Best Phone Holder Manufacturers Of 2022

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Phone Holder

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Nowadays, we are not just using them for making phone calls but also for doing multiple things.

Although your phone is complete on its own, you can make it better by adding accessories to it. Lamicall smartphone holder lends stability to your phone. And holding it would be very manageable, especially when you are finishing off some work.  

You can also watch videos on the smartphone simultaneously, along with other things. But from where do you buy this worthwhile accessory? Let us get to know about it through this article.

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Best Manufacturers Of Smartphone Holders All Across the Globe

Phone Holder

Source: Lamicall

Considering the elements, Lamicall is well-known for designing phone stands and headsets. This brand offers leading-notch merchandise that benefits digital gadgets like cell phones, laptops, palmtops, and tablets. This merchandise further nurtures and supports its users while complying with technical structures.

Lamicall products are well-recognized for their design with precise technology and components. It is a user-oriented label that concentrates on the wants of the buyers. It became a T20 commodity product with variants of all categories. Ten years of hard work enabled them to establish a brand name from the bottom. It has a hard-earned reputation.

Nowadays, this brand is rebuilding and making up digital accessories like cell phones and notepads. So, no one can disavow the product and conclude that quality is not admirable. Furthermore, the online sales services provided by the company enabled it to surpass nearly 80 nations across the globe. As per the market report, Lamicall has a ten million buyer base. 


  • The phone mounts can move across a 360° expanse. 
  • These possess a credible and robust alloy source and comprise a locking tool.
  • The device inside the phone holder enables you to launch and eliminate the phone holder in a single hand. 
  • The phone holders are suitable for hands-free working and navigation. 
  • You can safely put the phone in the cup holders while steering the vehicle.
Phone Holder

Source: Amazon 

Working under the CEO named Bjorn Spilling, this brand moved to the USA and established itself as ProclipUSA in 1983. Lately, this firm prevailed in Wisconsin. From then, this company evolved as an undivided importer of its firm Proclip USA. They deliver modern and advanced appliance mounting solvents. They export their stocks all over continents such as North America and South America. 

The first chain of commodities designed by the company targeted the automobile manufacturers. They provide products, such as taximeters, radio with two-way communication, and mobile phone holders primarily made to conserve the dashboard.They offer multiple mounting antidotes for saleable devices like tablets and smartphones. 

The product distribution system ranges from fleet to the industries, then from the production rooms to storage houses. Furthermore, ProclipUSA delivers products that come in the range of waste removal, healthcare, and martial institutions. This brand also works for the interest of public defense and more. They propose ingenious layouts and circulate civil security and understanding among people.


  • For designing the phone holders, they use distinguished EVa technology. 
  • These phone holders give responses even to smartphone fingerprints. 
  • Their waterproof phone holders comprise zippers that ensure the rainwater does not permeate your pouches, suitcases, or folders. 
  • Their rearview phone mounts safeguard your valuable smartphones from liquid and distinct unwanted weather components.
Mountain Bike Phone Holder

Source: Amazon

Technology firm Shenzhen Zhonghenghua is a plastic molding company and a prominent manufacturer from China. They are generously known, especially for waterproof phone holders. This brand possesses a cumulative wealth of about 100,500,000 countrified China currency and currently functions with associates like Anhui, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. These associates ship equipment and appliances for prominent labels like Brother Industries, Konica, and Minolta.

Shenzhen Zhonghenghua manufactures state-of-the-art attractive and regular phone holders for day-to-day use. Further, this firm possesses a partnership with Xiaomi Technology, Beijing, and several multifunctional printers. This brand also produces conventional Chinese trademarks such as Thermo Fisher. This trademark hustles in trading and fabricating action cameras and waterproof smartphone holders. 


  • All phone mounts come with a touch screen. 
  • Further, their products hold more than 90% sensitivity.
  • Also, some of their commodities come with a base density of about 0.3 mm. 
  • Moreover, the best part of their products is that you can use the phone for making calls without grabbing it out from the holder.
Phone mount

Source: Adobe Stock

8 arrived in Shenzhen in 2018. It came to be the manufacturing and developer headquarter of the wireless-charging business. Despite wireless charging, this company is also famous for producing wireless phone holders. When you buy other e-commerce websites, the merchandise comes to you by traveling through retailer buyers and commission agents. Due to that, its price will be more than nearly ten to fifteen times more than the manufacturer’s price. 

However, when you buy through 8, factories personally deal with customers and provide them with commodities at factory prices. It not only encourages the reduction of the cost proposed by various manufacturers. 

It also contributes substantial advantages to ultimate buyers. The brand also provides dutiful waterproof phone holders that received great acclaim for their pricing and diversity. Whether it is a wireless phone charger adaptor or iPhone mount, has got you covered. It is one of the leading reliable Chinese phone mount manufacturers that export digital appliances all over the Northern and Eastern hemispheres. 


  • These products integrate the characteristics of wireless technology with the waterproofing attribute.
  • The maximum output power that these products are up to 15 watts.
  • The phone mounts that this brand provides can charge the device up to forty times faster. 
  • These company devices are compatible with Samsung Note Series, Huawei, Sony, iPhone, and LG phones. 
  • Some of the holders come along with a gripping cup and deliver a height-adjustable view.

Benefits of Using Smartphone Holders

Phone Stand

Source: Lamicall 

A phone holder, as you know, makes you coordinate and enables you to take a break. Phone holders can help you a lot in maintaining safety and cleanliness. Also, they can work for you in making everything comfortable and productive. Following are the privileges that purchasing phone mounts provide to you when you buy them:

It could be an exhausting experience for you to hold your smartphone up to see a movie or video. Approximately smartphones can weigh up to 0.3 pounds. So, in that case, your hands and neck will praise you when you hold your gadget on the holder. 

You can use GPS for tracking your location on the highways that you can do without picking up the phone. Also, this commodity can make traveling for you hassle-free by showing routes, directions on the phone. You are only required to position your GPS receiver in the holder and start exploring!

When you buy a cellphone holder, there will be no need to look each time on your phone while doing work or at school. That can save up to your five hours of productivity that will get lost otherwise. A phone holder can keep helping you to focus more on the assignment at hand.

When you have less debris on your table, you can spot your phone. Also, there will be fewer chances of losing it under the notepads, files, and other job supplies.

A holder could be relevant to you when you are exploring the roadways. Nearly 1.6 million collisions occur every year because of mobile phone usage. When you keep your cell phone away from you while driving, you can safely reach your destination.

Why And Where To Buy Lamicall Phone Holders?

Phone Holder

Source: Lamicall 

Lamicall is one of the leading providers of quality phone holders. If you want to buy their extremely versatile and durable products, you can go ahead and use their website to make a purchase. The prices are not too steep so you can make an investment to get all the value for your money. 

Let us tell you why we recommend Lamicall phone holders above all the other options in the market. It is a reliable brand with each product exceeding expectations. It allows for optimum comfort and performance which also increases comfort with continues use. Hands free application and durability make their phone holders the best. We recommend Lamicall for their secure grip to keep our phones safe all the time. 

Final Verdict

Picking a phone holder or mount is somehow a confidential process. And the verdict always rests with the buyer. However, we have discussed some of the most popular smartphone mount choices in detail with you. You can select a phone holder that is perfect for you while keeping in mind the benefits you could accumulate from it. 

We hope you find this article helpful. Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. Also, share this article with your buddies and let them know about the varied benefits of this innovation.

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