How to Buy a Magnetic iPad Stand

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Magnetic iPad stand

Getting the right magnetic iPad stand for your use is necessary to keep your productivity at high levels and your posture in good condition. Learn more about buying magnetic iPad stands below.

Magnetic iPad stand

Image Source: Gadgetsin

Are you looking to buy a suitable magnetic stand for your iPad? Your iPad is indeed a great complement to your iMac or other devices when it comes to streamlining your work. Folks who multitask in their job know how helpful iPads are for retrieving information. That’s why finding a suitable magnetic stand for your iPad is essential.

Ensuring that you can have more comfortable viewing access to your iPad is necessary if you want to keep a good posture. This way, you can maintain being in good shape while your performance is held at reasonable rates. Have a look at our comprehensive buying guide for magnetic iPad stands below.

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What is a magnetic iPad stand?

You guessed it. Magnetic iPad stands are essentially mounts or holders, whatever you may call them, that help elevate your device using magnetic plates. As their name implies, this kind of device holder caters to iPads and their numerous variants. Although Apple has their Magic Keyboard that also serves as a mount for iPads, what magnetic iPad stands can bring you has a vaster range of applications.

Magnetic iPad Stand

Image Source: iMore

How does a magnetic iPad stand work?

“Aren’t magnets bad for electronic devices?” – this is a question you might have concerning the use of magnets in this kind of product. It is essential to know that magnets can only bring damage to your device when it is too strong. In this case, magnetic iPad stands have the correct configuration to give a sturdy grip on your iPad while keeping it safe simultaneously.

Magnetic iPad stand showing magnetic force

Image Source: MAGFIT

Magnetic iPad stands make use of the magnet assemblage that comes with specific models of iPads. They have built-in magnets in the products that attract the magnetic mechanism of your device to hold them. Your iPad gets secured in place and does not fall over because the stand’s platform is heavy to maintain its position.

Features of a magnetic iPad stand

When buying your magnetic iPad stand, you would generally want to know about the features that you can take advantage of and if they fit your iPad. These features have connections with the size of your iPad, their sturdiness, adjustability, and many more. Here are some features that come with most magnetic iPad stands.

Showing features of a magnetic iPad stand

Image Source: MAGFIT


There are specific iPad models that this kind of product caters to. For instance, some magnetic iPad stands are most suitable for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, despite there being a size compatibility issue, some magnetic iPad stands can accommodate wide ranges of iPad models, making them a very versatile product.


As mentioned above, magnetic iPad stands use magnets that come in contact with the built-in magnet array of your iPad. This is what primarily holds your device. Another essential component that ensures your iPad is held in place is the platform of the stand itself. Mainly in a rectangular shape, the platform that contacts your desk has considerable weight enough to withstand how heavy your iPad is.


What makes magnetic iPad stands really great is that their tilting angles are easily adjustable. This feature is excellent, depending on your sitting position. For example, you can tilt your iPad backward to have a more accessible view of the content when you are sitting at your desk. What really matters here is that it is up to you on how you can maximize this adjustability feature of your stand.


With all the previously mentioned features combined, the design of magnetic iPad stands can be considered pretty ergonomic. Know that some variants of the product come in taller sizes. By being able to adjust the holder fit to your sitting posture, it can bring you many more benefits that we will discuss up next.

Benefits of a magnetic iPad stand

You’re buying your magnetic iPad stand for a reason, of course. Besides whatever reason you have, there are other benefits you can gain by investing in such a product. Take a look at some of the advantages of magnetic iPad stands.

Magnetic iPad stand’s benefits

Image Source: PROgadgets

Maintaining good posture

Although working and submitting your work on time is essential, the same holds for maintaining good posture. By taking advantage of the ergonomic features of magnetic iPad stands, you can enhance the working position that you may have to keep when doing your job.

Organizing your workspace

You don’t want your iPad lying on the table when not in use. This is because the device takes up a lot of space in your working area, which can make you uncomfortable and unable to do your work correctly. By elevating your iPad, you can free up space and organize your things more manageably.

Easier viewing

It goes without saying that you can have a better viewing perspective of your iPad. Recall that your gadget gets elevated from the table. Moreover, you can make use of the tilting adjustability of the magnetic iPad stand to further enhance your view. This way, you can see the info on your iPad and encode them on your computer without having to hold the said device.

Keeping your iPad safe

Quality magnetic iPad stands have sufficient magnetism mechanisms to ensure that your iPad is held in place. Even if you bring around the stand with your iPad mounted on it, your iPad will remain safe. From another perspective, elevating your device from the table may also protect it from coffee spills and similar situations.

How to use a magnetic iPad stand

When you finally have a magnetic iPad stand of your own, it would take just a few moments for you to learn how you can use it. Pretty intuitively, you must find a steady and safe area on your desk and place your magnetic iPad stand atop it. Then, bring your iPad next to the mount and let the magnetic arrays of both devices do their work. Done!

Things to consider when buying a magnetic iPad stand

Buying a magnetic iPad stand without factoring in some things may result in bad outcomes. For instance, the item may not be compatible with your device. The quality of the holder may also be compromised. Before making the purchase, you may want to consider the following factors.

Featuring one of the things to consider in buying a magnetic iPad stand

Image Source: Magfit


Ask yourself how much money you want to spend on a magnetic iPad stand. This kind of product is, at the end of the day, an accessory for your device. If you are pretty tight when it comes to budget, a magnetic iPad stand may not be for you. Consider your expenses and allocate money.


iPads have different models and units, and so do magnetic iPad stands. Depending on the version of your iPad, a specific stand may correspond to it. Your best option is to canvass the products by visiting online stores and see if your iPad has a compatible one. Visiting physical stores may also be your option, but expect lesser outcomes.


The brand is often a reliable mark to see if products are up to standard quality. In a typical scenario, premium brands and those high-end ones provide high-quality items. Of course, if you have a limited budget, you may opt for less renowned brands, provided that you have tested their quality. Still, the best deals often come from established brands you can find.

Best magnetic iPad stands

Almost every online shopping platform has a vast supply of magnetic iPad stands. We listed down the three brands that gathered 4 o 5 stars in customers’ reviews. This would be a good guide in purchasing.

INVZI Magnetic iPad Stand

INVZI MagFree Magnetic iPad Stand has a magnetic-floating design that provides an excellent experience viewing your iPad during Zoom calls, movies, or video watching. Its almost 5-star rating makes a good impression of its good quality.

INVZI Magnetic iPad Stand

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is adjustable as the hinges allow you to raise your iPad to the best angle favorable to you.
  • It has a bigger and stronger magnetic force to hold your device in shape.
  • It has 36–degree rotating shaft so you can navigate it to your desired angle.
  • It is made of aluminum with a protective pad to avoid scratches and to secure your iPad in place.
  • It has no attached screws.
  • It is compatible with iPad Pro 11 inches to 12.9 inches, iPad Air 4, and iPad Air 10.9 inches.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.

Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand

Lululook is an excellent iPad accessory for your desk as it raises your iPad to a more ergonomically designed height. Your desk will also be free from clutter through the cable management at the back. Just like the others, it secures your iPad even when you type on it.

Lululook Magnetic iPad Stand

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9inches from the 3rd and 4th Gen, and iPad Pro 12.9 2021 5th Gen.
  • It has a strong magnetic hold using the advanced magnetic attachment to secure your device perfectly.
  • It has protective anti-slip silicone that protects your iPad from scratches, and silicone feet for stability.
  • It has a 360-degree rotating angle for better viewing.
  • It has a stable base and is sturdy enough to hold and support your device.

PITAKA Magnetic Stand for iPad and Tablet

PITAKA is a magnetic iPad stand brand that uses distinct components and styles to build high-quality products you can trust.

PITAKA Magnetic iPad Stand

Image Source: Amazon

  • It provides a magnetic sticker for a more secure hold on your iPad.
  • It is adjustable as you can tilt the mount up to 32.5 degrees and -5 degrees downwards for your desired viewing angle.
  • It is perfect for multitasking.
  • It is highly durable with its components such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and aramid fiber.
  • Its wireless charging base can charge your mobile earbuds.
  • It is only compatible with iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021 MagEZ Case 2, or iPad Air 2020.
  • It prevents neck and back strain.

Lamicall: Excellent Choice for a Tablet Holder

Lamicall is an icon in the industry when it comes to sturdy gadget accessories. It already got a 4 to 5 stars rating on Amazon based on clients’ reviews. Judging from the ratings, you’d know that this brand can be trusted. With the trending magnetic iPad stand, some people may think twice about whether it can hold its promise of security.

Securing it with a magnetic stand ensures protection without the burden of being crushed or broken. However, would you risk your device if you found out the stand doesn’t have something to catch your phone? Having a reliable tablet holder is protection for your device too. Search from Lamicall’s collection of tablet holders. Experience the elegance and quality of the in-depth technology of Lamicall.

  • It is made of aluminum alloy, providing sturdiness and stability.
  • It is compatible with most tablet sizes.
  • It is rotatable up to 360 degrees.
  • It is sleek and lightweight.
  • It has rubber pads to protect your device from scratches.
  • Its feet have rubber pads to prevent the stand from slipping.

Where to buy a magnetic iPad stand

You can buy a magnetic iPad stand from numerous channels. For instance, you may go to the nearest physical store of the brand you’ve chosen if convenient for you. This way, you can see and scrutinize the product face to face, which may help you decide if you will continue with your purchase. Expect limited stocks and variations since physical stores usually don’t have a complete inventory of products due to time conflicts and customer traffic.

You may opt to visit your chosen brand’s online store as an alternative to get a more comprehensive view of the product’s features and benefits. Doing so is excellent for those who don’t want to step out of their homes for personal concerns. Another reason to do this is to get a broader range of choices concerning your magnetic iPad stand.

Nowadays, online shopping platforms are a rage, so it won’t be a surprise if a specific magnetic iPad stand brand sells its products there. If you’re having trouble choosing a model and brand of magnetic iPad stand to buy, you might want to look at the customers’ reviews and ratings on the product.


In a nutshell, magnetic iPad stands elevate your device to a suitable height using their arrays of magnets. This way, you can achieve a better sitting posture, a more organized workspace, a more accessible view of your iPad’s content, and keep your iPad safe from sudden accidents. Find an excellent magnetic iPad stand today to achieve all these benefits.

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