5 Best Metal Mobile Holders For Bike In 2022

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Photographed by Anthony Wei
bike phone holder mount bp05

Source: Lamicall

As of now, it is essential to have a durable phone holder for your cell phone. Let’s imagine that you are riding your bike through a rocky road and have to utilize your smartphone simultaneously. In that scenario, there are high chances that either you will fall down or drop the phone down. Both outcomes are not pretty good, which is why it is essential to have a durable metal bike phone holder.

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Best Benefits Of Metal Bike Phone Holders

lamicall Spinning Bike Tablet Holder BT01-1

Source: Lamicall

Here is a brief yet effective list of the benefits of the best phone holder for your bike.

  • The first and foremost benefit is that you can utilize GPS for navigation without carrying the mobile in your hands.
  • As you do not have to hold it with your hands, the metal bike phone holders enhance comfort and convenience
  • Even when riding on a bumpy road, the phone holder will tightly grip and secure your smartphone.
  • You can respond to calls via Bluetooth without removing the phone from the mount
  • It is possible to check messages and notifications when you are on the road.
  • You can make vlog videos or record footage which can help you if in case an accident happens.

Things To Look At Before Buying Metal Mobile Holders For Bike

Tablet Floor Tripod Stand FT02 Black

Source: Lamicall

Here, we have made a list of a few factors you have to definitely consider while planning to acquire a metal mobile phone holder.

1. Materials

Keep in mind to select metal bike phone holders which are made of high-quality and robust materials. Avoid the phone mounts which have poor quality materials.

2. Smartphone Compatibility

As the phone holders come in different models, it is necessary to select the one which shows compatibility with your cell phone and handlebars. You can have a look at the specifications of the product to notice the models the phone holder can fit.

3. Rotation

As of now, several phone mounts for bikes come with a 360-degree rotation feature. Hence, it is best to select a model which can be rotatable so you can change it to landscape and portrait mode.

4. Price And Warranty

While buying the phone mounts, check their price and acquire the model, which is worth the money. Avoid spending more on low-quality phone mounts. Besides that, it is best to have a phone holder that comes with a one or two-year warranty.

Reviews Of The Best Metal Mobile Holders For Bike With Pros And Cons

bike phone mount BM02 black-2

The bike phone holder from Lamicall is the best metal phone stand for various models of bicycles. It shows compatibility with handlebars with a diameter range of 0.6 to 1.18″ (15 to 30mm). Besides that, it can hold smartphones between 4.7 to 6.8 inches in length and up to 15mm in thickness. Because of its adjustability, you can turn the display on both horizontal and vertical screens.

With its special shape, it helps to hold all four corners of your mobile tightly. As it is made of metal, it ensures the high-end safety of your device even if you are riding your bike on a rugged road. This phone mount will secure itself to the handlebar and let you use the mobile during your ride. It has silicone pads, and they assist in keeping your device free from cuts and tremors.

Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions149x91x43.5mm
Product Weight 232g
Model No.BM02
Operating System Android, iOS


  • Phone mount features single-hand operation
  • Supports easy installation without the need of professional tools
  • Easy to carry it everywhere as it is lightweight
  • It has wider compatibility with various smartphones
  • Made of metal and durable phone holder
  • It arrives with a set of four extra silicone pads for a safe grip
  • Features 360-degree rotation so rotate it to every angle
  • Features a one-year full warranty


  • It does not come in any other colors apart from yellow and black
bike phone holder mount bp05

Here is another Lamicall phone holder for bikes that can easily show compatibility with mobile phones that come in between 4.7 to 6.8 inches. For instance, it can fit Samsung Galaxy S10 + S10e S9 S8, Note 9 8 7, Nexus, Oneplus, LG ThinQ, Huawei, latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, and various other Android and iOS smartphones.

It can accommodate cell phones which have thicknesses up to 0.59 inches (15mm). The phone mount comes with a fixed clamp that matches handlebars with a diameter between 0.55 to 1.34 inches (14 to 34mm). With a total weight of 232g and dimensions of 8.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches, it is one of the wide compatibility phone holders.

Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions8.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches
Product Weight 232g
Model No.BP05
Operating System Android, iOS


  • Has an upgraded design, great shape, and is easy to use
  • It supports tool-free and quick installation as well
  • Compatible with different handlebars of bicycles, bikes, strollers, treadmills, and others
  • It gives shockproof protection and protects from vibration
  • Allows you to turn it in horizontal and vertical display
  • The package includes a fixed clamp, phone holder, and user guide


  • Only single color availability and no other color options

3. TACKFORM Metal Motorcycle Mount For Phone

phone holder

Source: Amazon

The phone mount has an aluminum bar clamp which arrives with ABS plastic bushings. You can install this on 7/8″, 1″, and 1-1/8″ handlebars. This universal clamp can wrap around 1.25″ handlebars, and it contains a 3M film to safeguard the bars. Besides that, it can also hold mobiles that have phone cases.

The aluminum coupler configuration gives a flexible and low-profile phone mounting choice. It enables you to make fast adjustments and turn them into various postures. The spring-loaded cradle will clench mobiles up to 3.4″ wide and up to 0.5″ thick. You will get a few extra add-ons in the package, such as an Allen wrench, black silicone sling, and more.


  • It is made of 6061 Machined Aluminum for long term durability
  • Single knob along with ball and socket connection
  • Allows both landscape and portrait phone screen modes
  • It works the best on motorcycles which have typical round bars
  • Single hand operation makes it easy to use
  • Lightweight and available at an affordable price


  • Some users feel that threads on the backside of the clamp are relatively gritty

4. KEWIG Bike Phone Mount

metal phone stand

Source: Amazon

The KEWIG Bike Phone Mount is another durable metal bike phone holder which is made of high-end materials. Despite its reliability, it is a lightweight model and weighs about 10.8 ounces. It has an upgraded design that will not scrape the surface near the camera. It comes with an aluminum alloy handlebar base and allows tool-free installation, making it more functional.

It has shockproof silicone material, which is soft enough not to scratch your phone and protects it from vibrations during your ride. There is a quick-release switch, which will allow you to take your phone out of the mount easily. You will receive a bicycle phone holder, two rubber rings (diameter 22mm, diameter 25.4mm), 80mm tape, and a user instructions manual.


  • It features CNC integral molding and high-quality stainless steel telescopic arm
  • Adjustable mount and has built-in shockproof silicone
  • It can hold smartphones between 4 to 7 inches in length
  • Additional two rubber ring pads offer a better fit to the handlebar
  • It has a 360-degree function and is connected by a spherical universal joint
  • Comes with a one-click mechanical tight locking design


  • Some phone models can not fit in this phone mount

5. Visnfa New Bike Phone Mount

metal phone holder

Source: Amazon

The metal phone mount for bikes shows handlebar compatibility between 0.86 to 1.29 inches (22 to 33mm). It arrives with three rubber washers of different sizes, and you can trim them if needed. In addition to that, it can hold phones which have a length of 4 to 7 inches. This phone mount and handlebar connector are attached using a spherical universal joint.

The bike phone holder has a metal 4 Nylon Eagle Claws, a smooth sponge gasket, security lock switch, coupling nut, new connector, and a set of three adjusting screws. It features easy installation as all you have to do is attach the mount to the handlebar, insert your mobile phone, and close the security lock.


  • It comes with a security lock for extra protection
  • Can be installed quickly without the use of any tools
  • The phone mount is made of durable and reliable materials
  • It is flexible, and you can adjust the phone to any angle
  • The four stainless steel clamp arms support all the corners
  • It features automatic contraction clamp arms


  • A few users reported that the phone mount is unreliable and breaks easily


As you can see, mountain bike phone holders are currently available in various designs, sizes, models and shows different compatibility. Keeping in mind several mobile phone models, we have included cell phone holders that can fit numerous types of smartphones. All the products in this list are reliable, easy to install, offer better grip, and are inexpensive.

If we have to pick one product, our best choice is Lamicall Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02. It surpasses all the required criteria to stand as the best mountain bike mobile phone holder. However, make sure to choose the model that matches your necessities.

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