Buying Guide for Jeep Phone Mounts

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jeep wrangler phone mount on the dash

Jeeps have a different dash compared to other vehicles, so it goes without saying that they need unique phone mounts. Have a look at the complete buying guide we’ve prepared for you.

jeep wrangler phone mount on the dash

Image Source: ProClipUSA

It’s a hassle to hold your phone due to danger and prohibitions when driving a Jeep. However, there are instances, indeed, where you have no choice but to get that smartphone of yours and do stuff. For example, you may use your phone for navigating and using some kind of online map to get to your destination.

You must’ve thought that there may be some kind of phone holder you can buy to set things straight. Well, you’ve guessed it right! Phone mounts can indeed help you in this aspect. Clueless about phone mounts for your Jeep? Here’s your guide to buying them.

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What is a Jeep phone mount?

The term Jeep phone mount may be pretty unfamiliar to you, but it isn’t anything complicated. In simple terms, they are specialized mounts for your holders that cater to Jeep Wrangler vehicles. Although they are similar to other types of phone holders in terms of working principles, some differences exist, of course.

phone mounts for jeep

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How does a Jeep phone mount work?

If you’ve experienced using a phone holder of another kind, you may have a gist of how Jeep phone mounts work. Simply put, they grip your phone using their clamp-like components and provide sturdy viewing access for you when driving. Of course, one prerequisite for using them is that you must attach them to either your Jeep Wrangler’s dash, grab bar, or other areas.

Features of a Jeep phone mount

Of course, Jeep phone mounts have different aspects that contribute to the service they can grant you. These features give you the benefits that you can get by using a Jeep phone mount. Here are some of their attributes.

jeep phone mount showing the features

Image Source: Amazon


Recall that you must attach your phone mount to some part of your Jeep. By doing so, the product would have a robust stature and not move unless acted by too much force. They have a firm grip and won’t let your smartphone fall. It follows that choosing the right type of Jeep phone mount, which we will discuss in a bit, is necessary.

Firm grip

Most Jeep phone mounts, especially the types that come with clamps, have rubber or silicone linings, ensuring that your smartphone doesn’t slide off. Though other types may utilize magnetic mechanisms, you can rest assured that their array of magnets can still provide the firm grip you are looking for on a Jeep phone mount.


Jeep phone mounts may have a gooseneck and rotatable holders that increase their versatility. For example, you may adjust the product to turn your phone landscape and tilt it to match your viewing angle. You may set its position back to the original in other periods when you don’t need to view your phone. Jeep phone mounts are pretty flexible, aren’t they?

Benefits of a Jeep phone mount

With the ruggedness a Jeep possesses and the extreme trips it encounters, the phone mount you must have should be durable and have the most robust grip to protect your phone from falling. The benefits of a jeep phone mount are highly related to the features, of course, that you chose. Here are some of the benefits you must not miss.

dash phone mount for jeep

Image Source: Youtube

  • It protects your phone from damage due to the impact of each travel.
  • It prevents your phone from scratches that prolong its life.
  • You can use your phone during emergencies, hands-free, with the help of voice commands (to prevent the handling of the phone while driving).
  • You can enjoy the perks of watching videos while waiting or during road trips to let the kids settle at the backseat or listen to music without the hassle of putting it just anywhere.
  • It gives you a dedicated space for your phone, so it would be easy to charge it and navigate according to how you want to use it.

Types of Jeep phone mounts

Various types of Jeep phone mounts may suit everyone’s tastes differently. Depending on you, since you’re the buyer, the kind of phone mount you may buy for your Jeep may vary. We have covered some of the relatively popular Jeep phone mount types below.

jeep phone mount on the dashboard

Image Source: BulletPoint

Dashboard mount

Dashboard mounts are definitely the most popular choice for most Jeep Wrangler owners. These types can be attached to the dashboard using some screws or adhesives. It may help to learn how much marring force your chosen dashboard mount can receive. Dashboard mounts have a vast range of styles and prices, so you have plenty of choices.

Vent mount

A vent mount-type of Jeep phone mount has a simple principle behind it. They are to be attached to the air vents of your Jeep, which may hinder efficient cooling or heating. Nevertheless, they can do what you need – hold your phone for you.

Magnetic mount

A magnetic Jeep phone mount really works simply. By inserting a magnet that comes with the phone mount into your phone case, you can just bring your phone close to the main holder and let the magnets do their work.

Suction cup mount

Suction cup mounts are an excellent choice for you if you want to change your phone mount’s location easily. Because they just use suction, you can just stick the product to the windshield or any flat surface that can support the suction.

CD player mount

CD player mounts use some kind of bolts or hooks that you can insert into your CD player. This is typically a great option if you don’t and can’t place the mount to your windshield or dashboard. The downside, though, is that you can’t use your CD player when in use.

How to use a Jeep phone mount

Depending on your chosen type of Jeep phone mount, the way to use the product would, of course, vary. However, they are generally straightforward to use. It would be good to find one that doesn’t require any form of drilling and similar complicated stuff. For example, you can just place a dashboard mount atop your dashboard, and you’re done!

Things to consider when buying a Jeep phone mount

Before buying the perfect phone mount for your Jeep, make sure you get to check these points. Indeed, it would lower the possibility of making mistakes when buying the suitable one for your jeep.

dashboard phone mount for jeep

Image Source: Tiendamia

Consider the laws in your location

You must first consider the law in your country or to any location you are in before purchasing a phone mount for your jeep. For example, not all agrees to put a phone mount near you, such as your windshield. In addition, it is also considerate as most thieves get a hint when they see those phone suction cups in your windshield. Following laws is a must for smoother travel.

Mounting location

A jeep has a different interior from other vehicles, such as the dashboard. Know where you would prefer to put your phone mount before buying one. Each place in your jeep has a corresponding type of phone mount. Consider how you will use it on your travel so it would be easy to decide where.


This is the top priority when buying a phone mount, as this would determine the safety of your phone. It will depend on your destination what type you will choose. If you drive on pavements, it is okay to settle for other types that can handle that trip. But for off-road travels like terrains, unpaved roads, or riverbeds, you must opt for phone mount types that have a solid grip to secure your phone in place.

Your location's climate condition

There are phone mounts that can’t withstand too much heat and may easily get ruined. Look for types and brands that offer the best quality and value for your money. It doesn’t just consume time and effort on buying the best phone mount for your jeep but also the money you spend.


No matter what you plan to purchase, money is a question you need to answer firsthand. After all, no matter how you love to buy an expensive gadget holder, it’s still a no if you can’t afford it. Finding the most suitable matches for your budget wouldn’t be hard with the various brands and types out in the market.

Best Jeep Phone Mounts

We gathered three of the best phone holders for your Jeep that you may try. They earned good reviews so that you won’t worry about the reliability. Below are their features you can enjoy.

Rugged Ridge Jeep Phone Mount

Rugged Ridge has good ratings for its stability, holding your phone in place while your jeep hits the off-roads. It has a cradle that fits your dash, so it’s easy to install.

rugged ridge phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is compatible with most smartphones and iPhones.
  • The cradle or the kit allows you to put other stuff such as your sunglasses or other small accessories.
  • It has a tripod stud and ball mount that allows you to record videos on more than one device.
  • It offers a line of products for different Jeep models.

Ottce Air Vent Phone Mount for Jeep

Ottce provides a stronghold for the phone to prevent it from falling while driving through off-roads. It has a good rating of 4, so you would be assured of its quality.

ottce air vent phone mount for jeep

Image Source: Amazon

  • It has soft rubbers that prevent scratches on your phone.
  • It has a rotatable 360-degree ball joint to adjust your device in landscape or portrait view.
  • It is compatible with most smartphones up to 6.5 inches, even those with phone cases.
  • It has lifetime technical support.
  • It offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

JeCar Jeep Phone Mount for Passenger Grab Bar

JeCar’s phone mount for your Jeep won’t cover your visibility when driving as it attaches to the grab bar of your vehicle. Another thing that makes it stable is the screws that secure the phone mount very well. It may take up a few minutes but is still considered easy to install.

jecar phone mount for jeep

Image Source: Amazon

  • It suits Jeep Wrangler TJ models from 1997 to 2006.
  • It is made of aluminum alloy that provides high durability.
  • It is multi-purpose as it can hold both your phone and walkie-talkie.
  • You can install it in less than 5 minutes with its bolt-on installation.
  • It doesn’t require drilling.
  • It provides excellent customers service that can assist you even after-sales.
  • It can withstand intense off-road driving.

Lamicall: Excellent Choice for a Car Cellphone Holder

Lamicall has been in the business of creating dynamic accessories for your gadgets to improve your lifestyle. Its more than ten years of experience has been its edge in producing essential products that offer convenience and comfort for people worldwide. Today, its wide array of cellphone mounts in cars provide stability and reliability that other brands can not.

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1
car air vent phone holder c2 balck
magnet car phone mount c black-1

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It is stable as it uses a strong grip hold to prevent your phone from slipping.
  • It is compatible with most smartphones.
  • It has rubber and silicone pads to protect your device from scratches.
  • It has a 360-degree feature to let you move your device to your desired angle.
  • It uses top-quality plastics and metals to provide sturdiness.
  • It is easy to install so you won’t worry about how long you can attach these phone mounts to your car.

Where to buy a Jeep phone mount

Buying a Jeep phone mount isn’t some complex task. You can buy yours differently, but we will cover the three most prevalent methods below.

  • Physical shops. You may go to a nearby physical store of the brand you chose or any shopping mall that houses the Jeep phone mount you want. This is an excellent method if you’re going to check the product with your eyes. Of course, anticipate that some models may not be present due to limited stocks and similar situations.
    Online stores. eCommerce is one way of easy transactions, and you can expect that your chosen Jeep phone mount brand has a website that displays and sells its products. You can find a comprehensive set of information about product specifications and stuff by visiting their online stores, such as Lamicall online shop.
  • Online shopping platforms. There are apps and websites where you can literally shop many brands in one place. They are popularly known as online shopping platforms and are an excellent option if you want to know about customer reviews and ratings. Visiting an online shopping platform may help you choose the correct Jeep phone mount you need.


Your Jeep needs a sturdy phone mount to equal the rigorous activities it usually takes. The off-roads have bumpy pavements that may put your phone to damage if not secured firmly. This buying guide showed the things you must know about an excellent Jeep phone mount, so you won’t regret it in the end.

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