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Lamicall is much more than a brand name,It’s our philosophy as a company and as team: Bring you a simple and comfortable life. Lamicall also sounds like“Let Me Call”,and there is a story in it.

lamicall story

I am Daniel, the founder of Lamicall brand. I am a big fan of Chinese KongFu Tea and I like to share interesting things happened around me with my family and friends, especially my grandpa who brought me up, while I am cooking the tea.

lamicall story

My grandpa is too old to live alone in the big city,so he moved to the countryside when he was retired.We contact each other via FaceTime. We often talked for a long time and it was difficult for him to hold the phone for that long.He tried to use a mug to keep the phone stand,but the phone would be easy to slip down the cup wall.

lamicall story 5

One day,after my grandpa had washed clothes,a good idea just came into his mind when he was picking up a hanger.He bent the hanger’s wings to a 90 degree angle and then bent the hook downward.Now he can make his phone stand with his masterpiece and talk with me as long as possible with his hands free.

lamicall story-6

Grandpa’s great idea and his original version of phone holder inspired me.In order to extend his invention,I started to draw the blue print of my first product and that’s the S-stand.This product had made it easier for a lot of people to make phone call or video chat since it appeared on the market.

lamicall story-7

Until now I am constantly improving the details of the Lamicall phone holder.That is to fulfill the concept of “Lamicall:Let Me Call” ,let’s use cell phone stand to narrow the distance between us and those who we cared about and deliver love.

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