NOT-TO-DO List for Christmas

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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The mornings are a tad bit cooler and we are longing for sweater weather. The holidays are almost around the corner. Everywhere you look, there are signs of Christmas to come. As we gear up for a fast paced Christmas holiday, we wanted to share a NOT-TO-DO list for Christmas with you.

Don't make yourself a hectic schedule

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I think everyone had experienced some degree of “Hectic Christmas”. There are Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, greeting cards, holiday celebrations and more. Even some parents need to pretend to be Santa Claus. We put so much on our plate to accomplish, that we forget to really relax and enjoy the holidays.

Maybe you could just stop for a while and take time for yourself. Sink deeply in the  sofa or throw yourself on bed with a nice movie right here in your sight, of course, with the help of Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder.

Don't sweat in the kitchen

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Speak of Christmas dinner, there must be a lot of great food appeared in your mind, hot chocolate, apple pies, mixed nuts, and roast turkey, etc. Oh…I can imagine the fuss in your kitchen. There are 2 things that could help you. The first one is a Christmas menu, and the other one is a Lamicall Tablet Stand. There is no need to hurry to looking for recipes, just follow the video recipes while cooking.

Don't touch the phone

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Our favorite Christmas memory would have to be the family time we spent together, shouldn’t be spent on your phone. So, “Don’t touch the phone” is a great rule for everyone to follow during holiday get-together. But for most phone potatoes,this rule is difficult to follow. Thanks to Lamicall phone stands, you could put your phone away on the phone stand, and enjoy your family time without the distraction of social media.

Don't miss the family photo

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Staying fit during the holidays when food and drinks abound is quite difficult. Gaining a few pounds after enjoying those decadent Christmas desserts is often inevitable. You may know that “Keep” is a popular social fitness app, but you may don’t know that Lamicall phone stand matches Keep perfectly. Let’s move on Christmas holiday and say goodbye to holiday fat.

Above all, we’ve shared so much NOT-TO-DO List for Christmas. Last but not least, don’t forget to pick Lamicall as Christmas gift.

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