision in the long run.

It prolongs your laptop’s lifespan.

More and more laptop stands offer ventilation features, which is an advantage that you must grab. Why? It protects your laptop from overheating. Keeping your laptop cooler for a whole day of work ensures its longevity. With the hefty price a high-end laptop incurs, it is pretty much an excellent decision to invest in a portable laptop stand to save money.

It protects your device from mess and spills.

Since this laptop stand works as a dedicated spot for your laptop, you can expect that your computer is safe from dirt and spills. Usually, you tend to put a cup of coffee on your table when you work or even eat at the desk where your laptop is. It might spill and may damage your device if not removed quickly. Besides, the mess or dirt will not easily touch your computer if it is elevated from the surface.

It helps you work comfortably during travels.

It is great to know that this type of laptop stand can still help you even if you’re out of the home. With its lightweight and flexible design, you can simply put it inside your bag before traveling and using it to your destination. Truly efficient!

How to Use a Portable Laptop Stand

Using a portable laptop stand is easy. You may figure out how to use it even without a manual as the design is user-friendly. Choose the most suitable portable laptop stand based on your preference. Consider, too, where and how you are going to use it. The two most popular types are the “Z Frames” and the accordion-style.

Z Frame

Some designs only require you to unfold it upwards from its tucked position until it forms the figure “Z.” This is the Z Frame type of portable laptop stand. Pull up the upper plate from the base plate, then raise it to a slant position. Put the laptop over that plate. The stopper will prevent it from slipping.

Dimensions of a portable laptop stand

Image Source: Lamicall

Accordion Style

Some designs just need to pull both sides to the specified figure (like an “X” on the center). It is the accordion style that turns into a narrow stick after use. There are stoppers to fix it and prevent it from sudden detachment while your laptop is onboard.

An accordion style portable laptop stand

Image Source: Purple Tag

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Laptop Stand

With this buying guide, we listed down the things you must consider before choosing the laptop stand that will cater to your needs. It must be durable and highly flexible to make your work convenient.

A woman with correct sitting position while using a laptop stand

Image Source: Ergonomic Trends

Brand & Quality

Most high-end brands use only high-quality materials that are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. Aluminum alloy is considered the top-most material that a laptop stand should possess. Besides that, there must be minimal plastic material as it cracks earlier than expected. A portable laptop stand is often transferred from one place to another or even thrown at the luggage when in a hurry. Always look for trusted brands and read some customer reviews to know what brand is the most durable.


Yes, we know that portable laptops stands are flexible, but one must also be adjustable in terms of height and angle adjustment. It should complement any surface top so that you can bring it anywhere. Its tilting feature will provide you with a better viewing angle and a comfortable position for your laptop keyboard. The goal is to keep your laptop at eye level and would keep your posture in a good state.


Choose a portable laptop stand that you can use for various laptop sizes. Sometimes it is not all work that you need a laptop stand, so it would be advantageous to buy the type that you can use for tablets, iPads, and even books.

Ergonomic Design

A laptop stand with a good ergonomics design will help you maintain your good posture. It is essential as your health is at stake if you continue to hunch over your laptop all the time. There are types that you can use while you stand and work on your computer at the same time. That is ergonomics, doing functional designs to bring comfort to everyday living. Choose the one that will suit your need.


Of course, everyone wants high quality but also gives concern on the price of the product. But do not worry as you can still find the best value for your money. Be mindful of the quality and portability while finding affordable ones by checking out customers’ testimonials. Do not spend too much on fancy-looking laptop stands that cost higher.

Best Portable Laptop Stands

There are various brands of portable laptop stands available today, but it might be hard for you to find the one suitable for you. We listed three of the brands you can choose that earned 5-star ratings.

LAMICALL offers ergonomically designed portable laptop stands that are lightweight, sturdy, flexible, and have a cooling effect on laptops. Its more than ten years of experience in the industry prove its worth as a dependable brand when it comes to phone and laptop accessories. It has earned 4 to 5 stars in ratings, giving you a glimpse of how reliable this product is.

Lamicall portable laptop stands

Image Source: Lamicall

  • Its material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that can last a long time.
  • Because it is lightweight, you can carry it everywhere, especially during travel.
  • It is compatible with various sizes of laptops.
  • It is height adjustable, so you do not need to dock lower on your laptop, keeping your body safe from neck and back pains.
  • It has an anti-scratch silicone that protects your laptop.
  • Its ventilation design is perfect for preventing your laptop from overheating.
Lamicall product configuration

Image Source: Lamicall

OMOTON Portable Laptop Holder

OMOTON manufactures laptop stands you can carry indoors and outdoors. It is designed especially for those who commute often. Its ratings proved that it is one of the trusted laptop stand brands among others.

OMOTON Portable laptop stand

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is portable and foldable so that you can bring it everywhere.
  • Its height and angle are adjustable to your desired viewing position.
  • It has an ergonomic design catered to keep your posture in food shape.
  • It also has a ventilation feature to prevent laptops from overheating.
  • It has sturdy materials using aluminum alloy.
  • It has silicone pads to prevent scratches.

SHELCONE Portable Laptop Stand

SHELCONE uses ergonomic design and sturdy materials. It is great for indoors as well as outdoors. It earned great rates too, hence, featuring its dependability at all times. The collapsible design allows you to carry it everywhere and keep it inside your bag upon leaving.

Shelcone Portable Laptop Stand

Image Source: Amazon

  • Its ergonomic design delivers laptop stands that will correct your posture to help minimize neck fatigue and back pain.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is adjustable to meet your desired angle.
  • It has a ventilation feature to avoid overheating on your laptop.
  • It is compatible with most laptop sizes.

Where to Buy a Portable Laptop Stand

Almost all products nowadays are available in eCommerce stores, so it would not be a burden where to find a suitable portable laptop stand. You can get the best deals too in physical or official flagship stores. No matter where you buy, you will find out the best one that you think is favorable to you.

Infographics of an online store VS physical store

Image Source: Reckoon

An online shop of a particular brand offers a wide array of choices. From there, you can already sight the specs you need as well as how to order, FAQs, and if there is an available warranty offered. For example, Lamicall online shop. It has a vast collection of laptop stands as well as other accessories you may be interested in purchasing.

On the other hand, online shopping platforms have plenty of suppliers, so you can select which one you think ranked the most. The customers’ testimonials will act as proof of a product’s quality. Most people tend to buy a product based on reviews. They also offer a replacement for defective products within 30 days.

In a physical store, you can see the actual product on displays or just after you ask for it from a sales assistant. They will also answer your queries and walk you through the purchase. Aside from that, they can explain other vital instructions or even demonstrate how a product works. However, there are stores that have limited stocks for specific brands and may not display numerous variations. Hence, you need to shop around to find what you are looking for.


Buying a portable laptop stand is an investment that everyone must consider. It does not just help you become efficient and productive at work. Moreover, it enables you to maintain a good posture. Never compromise your health over your tasks. Thus, select the best type of portable laptop stand that will work for you. You can find ergonomically designed laptop stands that guarantee high quality at the right price.

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