Its sales volume go from 0 to 80,000 in 6 month, you should know it

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Datum Without Bragging

I do want to give you a specific data of sales volume to prove that my title is not just a brag,

but forgive me that I couldn’t. 

Actually I did some efforts before I start this article,

for example, I asked the VP of Lamicall, one of my boss.

He just told me that the number is currently going up 800-1200 every day.

So, I can only show you the data graph from September 2018 when the C2-Car Phone Holder firstly launch on Amazon to February 2019 when I am about to write this article.

Here is it:

C2 sales volume

Apparently, C2 has the best sales performance at Amazon’s Germany site. It is indeed the best seller of car phone holder on


And, C2 also performs well in the US.


Oh! Please don’t let the sales numbers take all your attention, just give a glance to the 5 shiny golden little stars.

Right here!


And the reviews.


Then, why this little gadget for car became such a hit?

Product Features - C2

1.Super mini

The first time you see the product’s picture, you would say, “Oh! That’s it, C2 car phone holder.”


But when you get one in your hand, that would be what it looks like.

lamicall C2 in hand

The hand in the picture above is that of an Asian, so, you know what I mean, super tiny. But delicate!

2.Super steady

Although this product is too cute, but its most important function is still to firmly fix the phone on the car air vent.

C2 holder with 2 grips

There are two grips to be inserted into the air vent. Why?

Everyone knows that “Two points define a line”, so that it won’t shaken even on bumpy roads.

3.Super safe

No slip, no scratch.

For there are rubber pads everywhere.

rubber pad everywhere

The phone would be surrounded by protective rubber pads such as the back and the curved clamps.

And the two grips are also padded with rubber cushions which could protect the car air vent from scratches as well.

4.Super light

C2-Car Phone Holder only weighs 33 gram. Even if you put it in the air vent for a long time, the air vent won’t sag.


5.Super flexible

We know that some times you need to use the GPS when you driving, and some times you just want to enjoy a movie when you parked somewhere, maybe waiting for your shopping wife.

To switch your phone from vertical to horizontal, you should simply turn the phone holder.

By the way, it won’t swing!


Besides the advantages of the product itself, there is another reason that C2-Car Phone Holder became so popular.

Policy Reason

In fact, policies also gave a boost to our C2-Car Phone Holder.

In America, 16 states and Washington, D.C. prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. 36 states and Washington, D.C. ban all cell phone use by newer drivers, while 19 states and Washington, D.C. prohibit any cell phone use by school bus drivers if children are present.¹

cell phone use restriction when driving

In German, any use of a mobile phone (making and receiving calls without a hands-free kit, rejecting a call, texting and reading news, searching for data online) is forbidden when driving a vehicle. ²


Get it?

Those policies make car phone holder almost a necessity for every driver.

And C2 Holder is exactly made for them, it allows drivers to operate their phone with one hand when using the GPS function. If it’s not for the GPS, just keep the phone there, in the holder.

The most important is, it can help ensure the safety of drivers.

Please Note!

C2-Car Phone Holder is only for cars with vertical and horizontal air vents.

If your air vent looks like these, I am sorry to tell you that our C2 is not suitable for your car.

air vents not for C2

C2 is such a good product, if you want to have one, jab at the button below

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