Lamicall Phone Tablet Holder Youtube Review

A phone stand is really a small thing but it does help to make your life more accessible if you purchase a quality one.

Here are some review videos on Youtube that might help you to make your final decision.

(Best Cheap!!) Lamicall iPad Pro 12.9" Adjustable Stand - Artist User Review

In this video, Sticky Art reviews Lamiclal A phone/tablet stand for his 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen tablet. Sticky Art is an artist who creates his art piece on his iPad. 

According to his video description, he said that this A stand is:

“one of the highest-rated yet less expensive stand options on Amazon currently for an iPad or tablet.”  

He tests out if the stand is stable enough to create artwork on and if it is worth the cost. 

lamicall adjustable cell phone stand a

Lamicall motorcycle mobile phone holder

In this video, IGY BO broke down the process of installing Lamicall motorcycle mobile holder BM02.

The whole set-up of his motorcycle looks bomb.

As IGY Bo said in the comment, he didn’t notice any wobble on his phone (horizontal) at 130 km/h but he has a high windshield that protects his phone from the wind.   

In IGY BO’s opinion, the Lamicall BM02 motorcycle phone mount is one of the best Mobile phone holders for motorcycles or bicycles. It is cheap, quality build and the phone grip is strong…

Lamicall A1 Cell Phone Stand Review

Project Ramos reviewed the Lamicall A1 cell phone stand, his main concern about the phone stand is whether a phone stand was able to charge his phone and still able to use it while his phone sits on the phone holder.   

Turns out the Lamicall A1 cell phone holder does the job perfectly.

As Project Ramos said, the Lamicall A1 cell phone stand solves the issue of being able to charge your phone while it is in an upright position.

What’s more? The Lamicall A1 phone stand is fairly inexpensive too.

Adjustable Tablet Stand A1 grey 1
Adjustable Tablet Stand A1 grey

Review of the Lamicall Car Phone Mount C2

Dacidgpo test and review the Lamicall Car Phone Holder C2 as he had some unpleasant experiences with a couple of car phone holders from other brands in the past few years (demonstrated in his video).  

“I’ve had a bad cell phone mount for the car that’s been plaguing me for years.  It has been constantly falling down. I finally broke down and picked up a Lamicall Car Phone Mount (not a sponsor).  I picked it out randomly on Amazon (not a sponsor).

I liked it so much I purchased two more!

It is made in China if that is an issue for you.

Update: 8/20/20.  The only problem that I noticed is that the mounting pegs set deep enough behind the front set of fins that they interfere with the directional adjustment of the second set of fins that reside behind the first set of fins.” Said by Davidgpo

Unboxing / Review of LAMICALL CAR HOLDER C2

In this video, Tetrad Art – The Art of Jacob Feazel reviewed the Lamicall car phone mount C2.

The whole box is just the size of his palm (he doesn’t have a giant palm btw). The Lamicall car phone holder is extremely easy to install on his car vent. But he couldn’t adjust his car phone mount and get it to shoot his face in the car, so he thinks the Lamicall car phone holder is mainly for music and map, not the best choice if you need to shoot a video in a car. 

But overall he thinks the Lamicall car phone holder has a nice script really good quality.

Best car phone holder Lamicall

Marko Smit reviews the Lamicall car phone holder C2 and claims that it is the:

Best car phone holder so far.

“First car phone holder  Lamicall Handy Autohalterung, that I’m impressed. By now I tried more than 20 car holders and all of them didn’t approve. This one is truly great. While driving doesn’t move phone is’s from Amazon and it looks like other cheap car holders but it’s opposite from the others. This one is really great 👍. “ Said Marko Smit.


Retrology reviews his Lamicall Ls05 gooseneck phone holder in this video.

Because the tripod he was using (manufactured by another brand) is terrible. So he decided to switch to the Lamiclall gooseneck phone holder. The first thing he noticed is that the grip is really really strong, so if you put your phone on it’s not gonna move. The clamp system is pretty nice.

Retrology said this is an important tool to have in place otherwise he will be using his terrible tripod.

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