5 Best Nintendo Switch OLED Holders

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Nintendo switch oled

Hurray! Nintendo released their Nintendo switch OLED a few days ago. There are more than enough comments about their display; I am not going to talk about OLED and LCD and stuff. One thing that surprises me is that Nintendo finally decided to improve the kickstand. I like their attitude, but a kickstand is still not enough for me! Who wants to bear down their heads all the time? I am here to recommend my top 5 Nintendo Switch OLED holders that raise up your device for a better gaming experience.

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Adjustable Nintendo Switch OLED Riser

Lamicall offers one of the most efficient Nintendo Switch OLED stands. It allows you to prop up your Switch from 7 inches to 9.6 inches (180mm to 244mm). And you can adjust the viewing angle from 90° to 45° by simply tiled the holder with one hand. Lamicall DT04 is compatible with most iPhone and Android models, phones and tablets, and of course, your Nintendo Switch OLED. It carries a strong base and rubber feet for a better grip. What’s more, the stand is available in two colors – Black and While.

Small tip: The gadget is more extensive than you think since DT04 is large enough to hold an iPad Pro. So If you prefer a relatively smaller stand, DP02 will be the better choice.

Versatile Nintendo Switch OLED Holder

One of my all-time favorites, not just because of its minimalistic aesthetic, but also its legit functionality. This smallholder can be folded into a small chunk of metal that fits into your pocket. By adjusting the degree of folding, you can set your Nintendo Switch OLED to different angles and heights. DP01 was made of solid aluminum alloy with an intelligent design; it looks a lot pricey than it is. Also, there are two colors options – silver and black.

Durable Nintendo Switch OLED Holder

Gooseneck holders are no longer a piece of new these days. But the durability of goose neck gadgets never fades. Sometimes you are in an awkward position, or you simply want to lie on your bed face up and play a game simultaneously. Lamicall Gooseneck holder LS04 will help you in these situations! Every time I use it, I am so impressed by its extreme durability. The goose neck is soft enough to bend yet strong enough to hold your Nintendo Switch OLED at the same time. LS04 comes in two colors – black and white.

Tallest Nintendo Switch OLED Holder

When I say tallest, I mean literally tallest. This floor stand is up to 63 inches tall; yes, it’s a floor stand that stands on the floor. I know you’ve been enjoying your time in the bathtub watching Netflix. But have you tried playing Matroid in your bathtub? Trust me, and it feels as exciting as it sounds. With the extremely sturdy and heavy base, you won’t need to worry about your device falling into the water.

Affordable Nintendo Switch OLED Stand

There we go, the all-time best-selling Lamicall product. This stand educated many people that they need a holder to prop up their electronic devices. S2 is the primary angle adjustable holder with a quality design that does the job. If you cannot decide which gadget to get for your Nintendo Switch OLED, the first thing you should get is an S2 stand. You will not be disappointed by its solid quality. There are two color options – black and silver. Classic stuff.
Thanks for reading this article. I really hope you enjoyed it. See you in another day, fam!

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