Lamicall T Stand 2022 Review

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If you’re looking for a stand that is good for watching movies, playing games, listening to music, making phone calls, perusing recipes, using Facetime, and using YouTube, this phone stand frees your hands. It has a very attractive and sleek appearance, making it an ideal accent for your desk/nightstand at home or when traveling.

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Tips Before Buying A Tablet Stand

Nintendo Switch Tablet Stand T silver-2

Image Source: LAMICALL

Tablet stands are a great investment for any business that plans to use tablets. Tablet stands not only improve the entire customer experience, but they also safeguard the device from theft and damage. There are so many different kinds of tablet stands to choose from that it’s understandable if you’re perplexed. What should you look for in a tablet stand in terms of features?


You may want to put your tablet to the wall, the floor, or the counter from time to time, so make sure the stand is firm and durable. The enclosure should be made of durable materials and should fit tightly around the gadget. If the base will be freestanding, ensure it is adequately weighted to prevent the device from falling.


You may want to think about whether you want to use a single key to access several devices or numerous keys for different enclosures. Even in the busiest of business environments, your tablet might be stolen. The enclosure must be secured to prevent thieves from obtaining access to your devices.


The important aspects that users evaluate are simple, sleek, and inconspicuous in either white or black to complement the surrounding décor.


If you’re utilizing a pole, the wires may be routed either through the mounting surface or along the top. How do you keep track of all those cords when the tablet has to be charged all day?


Consider the numerous size options available when choosing a tablet enclosure and support. Tablets come in a range of sizes, including the famous iPad, which comes in four different sizes. You may either buy a table-specific enclosure or a universal stand that you can easily alter to fit your various-sized devices.


When choosing a stand for your tablet, the height of the enclosure is an important factor to consider. Will you be able to use your iPad at a counter? Will you display it on the wall for customers to see? Both your personnel and your customers should be comfortable at the height you choose.


You should seek a stand that can be used for a range of activities and functions. In certain cases, a fixed cage and stand may suffice, but in others, the environment may need additional flexibility. If you’re going to utilize a tablet in a boardroom, get a rotating and moveable stand.

Review of Lamicall T Stand

Nintendo Switch Tablet Stand T black-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

The Lamicall T-Stand is a stunning example of what constitutes a good phone stand, with a solid construction and a lovely appearance. To defeat the competition, however, more than stability and attractiveness are required. Here are some of the reasons why Lamicall T-Stand is so popular.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Simple yet Functional
  • Good charging place
  • Smooth Edge


  • pricey

Broad Compatibility

  • Switch, 7.9″ iPad Mini, 9.7″ iPad / iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, Xs, Xs Max, XR, X, 8, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 plus, SE, Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Note 10 9 8, Google Nexus

Adjustable and Portable

  • Adjust the gadget up or down for the most comfortable height or angle when reading or viewing. You can also play and charge at the same time with the play stand. It’s lightweight and folds up small enough to fit in a pocket.

Multipurpose Function

  • While watching movies, playing games, listening to music, making phone calls, perusing recipes, using Facetime, and using YouTube, this phone stand frees your hands. It seems to be really trendy and sleek, which is ideal.
  • The position of the Stand for Switch may be simply changed and it remains securely in place. It’s made of excellent aluminum and is incredibly durable and stable to use. The rubber cushions will safeguard your phone from scratches and other damage.

Warm Tips

Set your tablet in landscape mode if it’s bigger than 8 inches. It’ll be more stable. The stand’s hook width is 14mm, thus make sure your device’s thickness is no more than 14mm (0.55 in).

Features and Benefits of Lamicall T Stand

Nintendo Switch Tablet Stand T silver-4

Image Source: LAMICALL

Knowing the characteristics and advantages of a product might help you decide which is the best option for you. I’ll go through the characteristics and benefits of Lamicall T Stand in depth so you can make an informed decision.

Lamicall T Stand Configurations

Charger CompatibilityCable
Dimensions130 mm* 25 mm
AdjustabilityAngle Adjustable
Compatibility4-11 inches (cellphones, tablets, switch)
ColorBlack, Gray, White, Red

Sturdy Design and Features

Lamicall T-body Stand’s is composed of quality aluminum alloy, which is a popular phone stand material since it’s lightweight and shatter-resistant.
When compared to plastic phone stands, the Lamicall T-Stand will not break or distort even if it falls off your desk.

Lightweight Materials used

T-angle Stand’s may be readily changed from 0 to 270 degrees without being seized. As a result, it can not only give you a comfortable height and angle, but it can also be folded up and carried in a bag. T-Stand is a better option for travel than other non adjustable phone supports because of its folding nature.

Good cooling feature for your device

A video game stand is also known as a T-Stand. As we all know, electronic gadgets like Nintendo and cell phones heat up after extended usage, particularly while playing games. Compared to plastic, the aluminum alloy we utilize for T-Stand may assist to cool down your device.

Secure your device while charging

It’s possible that playing games and watching movies uses a lot of energy. Lamicall T-Stand takes into account the scenario by leaving an aperture between the hooks and a hole on the rear for the data line to pass through, allowing you to use and charge your gadget at the same time. T-Stand prevails over those stands that don’t have a location for a data line!

The rubber protects your device

The Lamicall T-Stand has a flexible rubber cover molded around the metal frame to protect your device from scratches and sliding, as well as four rubber cushions on the bottom. They keep the stand firmly in place while enabling you to move it around the desk. When compared to other stands that do not include a rubber cover, the Lamicall T-Stand is a no-brainer.

Social Proof

As I scoured down on the internet, I found some user reviews and testimonials of Lamicall T Stand from users around the web, which I think can help you decide for your choice.


I will list down here the other alternative tablet stand from Lamicall that you can also choose

  • Foldable Tablet Holder FS02
  • Ipad Swivel Stand DT03
  • Foldable Tablet Stand DT05
foldable tablet stand FS02 black-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

Universal Compatibility

  • iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 11, 12.9, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 3 4, iPhone 12 Mini 11 Pro XS Max XR X 6 7 8 Plus, Surface Pro, E-readers, Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel C, Nexus 7 9, Lenovo Tab E 4, Fire HD. When the device is bigger than 12′′, we recommend setting it horizontally (Max support thickness is 15mm)

Two Heights Adjustable

  • By pressing and pushing up the center button, the ipad stand for the desk can be changed in two heights. When you increase the height of the tablet stand, the reserved charging port design is appropriate for charging while using.

Multi Angles Adjustable

  • A wonderful Christmas present. This ergonomically designed iPad desktop stand has numerous viewing angles ranging from 54° to 70°. The tablet stand is a great addition to any office, kitchen, or bedroom desk, as it allows you to watch films, read, record videos, view photographs, facetime, or browse the web while freeing up your hands.

Foldable and Portable

  • It is more light and tiny than other ipad docks as a foldable tablet smartphone stand. (Size: 3.94*5.04 inch)You can take it wherever you need it.For example, folding the tablet stand and placing it inside your luggage to go traveling.

Sturdy and Rubber Protection

  • Lamicall tablet stand is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a soft rubber surface to safeguard your device from scratches and slippage.
tablet stand dt03 silevr-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

360 Degree Rotation

  • A tablet holder that rotates 360 degrees to accommodate various viewing angles. The ergonomic design makes viewing or playing games more enjoyable. You will be protected against neck and shoulder ache.

Safe and Stable

  • The strong aluminum metal base of this tablet stand creates a very solid structure that can handle a variety of tablets and phones. The tablet stand is kept from slipping and falling thanks to the non-slip silicone cushion beneath the base. When charging, the circular aperture design on the rear might help you manage your cable.

Exquisite Fixture Design

  • The tablet clamp’s silicone cushion is non-slip and protects the equipment from damage. The tablet’s placement and disassembly are made simpler by the string design. The tablet’s maximum thickness is 0.7 inch.

Multi Scene Use

  • This tablet holder may be utilized in a variety of places around the house, including the workplace, bedroom, kitchen, living room, school, and so on. When cooking, it’s much simpler to watch recipes on a tablet and have more fun with it.
lamicall foldable tablet stand DT05 silver-1

Image Source: LAMICALL

New Design

  • Lamicall conducted market research to determine what consumers’ true demands were, and then produced this completely adjustable tablet stand with exceptional stability. A great iPad desktop stand that frees up your hands so you can watch movies, utilize Facetime, look at recipes, and play games.

Lightweight and Sturdy

  • The Lamicall desktop iPad charging dock stand offers firm support to keep your tablet in the upright position without toppling over like others, thanks to high-quality aluminum alloy and a bigger, heavier base.

Foldable Design

  • With its dual-hinge adjustment, this multi-angle tablet holder can give you a variety of viewing angles. Tight hinges make it simple to adjust and remain in place. You may also fold it up to transport it for vacation and business excursions.

Sturdy Construction and Rubber pads

  • The ipad dock’s rubber pads and feet can protect your tablet from scratches and sliding on a daily basis.


Gadgets have completely changed the way businesses operate on a daily basis. Apart from the fact that mobile technology today allows a company to sell to almost any customer, it has also made everyday logistics, sales, and even personal jobs/works easier to handle.

As a result, selecting a high-quality, long-lasting holder that is also economical, handy, and trustworthy is critical to your success.

Lastly, I highly recommend Lamicall brand as the top choice for gadget holders in the market nowadays. Lamicall wants to share a simple life with everyone, which is why we’re working hard to create a better stand that outperforms those already on the market. If you want more contact Lamicall to view their latest products.

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