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Lamicall Phone Ring Holder, Simple Yet Effective.

Putting a phone ring on the back of your phone is a joyful way to customize your cell phone and keep it in control while you’re using it. With a phone ring holder stuck onto the back of your phone, it not only offers you a firm grip but also serves as a kickstand when you’re watching a video or having a conference.

Most phone rings are made with stainless steel, a lightweight piece of metal, and the ideal choice for adventurous or clumsy individuals.

Why Buy a Lamicall Cell Phone Ring Holder?

High-Quality Material

Construction matters. Dive deep to the detail page, find out what it’s made of. Good quality ring holders are usually made of stainless steel, which makes them smooth and sturdy.
Even if you’re not hoping to pass these things down to your grandchildren, It never hurts to get one that will hold up till your phone retires.

Variety Sizes

The ring size must suit your needs. If it’s too big, your fingers keep sliding out. It may also cover the camera. If it’s too small, your finger won’t fit. Choose one that suits you. I found that out the hard way, so you don’t have to. Really. Lamicall offers two sizes of phone ring holders just for your needs. If you have small hands, choose RS03.


Make sure you get a ring holder that operates smoothly side to side. A smooth, rotating ring stand will make your life much easier!
You should be able to use the ring holder as a kickstand in both landscape and portrait modes. If the ring holder is compatible with magnetic car phone mounts, you should make sure it works with yours.

Strong 3M Adhesive

A strong adhesive is needed to attach the ring holder to your phone. A low-quality adhesive will lead to fall-offs; damaging your precious phone is the last thing you want.
Lamicall never budgeted our adhesive, NO COMPROMISEs. Your ring holder will stay in place as where you want it to be.


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
You may find thousands of cheap ring holders, but they might not be durable and may even damage your phone. Think of every penny you spend as an investment in your life! Lamicall made the most quality product at a reasonable price.

Wide Compatibility

Lamicall phone ring holder is suitable for almost every type of phone (4-8 inches ) in the market. But your phone needs to have a relatively flat back surface for the adhesion to snap on.


A phone ring holder is a gadget that allows you to use your phone with one hand and also serves as a kickstand for your phone. You can easily snap selfies, send emails, scroll through the news, and watch videos on your phone with one hand or even hands-free.

Ring phone holder is not a sticker that can be repetitively removed and put on. That way, the exact position you put on the ring holder is essential. Right down in the middle? It depends, and everybody’s different.

To choose the right place, consider the following features:

  • Your phone size
  • Your hand size
  • Your camera position
  • Your fingerprint lock position
  • Your habits

After that, there are multiple positions for your to put on your phone ring:

  • Right in the middle
  • Lower-middle position
  • Lower sided position
  • Upper middle position
  1. Don’t peel off the sticker on the ring holder and put the ring on the middle finger of your dominant hand.
  2. Hold the mobile phone with your dominant hand, find the most comfortable position, and mark it with a pen that can be erased. If you don’t want to cover the logo or fingerprint lock, avoid them.
  3. Peel off the sticker and stick the ring holder to the phone according to the mark and erase the mark.
    Go through these three steps, and you’ll find the best location to stick your ring holder.

Here’s a full tutorial on how to remove your phone ring holder with a toothpick.


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