Moft Phone Stand Review 2022

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moft phone stand review 2022 banner

The MOFT X is a smartphone stand. But what makes it different from an iPhone ring or a PopSocket? They’re all just attachments that go on the back of your phone to provide you a better grip when holding it and also serve as a kickstand for watching videos.

However, there is one drawback: they’re not really attractive (and they could get snagged in your pockets if you’re wearing those tight jeans).

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Phone Stand

things to consider before buying a phone stand

Image Source: Pinterest

Despite the fact that this list contains the finest phone supports we could locate for sale, their usage and appropriateness will still be determined by your phone, where you want to use it, and how you intend to use the stands. Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind while shopping for a phone stand to get the most bang for your cash.

Compatibility of Phones

Not all phone stands are made equal, especially in terms of how they “hold” your phone and their size. Keep in mind the size of your phone in relation to the size of the “holding” area of your selected phone stand. Grip-type stands, if overly large, may cause your phone to tumble due to its looseness. “Lock or hook” phone holders, on the other hand, depend on gravity to keep the phone in place. If the phone stand base isn’t correctly secured, a little backboard might cause your phone to tumble back.


This criteria is determined by how large or tiny the phone holders are for the location they will be used in. Some phone supports may only be used on solid flat surfaces, while others can be clipped to table edges and sides. Ensure that your phone supports are secure; otherwise, the phone and the stand may fall and be harmed.

Material and Construction Quality

Knowing the material and construction quality of your selected phone stand might be the difference between a long-lasting item and a cheap broken one, and it’s one of the most difficult factors to identify. Although most phone stands are constructed of plastic, there are variances in the hardness and appropriateness of different types of plastic. Hard ABS plastics are normally resistant to regular wear and tear, although they are prone to cracking when struck. Sheets of aluminum or other metals are used to support the framework of other phone stands.

Now that you’ve done that, we hope you’ve discovered at least one of these options that fits your phone and lifestyle. Since you’re looking at phone stands, you may as well go completely hands-free with your phone. To assist you, we’ve compiled two lists: one for the best Bluetooth keyboards and the other for the best true wireless headphones!

Review of Moft Phone Stand

moft phone stand banner

Image Source: Amazon

The MOFT X Phone Stand attaches to the rear of your phone and serves as a kickstand. They’re not only stylish, but they also have room for cards on the stand! They also provide additional benefits, of course.

Pros and Cons of MOFT X Phone Stand


  • Sturdy design
  • Can stand in landscape and portrait mode
  • Simple but with elegant design


  • Does not support wireless charging

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 64mm * 105mm * 4.7mm
Weight: 29g
Compatibility: 4.7″ and above

The Build Quality

I appreciate the MOFT team’s choice of materials — the polyurethane fabric and fiberglass feel great to the touch and give it a quality feel.
The card sleeve feels strong and solid, and the folds snap easily into its place.

The Design

Space Grey, Dark Blue, and Midnight Green are the three colors available for the MOFT X Phone Stand. The unit I like is the Space Grey version, which I prefer. The stand’s overall style is quite sleek and basic, and it goes well with any phone with a black back.
Also, since it is just approximately 5mm thick, it does not protrude from the back of your phone, giving the impression that it is one unit with your phone. When you hold your phone, you won’t notice the increased weight since it’s just 29g. That’s why MOFT refers to it as “invisible.”

Features and Benefits

features and benefits banner

Image Source: Amazon

Moft X Phone Stand Product Configuration

Product Dimensions7.1 x 3.3 x 0.3 inches
Item Weight0.01 ounces
Customer Reviews4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Seller Rank#16,515 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories)
#601 in Cell Phone Automobile Cradles
Special FeaturesAdjustable
Other display featuresOffice Product
ColorStarry Grey
Date First AvailableOctober 15, 2019

Stand in both portrait and landscape orientations.

  • That’s correct. You may use the MOFT X Phone Stand to hold your phone in landscape or portrait mode! You receive a 60° angle while standing in both modes, which is ideal for viewing films or referring to things on your phone.
  • And, thanks to the MOFT X Phone Stand’s design, you can easily switch from landscape to portrait mode by just rotating your phone! Without having to make any adjustments, it’s quite handy.

Removable Glue

  • This is another significant selling element. It’s nice to know that you can always delete the phone stand if your alignment is off while pasting it onto the phone. Despite the use of a removable adhesive, the stand maintains a firm and solid grip on the phone. When I took the stand off, it left no marks or scratches on my iPhone or ASUS ZenFone.
  • Note that phones with glass backs, such as the iPhone 8, X, and XS, will need the glass sticker to be applied to the back of the phone before applying the MOFT X.

Card sleeve

  • The stand may also be used as a card sleeve, holding up to three cards. The sleeve is also RFID-protected, so you can leave your cards behind your phone with confidence.

Hand Grip

  • When the stand is folded, it forms a triangle-shaped hole through which you may slide your fingers while holding the phone. This is comparable to the phone ring and PopSocket in idea, both of which aim to provide a more solid grasp when holding your phone.

Magnetic sticker pad

  • A magnetic sticky pad with 3M adhesive is included in the MOFT X Phone Stand kit and may be applied to any surface. You may use magnets to link your phone to the magnetic sticker pad after it’s been put on the surface.
  • When you need to use your phone as a reference while performing duties that need both hands, such as driving or cooking, it comes in useful.

Social Proof

As I scoured down on the internet, I found some user reviews and testimonials of MOFT X Phone Stand from users around the web, which I think can help you decide for your choice.


With many competitive products of car phone holders in the market, we list down here the top 3 competitive products that you can evaluate.

  • Foldable Cell Phone Stand DP01
  • Foldable Cell Phone Stand for Desk DP11
lamicall foldable phone stand DP01 black-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

It's Exactly What You Want

  • Lamicall conducted market research to determine the true demands of consumers, and then designed this completely adjustable phone tablet stand with outstanding stability. A great desktop attachment for watching movies, using Facetime, looking at recipes, and playing games.

Dual-hinge Adjustment

  • Our desk mobile phone stand holder is more stable and durable thanks to hinges that have been rotated 6000 times. Tight hinges make it simple to adjust and remain in place. Furthermore, the phone stand folds up to 4.2′′ x 3.5′′ x 0.98′′ (107 mm 89 mm 25 mm) and may be carried about for vacation and business excursions.

Larger Base, Enhanced Stability

  • Lamicall phone charging station offers sturdy support to retain your devices in the upright position without toppling over like others, thanks to high-quality aluminum alloy and a bigger, heavier base.

Wide range of compatibility

  • This phone stand works with all 4-11 inch smartphones in phone cases, including the iPhone 12 series, Galaxy series, S10, S9, S9 Plus, A71, A51, A11, Edge iPad Mini, 9.7″ iPad / Pro / Air, and other iPad models

Warm Tips

  • For a better experience, please use landscape mode on devices greater than 8″.
Foldable Cell Phone Stand DP11 Silver-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

Upgraded Lamicall 2021 Stand

  • This phone cradle is totally foldable, adjustable to the optimal position, and compact enough to fit into a backpack, purse, or luggage for travel. With these phone accessories, you can enjoy using your phone not just at home, but also at work, in your favorite coffee shop, or even on an aircraft. This is an excellent travel holder.

Wide range of compatibility

  • This holder has a wide range of compatibility including iPhone series, galaxy series, Edge, Note 20 ultra Google Pixel, LG, Nexus, HTC, Huawei

Strong Stability and Anti-Slip

  • The reinforced silicone cover cushion and rubber hook keep the phone securely in place while also protecting it from scratches and slippage. While taping your device, the expanded aluminum counterweight base and anti-slip rubber feet beneath the base make it more stable.

Beautifully constructed

  • The adjustable desktop phone holder lets you modify the device’s tilt to find the most comfortable viewing position. Avoid injuring your back and neck by reducing the amount of time you spend gazing down at your phone screen. You may use your smartphone while charging since the humanized charging connector is reserved.


  • With your hands, you may Facetime with relatives or friends, nibble or dine while watching a Youtube video, search up recipes while cooking, take notes while listening to online lectures, and so on. It’s something you should give a go.


The MOFT X Phone Stand’s main selling feature, in my opinion, is its form factor. With a small form factor and a sleek style, it seems ‘classier’ than a phone ring or PopSocket on the back of my phone. The card sleeve might also be useful for keeping your hotel card accessible when traveling.

However, there are still other holders out there that would suffice any other quality holders in the market. What I recommend here is to click here if you want more latest holders you can trust and use.

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