Lamicall Introduces Ideal Cellphone Holders for Workspace

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adjustable cell phone stand for desk dp02 white

All through the latest 3 years, Lamicall has been thriving to attempt distinctive features on mobile phone holders: height-adjustable, angle adjustable, foldable, MagSafe friendly… With over 50 SKUs attempting, at the side of the debut of iPhone 13, Lamicall has released the perfect smartphone stand for work desk—DP02.
One shortcoming of placing your phone on your desk is that you may have a relatively messy set-up for work. DP02 offers you an ideal height for the ergonomic viewing angle of your telephone! With an angle-adjustable function and a charging hole at the bottom, your phone will sit nice and sturdy on your desk without a problem!

adjustable cell phone stand for desk dp02 black
adjustable cell phone stand for desk dp02 black

DP02 cellphone Holders for the table from Lamicall International Ltd.

DP02 was constructed of high-grade plastic, metal, and silicone. DP02 cellphone holder for desk has a wide sufficient hook to accommodate your new iPhone 13 and thick phone cases. With universal compatibility with all 4-8 inches devices (work flawlessly for iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max).
The holder is available in both a graceful black color and a stylish white color to shape the appearance of your work table.

  • Product Name Phone Stand
  • Model No. DP02
  • Material Plastic/ Metals/ Silicone
  • Weight 235g
  • Compatibility   4-8-inch
  • Stand×1
  • Support Rod×1
  • Base×1
  • User Manual×1
  1. Insert the rod into the base as indicated by the arrow.

2 thoughts on “Lamicall Introduces Ideal Cellphone Holders for Workspace”

  1. Hello Gary,
    Hope you are happy with your new purchase, I just bought an iPhone 13 and I love it!
    My co-worker get an iPhone 13 Pro Max, I got him to take these pics for you, it’s no problem!

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