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Adhesive cable clip neatens all the loose cords on your desk. Lamicall CM01’s brilliant design keeps cords snugly tucked in so they won’t slide onto the ground when unplugged.

5 black rubber cable clips
Rubber cable clips
2 lamicall black cable clips
Lamicall cable clips

Unlike the standard rubber cord organizer, this Lamicall CM01 adhesive cable clip was made of eco-friendly plastic. The internal mechanical design of the Lamicall cable clip allows thicker cable (up to 8mm) security embed.

Rubber cord organizer does its job, but it’s still pretty nice to have some extra aesthetic infused to your office, gaming table, bedroom, etc. With a Lamicall wider compacity adhesive wire holder for the desk, you can clamp, pull, and take the wire with one hand.

Most Secured Cable Clip

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The mechanical structure brings more versatility to the adhesive cable clip. It not only holds a tiny cable in place but also stretches up to 8mm in diameter. The multipurpose cord organizer for the desk will help tidy up your cluttered iPhone lightning cables, USB charging cables, HDMI network cables, audio cables, headphone wires, monitor cables, and TV cables.

  • Product Name     Cable Clips
  • Model No.      CM01
  • Material       Plastics
  • Weight      26.5g
  • Compatibility of Cable     2.5-8mm in diameter
  • Cable Clips × 2 User
  • User Manual × 1
adhesive cable clips cm01-2
Lamicall CM01 Cable Clip

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