Complete Buying Guide for Mini Cooper Phone Holders

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sample of a mini cooper phone mount

Do you want to seek the right phone holder for your Mini Cooper? This buying guide will show you the best brands and how beneficial they are to your car.

a phone mount inside a mini cooper

Image Source: The Gadgeteer

Having a Mini Cooper is a luxury that anyone could wish for. With the travels you are about to explore, it is more satisfying with your gadget handy at any moment. But what if you are driving? Indeed, it is unsafe to use and hold your phone while driving. Thus, a phone holder for a Mini Cooper is the right one for you.

In this blog, we discussed the details you will need before buying a phone holder for your Mini. It is indeed helpful to consider things before grabbing a product in the market. Otherwise, you might find the one that won’t meet your quality expectations.

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What is a mini Cooper phone holder?

With numerous phone holder brands you can see on the market and in online shops, there are phone mounts specific to your Mini Cooper. They are just like other phone holders with the same purpose – to securely hold your phone inside your car. However, the designs vary to compliment your Mini’s luxurious style.

sample of a mini cooper phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

How does a mini Cooper phone holder work?

A phone holder is a great way to use your phone hands-free. While driving your luxury car on a trip, you may not avoid accepting calls or messages that you can not look after. (We do not recommend using your phone while driving.) Start using your phone for playing music and calling by turning on the loudspeaker feature. Do voice commands over to Google or Siri, and it will follow your instructions in no time.

Features of a mini Cooper phone holder

Like other branded phone holders in the market, the specific phone holder for Mini Cooper has features that you will enjoy. Depending on the brand and design,


Most phone holders are handy, so they are pretty much easy to install. It promotes convenience. That’s why you will never worry about how to use it. Even the ones that need screws to attach to your car only require a few minutes to do.


If you have multiple gadgets, you can use your Mini’s phone mount as it accommodates different devices within its specified size limit.


Aside from the fact that it can hold your phone, no one would argue how a phone holder serves to comfort you, especially on special trips. Road trips may be tiring and time-consuming, but, you’ll get access faster for information and relaxation with your phone held securely.

Benefits of a mini Cooper phone holder

Mini Cooper phone holders have different attributes that help you in a way more than one. Find out more about the benefits that will make you realize how essential these accessories are to your Mini.

You can use your phone hands-free.

Though your smartphone got the most advanced features, still, you need something to hold it firmly inside your Mini. You can’t utilize your phone while driving and holding it at the same time. Besides, you might encounter accidents if you keep on doing that.

It is affordable and easy to use.

There are a lot of brands that are affordable in the market, so it won’t be challenging to find one. Aside from the easy-to-use factor, you’ll be amazed just how incredible a phone holder can make in your lifestyle.

It can help you navigate your phone easily.

Using your Mini often means bringing your phone too. A phone holder will help you navigate your device at the angles and positions favorable to you. If you are looking for directions, talking to Google on your phone will be accessible while your phone is attached to the holder.

It fits most phone sizes.

Almost all brands feature phone holders that can accommodate sizes specified in their model. They are adjustable, so it would not be a problem. Always look over the features to make sure you got the right one you are looking for.

How to use a mini Cooper phone holder

Car phone holders are easy to use and install. They come with an instruction manual to teach you how to do it. No worries, most of them don’t need a brainer to finish installing. However, it would be much convenient to select the ones that don’t require drilling and other complicated mounting processes. One of these samples is the dashboard-style or vent type of phone mount. Just snap them at those spots, and you’re good to go.

installation process of phone mount for Mini Cooper

Image Source: Amazon

Things to consider when buying a mini Cooper phone holder

When choosing a phone holder for your Mini, it would be wise to consider things first so you won’t settle for anything unbeneficial to you. The following are some of the things you must look for.


Some locations or states have laws that you need to follow when buying a car phone holder. Their number one reason is the obstruction to your driving view that might lead to accidents. Make sure you are aware of these laws in your place.


Of course, who would want a product that is not durable? To learn how a specific product is good quality, look at the customers’ testimonials to know if they are good. Indeed, these reviews help find the ones that you can rely on.


Look for designs that suit your preference. If you want to mount it to your dash, choose the one that fits there. If you are comfortable with phone mounts placed on your vent, choose one that won’t block too much air coming from it.


Finally, the brand makes up a good option too. If you have heard a particular brand that most people are talking about or being advertised, most likely they have high-quality, just like your favorite Nike shoes that have earned a good reputation because of their excellent quality.

Best mini Cooper phone holder

Your Mini needs a phone holder that matches its style. It may be hard to find such with a vast supply you may encounter in different online platforms or in stores. We have here three of them that are rated 4 to five stars in the market. Check them out below.


GTINTHEBOX offers a stylish phone mount for your Mini. It passed a wide range of tests, ensuring its dependability. Also, the package contains a phone holder, a T-shape wrench, mounting screws, and a regular metal holder.

sample of a mini cooper phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

  • It has 360-degree rotation to move to your desired viewing angle.
  • It is compatible with most smartphone sizes from 3.5 to 5.5 inches.
  • It is cradle-less, sturdy enough to hold your phone.
  • It has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • It comes in colors black and gray.

iJDMTOY Phone Mount for Mini Cooper

iJDMTOY phone holder is mounted behind the tachometer, giving your Mini additional style. The black color design matches with the car’s Great British traditions.

a tachometer phone mount for Mini Cooper

Image Source: Amazon

  • It has a bolt-on mount that fits your Mini’s interior.
  • It features a monochromatic design and is made of metal, providing an easy-to-install factor on the back of the speed gauge.
  • It includes screws and a screwdriver in the package.
  • It extends up to 3.35 inches to suit any device.
  • It has a UK flag design, giving you a different vibe in your car’s interior.
  • It is flexible and adjustable, providing a solid grip to hold your phone, which you can angle on any orientation.

Topteng Dashboard Phone Holder for Mini Cooper

Topteng dashboard phone holder is very easy to use as you only need to snap it on. There is no need for extra tools for mounting.

a dashboard phone mount for Mini Cooper

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is durable to keep your phone securely in its hold.
  • It comes in black color.
  • It is lightweight and is made of high-quality materials.
  • It resists rust and prevents colorfast.
  • It is highly reliable, so you are assured that it won’t easily break.

Lamicall: Excellent Choice for a Cellphone Holder

Lamicall has been in the business of creating dynamic accessories for your gadgets to improve your lifestyle. Its more than ten years of experience has been its edge in producing essential products that offer convenience and comfort for people worldwide. Today, its wide array of cellphone mounts in cars provides stability and reliability that other brands can not.

Car Vent Phone Mount black C2-1
air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1
magnet car phone mount c black-1

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It is stable as it uses a strong grip hold to prevent your phone from slipping.
  • It is compatible with most smartphones.
  • It has rubber and silicone pads to protect your device from scratches.
  • It has a 360-degree feature to let you move your device to your desired angle.
  • It uses top-quality plastics and metals to provide sturdiness.
  • It is easy to install so you won’t worry about how long you can attach these phone mounts to your car.

Where to buy a mini Cooper phone holder

Buying a mini Cooper phone mount is not a difficult task. You can buy yours differently, but we will cover the three most prevalent methods below.

You may go to a nearby physical store of the brand you chose or any shopping mall that has Mini cooper phone holders you want. It is an excellent way if you’re going to check the product with your eyes. Of course, anticipate that some models may not be present due to limited stocks and similar situations.

Another way is through eCommerce shops. It has easy transactions, and you can expect that your chosen Jeep phone mount brand has a website that displays and sells its products. You can find a comprehensive set of information about product specifications and stuff by visiting their online stores, such as Lamicall online shop.

On the other hand, there are apps and websites to shop many brands in one place. They are popularly known as online shopping platforms and are an excellent option to know about customer reviews and ratings. Visiting an online shopping platform may help you choose the correct phone mount for your mini Cooper.


Buying the right phone holder for a mini Cooper is a lot easier with a buying guide. Sure, you may do it right away without reading guides, but consider the ease and the assurance so you won’t make a mistake. Get a dependable mini Cooper phone holder from a trusted and legit seller to avoid remorse in the end.

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