Phone Stands for Statues

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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There are so may famous statues in the world, can you imagine what cellphone holders they would use if they were born now? Read this article to get an idea!


STATUE OF LIBERTY— I’m too tall. I got neck pain for I always look down at my mobile phone.

Recommend products: Lamicall gooseneck Mobile Phone Holder.

Recommend Reason: The Goose neck arm is long enough to be adjusted to different height and the gooseneck clamp can be mount to many places. You could relax your neck and choose a comfortable position when you using it to watch your phone/tablet.


THE THINKER— They said I looked as if I was looking at my phone on the toilet. Is there a way to make me look cool.

Recommend products: Lamicall foldable Cell Phone stand

Recommend Reason: You could stretch your back and put the phone on Lamicall T phone stand. That would be much cooler. If you want to shrink into yourself and go on thinking, you could fold it too.


VENUS OF MILO— HELP! How to watch video on tablet without hands. contact me ASAP if you know the answer.

Recommend products: Lamicall A Phone stand

Recommend Reason: No need to hold your device all the time, Lamicall frees your hands when you watch video. And A1 stand is big and stable enough for even big tablet.


THE SPHINX— I Have been crouching here for thousands of years.  B-O-R-I-N-G.

Recommend products: Lamicall S1 phone stand

Recommend Reason: S+tablet+Youtube, the best way to kill time. Besides, even time goes by, the stand which made of high quality aluminum never rust.


HERMAPHRODITUS— Addicted to bed. Are there any activities suitable for me?

Recommend productsLamicall Phone Stand for Bed.

Recommend Reason: Lazy phone holder is not only perfect for bed, but also perfect for lazy buddy.

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