Lamicall’s First Try of Plastic Stands

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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We launched our first plastic phone/tablet stands for desk FS01 & FS02 in October and November, and we are amazed how much you Lamicall fans love these 2 products. About 8000 units were sold in no more than two months.

So today I’ll introduce these 2 products in detail with this article.

1. Material

abs material

As you all know, Lamicall uses high-level Aluminum alloy to make our products for it looks high-end. This time we tried a new material – Premium ABS material to make our new products.

2. Structure


Most former Lamicall stands consist of 2 or 3 metal sheets and 1 or 2 axis, and they have a base. These 2 new stands are more like kickstands using the triangle structure which make it more stable.

Due to their ABS material, FS01 and FS02 are much lighter than those stands made from aluminum alloy. FS01 phone stand is 3.4 ounce, and FS02 tablet stand is 5.7 ounce.

1. Stable


The triangle kickstand structure of FS01 and FS02 make them super stable even on uneven place such as on bed. Let alone on desk, it could be set up easily without any issue.

2. Portable


Not just because theirs light weight, they are also foldable. This 2 features urges people to carry them everywhere in their bags. There are even customers who bought the product email us to ask if we can produce carry bags for LS01 phone stand. To be honest, we have sold hundred thousands of phone stands and it’s the first time for we to receive such kind of email.

3. Angle & Height Adjustable


FS01 and FS02 are both 0-70 degrees adjustable ( recommend 54-70 degrees while using ) and can support while charging ( there’s a open between 2 hooks like other Lamicall metal stand ). Besides, there are two heights that people can adjust the phone stand on their desktop or table.

4. Rubber Protected

Large area of silicon pad on the surface of the stands could provide all-round protection to your devices. Keep your phone and tablet from sliding and scratching.

Easy To Use

This multi-function phone/tablet stand is easy to use.

* When you need to use it to hold your device, you just open the kick stand, and adjust it to the angle you prefer.

* There are 2 heights you can choose, when you want to switch the height, what you need to do is just press the central button and slide up or down. If you want to charging when you are making a video call or operating your phone vertically, you need to switch to the higher mode and charging through the charging hole.

* When you need to take away the phone/tablet stand, you’ll need to close the kick stand and switch down the slide part. And then you can put it in your bag.


About why we try to make some differences and use new material to make our new product, our boss Daniel said: “We used to make metal phone stand because it was more high-end. This time we started to do plastic phone stand because it’s much lighter and completely foldable, so it’s perfect for people to carry around. We will keep trying and improve our products constantly.”

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