What Is The Lamicall Brand Known For?

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Lamicall Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2011. Dedicated to the creation, development, and distribution of smart ergonomic solutions such as holders, standers, risers, and electronic device mounts.

Lamicall has over 500 employees and a crew of 42 product design and mechanical engineering professionals with 15 years of expertise in the smartphone and accessory sector. Lamicall has over 10 million consumers worldwide, has 136 patents, and launches 25-30 new items every year, all with the goal of providing the highest quality products and the most thoughtful services to our clients.

Lamicall was named one of the top 100 cross-border ecommerce businesses on June 28, 2019.

Regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic in 2020, Lamicall has sold over 4 million units, with overall GMV more than doubling from 2019 ($80 million in 2020). We have sold over 16 million units to more than 80 countries as of 2021. Lamicall has also placed first in the electronic holders category on Amazon for the past six years.

I’ve included some examples of some of Lamicall’s most popular items below, with an emphasis on customer feedback on how they feel about the product and if they think Lamicall is a dependable and trustworthy brand…

Is Lamicall a good brand for phone stands?

Phone Stand

Even after decades on the market, the original Lamicall phone stand S remains at the top of Amazon’s phone stand list, so popular that it has earned the distinction of Amazon’s Choice. With almost 80,000 reviews and a 4.7/5 overall rating, that’s all Lamicall has to say about it. This phone holder S, which has been duplicated by several manufacturers over the years, is the template for practically all phone stands on the market. However, because Lamicall has continued pushing the boundaries, Lamicall is still the leading brand in the Phone holder category.

Lamicall now offers over 18 different types of mobile phone holders, indicating that they are doing their best to suit the demands of cell phone customers. When it comes to Lamicall’s phone holders, they may be divided into four categories based on their intended use.

Multiple Using Scenarios

Lamicall provides intelligent solutions for your worktop, kitchen marble countertop, bedroom table, coffee table, bathroom countertop, or relaxing location. Generally speaking, a phone stand for a desk should be quite solid. But don’t count out the possibility that you’ll need to move your phone from the kitchen to the living room, or from the living room to the study, necessitating a cell phone holder for desk that can be adjusted in angle or height to meet the demands of different situations. If you are a storage or obsessive-compulsive person, a streamlined style may be preferable over a big design. If you prefer Magsafe charging, you should select a mobile phone holder that can accommodate Magsafe charging.

aluminum foldable phone stand dp10 black-2
  • Help decluttering your desk
  • Allow the phone to be stored in a set location
  • Follow recipes while cooking
  • Browsing the internet while having breakfast
  • Video conferencing
  • Allow your hands to be free to take notes during the meeting.
  • Multitasking
  • Doing your skincare routine or makeup while watching Netflix.
  • Recording videos

Even though we know that glancing at the phone while laying in bed is not the best idea, no one can resist the desire to do so. In a strict sense, there’s nothing wrong with playing with your phone in bed; what’s wrong is that we’re doing it in the wrong posture, which causes back pain, eye weariness, arm tingling, and most importantly, our phone occasionally hitting our face.
But here goes the ultimate solution — phone holder for bed, or in another word, gooseneck phone holder.
Gooseneck phone holder allows you to:

a woman on the bed browsing on her phone in a gooseneck holder
  • Streaming your favorite TV show
  • FaceTime with your family.
  • Browsing on Tiktok or news websites.
  • Using external controllers to play games

I’m curious if you ever think about how good it would be to have a small phone stand that you could take with you when you travel or go on a business trip. Sometimes all we need is a high-quality product. A good portable phone stand can help us save space and weight in our luggage while keeping our phone stable when we need it. We can easily support our phone with a mug at home, but it is difficult to find a good place to prop our phone up outside.
The Laimicall folding phone stand could be the ideal solution to these issues. They may be folded into very small pieces, look neat, and serve their job well. Portable phone holder allows you to:

aluminum foldable phone stand dp10 black-3
  • Take video calls outside.
  • Keep a modest section of your table setup in a hotel room.
  • Watch TV shows hands-free while waiting for a flight at the airport.
  • Record vlogs while trekking,

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of a bike phone mount or seen someone using one on the street. Despite the fact that we now have electric cars, seems like a more sustainable way of living, but the traffic is still highly crowded. Many people ride their bikes to work or ride bikes as a recreational activity. The difficulty is that deciding where to put your phone while riding a bike is a difficult task. Especially if you need to follow navigation while cycling; come on, who holds their phone in their hand while cycling? Bike phone mount help you:

bm02 scenario
  • Keep track of your navigation
  • Making video call hands free
  • Shooting videos
  • Take phone calls
  • Switch song in a second

Best Lamicall Phone Stand

cell phone stand s1 silver 1
  • This product is a rare gem… I personally own a total of four of these stands. I’ve also given two more away, because they make great gifts. They are manufactured of sturdy metal, and are of the highest quality.
  • I have an iPhone and an Otterbox so I was worried it wouldn’t be thick enough to hold it but it fits PERFECTLY. I expected the little pads on it to be felt but they’re a nice quality rubber and it came with extras of those.
  • I wish I could give it 6 stars.
  • Lamicall cell phone stand is perfect! I didn’t want a dock – just a stand that would hold my phone securely and allow enough clearance for a charger cable, without crimping the cable.
  • This is such a versatile stand. I have it on top of my vanity table. Where I spend most of the time. Love how I can see the screen clearly and if it needs charging no need to move it there’s a place for it. And keeps the cable out of the way. And it fits either vertical or horizontal.
  • Simple, elegant, design, works with iPhone and iPad. I’ll be buying another.
  • Best office accessory!
  • SOLID METAL, 2 yrs going strong
  • Perfect for Face ID on my desk
  • Perfect for a crowded desk
    Great for cell phone ZOOMers
Tablet Stand
  • I was afraid that it would not be able to able my old tablet’s weight and flip. I am happy to report that I thought wrong. VERY HAPPY WITH THE ITEM~~ Worth every penny. Thanks 🙂
  • I am extremely happy with this product! It fits my iPhone with Otterbox Defender case on it perfectly and it charges my phone at the same time.
  • Excellent Product , very satisfied , adjustable version was the right choice , more money & more functional. For use with iPhone 6s Plus in a Otter-box defender series case .I intend to buy several more ( 4-5) as Christmas gifts.
  • Works great with my nexus 6p and with my Nintendo switch. This allows me to set a comfortable height on the switch and charge it at the same time – can’t do that without a stand
  • Really good quality stand. Much thicker material used than my previous stand (lost it moving house).
  • No complaint! Durable and sturdy!
  • I was skeptical at first because I have purchased so many phone stands that were literally junk. So when I ordered this, I wasn’t really expecting much. When it arrived, I was surprised to see that it is very well made and decent weight metal. It fits on my nightstand perfectly and angles so that I can see my phone at different angles. I now carry it in other rooms with me as well and am considering buying another one.
  • Buy with confidence!!
  • I bought these for my coworkers, because during downtime at work, they will watch videos on their phones, but their phone case doesn’t have a stand. Naturally, these looked to be a good Christmas gift for them. Both of the girls love the gifts and have already been using them. It’s a whole lot better of watching them trying to prop up their phones against things on the desk, only to have them fall over.
  • Can’t get enough of these
height adjustable phone holder dp03 black-4
  • My son and daughter-in-law FaceTime me every weekend. It’s such a pain to hold the phone during the whole time, because my arms are short and they see nothing but my big face. I sit this on my table and it is so much more comfortable. Now I love their FaceTime calls.
  • Does a great job of holding its position even with a thick and heavy phone like mine. I have an iphone12 with a battery back up case on it that makes it challenging to fit other holders, but this one worked great.
  • For somebody who like myself is using thick iPhone cover and has also ThinOptical case on it. this stand helps, and it is sturdy enough to balance quite heave iPhone with case.
  • I love this stand. I’m not sure how I ever got along without one. I can sit on my sofa or cook and move around my kitchen hands free. It raises and lowers a little and also tilts a little, which is wonderful. My only complaint is after I purchased a heavier cellphone case it tips over a little easier than before. I have an iPhone XR. I would definitely recommend this stand.
  • looks exactly like whats on Amazon. Sleek design, functional!! I’m giving these as Christmas Gifts. And I’ll definitely will order again and keep one for myself.
  • I required a phone stand for utilising a guitar playing from my phone. The stand is perfect for this with the adjustable height feature and it is very stable. It has a good grip both for the phone itself and also on the base. Very good value for money.
  • Exceptional value for money. Works well with desktop computer as adjustable in height for my son when he is working. Glad I bought it.
  • It is 101% best cell phone and ipod stand ever.
  • I required a phone stand for utilising a guitar playing from my phone. The stand is perfect for this with the adjustable height feature and it is very stable. It has a good grip both for the phone itself and also on the base.
aluminum foldable phone stand dp10 banner-5
  • Haven’t seen one so durable. Like that it folds, easy to put in my purse and travel with.
  • 5 out of 5 stars. Compact, stable and fully adjustable
  • Excellent for price
  • Super pocketable, high quality stand for your smartphone
    Non-Slip, Solid, Great Stocking Stuffer
  • This is an awesome phone stand! It should hold just about any phone on the market. It’s very sturdy–you can actually do key presses while the phone is on the stand, which I really appreciate. It also folds up compactly and fits into a tiny drawer on my tray table/work desk– perfect for when I’m working on my laptop to keep an eye on any incoming text messages. Brilliant design! Highly recommended!
  • This stand is small and compact but the design holds my Note 10 plus with a folding case very well in both horizontal and vertical positions.I can easily use the keyboard and the rubber on the back and bottom lip holds the phone securely.The angle is adjustable and holds ,everything you need in a compact folding stand.
  • no more wrist pain! i can prop this up and put my phone on it and keep it w/n reach w/o have fatigue in my hands and wrists!
foldable cell phone stand dp01 banner
  • The adhesion pads hold this 17.5″ monitor in place with zero wobble… Even though the stand itself is only 3.5″ wide. They are not sticky pads, just a rubber like pads that grip whatever you put on there.
  • Gorgeous looking phone stand
  • As advertised.
  • Bought both silver and black versions – just because – to support my large Samsung S21 Ultra phone.
  • I bought this stand to go in my backpack, as I travel often for work. It’s very sturdy. The tension on each of the joints is enough to hold any sized phone, and some smaller tablets (my 10″ tablet fit in it, as long as I don’t tilt it over too much). But the tension is not so much you can’t manipulate the pieces to get your desired position. When collapsed, it’s about an inch thick.
  • Bought one. Bought another. Five stars each.
  • It really holds its unfolded position, but the viewing angle remains adjustable. The viewing angle can be such that a charging cord can be used while using the stand. The stand easily accommodates the thickness of the phone and its protective case.
  • I found this as a recommendation on Amazon. I put it on a watch list thinking I may try it when it went on sale. I have found that I enjoy it much more than I anticipated.

Is Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder Any Good?

Lamicall has two popular gooseneck phone holders, both of which employ different materials (one has a plastic cover and the other has a leather cover). The plastic cover model sold better, with 72 percent of customers giving it a 5 out of 5 rating, while the leather cover model earned 75 percent of customers giving it a 5 out of 5 rating, demonstrating that Lamicall’s gooseneck phone holder is a dependable product.

Many people in wheelchairs who are unable to move and those who sleep in hospital beds benefit from the existence of Lamicall’s product, as evidenced by the comments section under his product. Because of the Lamicall gooseneck phone holder’s outstanding design, you only need to attach one end to the furniture before using it. You can adjust the gooseneck to achieve the purpose of modifying the phone’s position, making it very convenient to use.

How Can You Use Your Gooseneck Phone Holder?

  • Watching TV programs hands-free while lying in bed
  • Operating a cell phone from a wheelchair
  • Operating a cell phone from a hospital bed
  • Reading recipes in the kitchen while cooking
  • Multitasking at work
  • Watching TV shows while soaking in the bathtub

Best Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Stand

gooseneck phone holder black GP03
  • As a children’s piano teacher, it’s taken me a while to find the perfect setup for virtual teaching. This stand for my phone is the best solution. The clamp is wide enough to fit on the left side of the piano’s music stand, and the sturdy gooseneck can be pre-adjusted to sit at a comfortable angle in front of me so I can switch views between my face and the music.
  • Just received this and so far am loving it! The neck is nice and stiff, but not so stiff that you can’t move it, which is great so your phone doesn’t slowly sag down and ruin an otherwise perfect video. This is absolutely FANTASTIC for recording piano videos!
  • No More Hand And Arm Fatigue
  • Great universal phone clamp mount
  • I bought this to use with a mini projector for cookie decorating. It works great! It’s quite sturdy… it doesn’t slowly start to droop or anything. I attached it very easily to my island countertop and it works wonderfully.
  • Put it on my bed headboard to watch videos or play music at night. I know the longer the arm the more wobbly it’s going to be but you do lose about 3-5 inches twisting the head back around to face so this is only just long enough for my usage. Less of a problem when I sleep on my side, plus a great upgrade from having to hold it myself. The clamp part is plastic however so don’t tighten it too much, be careful not to break it.
  • Very excited that I am able to clip onto so much. Nice foam feet to grasp my counter and dresser. Stays in place just like I need it too. I’m going to use this to take videos for my social media platforms. Also great help while breastfeeding.
  • Extremely sturdy/well built…feels substantial and will hold even after heavy use and bending in many different ways!
  • Both kiddos have theirs clamped on their beds so they don’t have to strain their little necks while they are glued to their phones…all day…everyday
  • I’ve also used them in the kitchen for looking at recipes and watching shows while doing the dishes
Gooseneck Phone Holder rose gold
  • This product is great. The price is even better. It’s extremely sturdy. Sometimes it’s hard to adjust, but it’s not a problem. I use it all the time to record my self painting.
  • I picked this up on cyber Monday because I wanted something sturdy to hold my phone and it said the Nintendo Switch would fit. I am absolutely in love with it. Works great at holding my Switch and phone.
  • It’s going to make a lot of things so much easier. If you’re a crafter and need your phone hands free for videos, etc. you can clamp this thing to your desk and you’re good to go. It does wobble some though so keep that in mind if you’re making a video. This would probably be great for Twitch too and youtubers. Go live on your Instagram stories hands free! From your bed! Hell I bet it even holds a beer.
  • Everything is as to be expected and accurate with the given description. I have used it on a daily basis connecting with the family and watching videos with no negative feedback. The articulation is more stiff than I expected but it has shown to be a positive attribute.
  • The arm’s phone clamp works well. The arm’s furniture clamp might have benefited from having slightly longer clamping fingers. It does the job though.
  • It’s really sturdy and wide enough for my bed frame.
  • Coil is very stiff. It has enough strength to hold the biggest phone solidly in place. That said, it is fully articulating and adjustable, with the clip able to rotate 360 degrees to put your phone in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Sturdy phone holder, attaches to headboard
  • Absolutely Perfect for Holding a Cellphone Steady and Secure

Is Lamicall a good brand for bike phone holders?

To see how wonderful the Lamicall bike phone mount is, all you have to do is look at the sales and favorable reviews ratio on Amazon. But, despite the fact that it is made of plastic, it can protect your phone even in the event of an accident.A bike phone holder will not only mount your phone securely on your bike, but will also be able to mount it on.

bike phone mount lamicall review
  • Scooter
  • Weed whacker
  • Treadmill
  • Grocery cart
  • Golf cart
  • Water tub

With Bike phone mount, you can:

  • Keep your phone secure and clean
  • Keep track of navigation while riding
  • Shooting videos hands-free while riding
  • Having a gadget in line with your bike style
  • Free your hands

Best Lamicall Bike Phone Stand

  • Looks and works great! Easy install.
    Fits my iPhone 11 max pro with a pink defender OtterBox case!!!
  • I have been looking for this exact product. I get lost in the trails when mountain biking a lot and end up stopping just to bring my phone out of the pocket. I wanted to get something that would hold up the phone well without too much shaking on the trail. Works better than I thought it would. See video attached. My phone is a pixel 3 XL with a 6.3 inch screen. I never locked it and it held it just as well..
  • This mount is the REAL DEAL!!!
  • If your life is an adventure you need this mount.
  • Absolutely great item, much better than I expected.
  • I fitted it to a motorcycle and travelled 3000 km across Europe in strong winds and heavy rain, travelling at 130 km/h, it was perfect, total confidence in this product.
  • Sturdy and good quality, especially for the price.
  • Absolutely the best holder for a bike..
  • Super sturdy mount – I’ve forgotten to lock the mechanism many, many times (more than I’m willing to admit) and my phone hasn’t fallen off.
  • Best bike mount I’ve had. It does not move when properly attached to the handle bars. The one handed attachment and release is really great as well. Would buy again.
  • Great,affordable,and very sturdy.

Is Lamicall a Good Brand for Car Phone Holder?

Lamicall’s main business is not Car Phone Holder, but in the last two years, Lamicall has begun to get involved in the sector of Car Cell Phone Holder. In recent years, we’ve become more reliant on cell phone navigation than traditional GPS, and a slew of companies providing car phone mounts have sprung up to meet the need. So, what makes a Car phone holder so beneficial, and how can it assist us?

  • Prevent accidents from using cell phones while driving
  • Making phone calls hands-free
  • Using navigation in a Legal way
  • Charging your phone while keeping it by your sight
  • Offering a stable space to put your phone in the car

Best Lamicall Car Phone Holder

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1
  • Easy to use and doesn’t leave a mark!
  • This product is a thousand times better than my previous one. It is rock solid when installed and holds my phone securely without interfering with the buttons or power cord. If it lasts a reasonable amount of time, it’ll be perfect.
  • I don’t like suction cup phone holders, or the ones that take up my previous cup holder space. This fit perfectly, it won’t slip, easy to use and I am pretty sad it took me this long to find it. I highly recommend.
  • Clip works well on both horizontal and vertical vents. Supports the weight of an ip13 with ease.
  • Amazing product! Thoughtfully designed and clean looking. It’s very sturdy and attaches easily and securely. My phone doesn’t budge! The only thing I would change is to make the square that attaches the holder and clip a little smaller but I would definitely buy again.
  • Finally a phone holder that actually works for my big phone with the safety cover on it All the other ones I tried enough to hold it this one holds it in place securely and I’m mostly driving dirt roads in Arizona to get in and out of where I live it’s never falling down stay steady and the hook in the back is great because it’s easy to put on and off and you don’t have to drill anything you don’t have to put sticky stuff that out here starts getting gooey and falls off after the summer starts to hit and it gets hot I’m very happy with it
  • This fits the vent and holds the phone in a steady position.
  • Amazing product! Thoughtfully designed and clean looking. It’s very sturdy and attaches easily and securely. My phone doesn’t budge! The only thing I would change is to make the square that attaches the holder and clip a little smaller but I would definitely buy again.
  • This holder was exactly what I needed. It hooks into the air vent, super snug. Holds my phone straight and I don’t have to worry about it falling or moving.
car air vent phone holder c2 balck
  • Single-handed operated, instantly on and off phone holder just like what I am looking for, plus the rubber-like material vent gripper makes it very easy to install, firmly hold, and won’t damage your car vent blade, very thoughtful design yet a reasonable price. Recommend it.
  • Granted I haven’t tried every one out there. But by count, there are nine different vent mounts in my pile of stuff. They all seem to hold a phone just fine. What they don’t do is hold on to the vent. These simply do.
  • Very sturdy and stable vent grippers on back. Will not fall off vent, even mounted in angle with one gripper 100% clinched on and the other about 50%.
  • I was looking to replace my magnetic mount and preferred a mount that is small and sleek rather than the common bulky ones. This mount is just perfect. It’s small, sleek, and super durable. Way more comfortable to use than my previous, magnetic mount, and the phone feels much more secure. My Galaxy s21 with 6.2 screen fits perfectly.
  • Amazing cell phone mount! Looks classy and does not damage vents!
  • Best Clip Ever for a large phone like mine
  • I’ve had a couple of vent phone holders for a while and their single grip which attaches them to the vent is unavoidably their Achilles’ heel. Yes, it allows to easily rotate and tilt the phone but they are also somewhat prone to slipping off the vent when handled with less than the utmost delicate touch.
  • Simple, reliable car vent phone holder 👍
  • Holds SUPER TIGHT to My A/C Vent. Also Works GREAT on a Vertical A/C vent.

Is Lamicall a good brand for iPad/tablet stand?

Lamicall items appear on the first page of any Amazon search for iPad stand, and numerous Lamicall products appear on the first page of any Amazon search for iPad stand. Is the Lamicall tablet holder, however, truly dependable? Let’s investigate further. But first, let’s figure out what problem the Tablet stand is supposed to solve.

  • Prop up your iPad in a sturdy way
  • Decluttering your desktop buy saving up space
  • Avoid your iPad damage from spilling coffee
  • Better display
  • Good for multitasking with iPad
  • Having video conference while taking notes
  • Watching Netflix Hands-free (without holding your iPad)
  • Recording video easily
  • Playing games using external controller
  • Following latest news/podcasts
  • Checking on recipe while cooking
  • Keeping your decent table set-up all the time

Best Lamicall iPad Holder

adjustable tablet stand s2 silver-1
  • I absolutely love this stand! It is so sleek and really durable. I was thinking about getting a MacBook or Mac desktop instead of using my new IPad Air 2 for college, but this stand paired with the Anker Bluetooth keyboard is just what I needed to make my setup complete. The thought of being able to set up at home like a desktop, and still be able to easily grab my tablet and run makes me happy. All without having the added expense of a MacBook or a Mac. I definitely do not regret the decision to make this purchase and use my tablet as a desktop.
  • I just received the tablet stands from Lamicall. The one for tablets is great
  • Love this little stand, especially for use in the kitchen to follow recipes. Adjusts easily.
  • 6/5 Stars. This is a must-buy!
  • This is a fantastic stand! When I ordered this, I was a bit leery of how sturdy it would be, if the stand would remain upright at various angles, how strong the “hinges” were in multiple adjustments, etc. But when this arrived I was blown away by how great a stand it is.
  • I got the rose gold one and I absolutely love the color. The color looks so sophisticated and beautiful. I love the metallic finish on t(e stand and it makes it very aesthetically pleasing to look at and of course use.
  • Versatile little thing
  • Terrific company, great product, but does not fold.
lamicall foldable tablet stand DT02 silver-4
  • Solid. Does not tip over.
  • Excellent and practical
  • I had a previous stand that I used that only had one hinge and a narrow support table which worked fine for a thin iPad out of the case. This stand has a wider support table which allows me to put my iPad still in a case on it and it has two hinges for better positioning so I can not only type on it or watch movies on it but also draw on it at a decent angle.
  • I use this as a stand for drawing on my iPad. It is stable and works in both portrait and landscape. It does not move under pressure from my Apple pencil. The space at the bottom is perfect for the charging cable. The back part also fits perfectly into the groove in my lap desk.
  • I’ve had this for several months and it’s great. super sturdy. the pivoting parts are tight, so it really holds its position. Basically it has two points of adjustment. you have to play around with it, to see what angle works best for what you’re doing, but it’s honestly been great for using my ipad on zoom, reading, cooking, watching shows.
  • Very impressed with the quality of this stand. I use it to hold my Maschine Mikro and it works great. Takes up minimal space but is very sturdy and easily adjustable.
  • My wife wants her big iPad Pro on the kitchen counter so she can follow recipes. Her iPad has a heavy cover on it too. This stand is perfect. Big, heavy, sturdy. Exactly what we needed.
  • I knew it was a little heavy, but I think that’s what keeps it so stable in use for either cell phone or tablet. Also stays fairly stiff to adjust, but that keeps it in place well. If you wanted to loosen up you could probably move back and forth a lot to loosen up.
  • Really like this stand for my surface pro. It’s ideal. Holds the Tablet at the perfect angle for viewing and for running the surface dock. Would definitely buy again. Easy to adjust and very sturdy.
  • Super sturdy and flexible. Can mount ipad vertically and horizontally. No adhesive backings and it does not block the charging of the Apple Pencil. Love it!
height adjustable tablet stand dt04 banner-1
  • I purchased this tablet stand by Lamicall. It’s well built. Holds my Amazon Fire 10 tablet with ease. Heavy base. Study. Not cheap. I give 5 of 5 star rating.
  • Only have it a short time but so far so worth it,, simple to use seems like it will be perfect to keep either i pad or phone camera at right position, heavy, sturdy easy to use
  • It’s giving absolutely what it’s supposed to be giving!!! Disregard all of the negative reviews. If people read the descriptions and look at the reviews before buying they would be more satisfied. I would buy this again if I had too. Way better than my old stand. Also the product materials is of great quality
  • Looks good. Holds Surface Pro perfectly. Adjustable for camera position.
  • Out of the 4 stands that I purchased, this one wins – hands down! It is so hefty and stable; this bad boy ain’t movin’ unless you deliberately push it over!! You can seriously knock someone out with this stand, so no playing around, kids!!!
  • Great little stand for the money. It’s durable, sturdy, and takes up little room.
  • I love the way you can adjust the stand and the heaviness of it to keep it still.
  • Just what I was looking for 😀
  • Top notch bit of kit – brilliant with 9.7 inch iPad Pro
  • Well made, strong, easily adapted. Perfect to adjust my tablet to align to my laptop screen.
  • Got this for my tablet to sit on the counter when I’m following a recipe. Hit the nail on the head. Solid and heavy, it’s going nowhere! Actually much heavier than expected.
  • I Love this stand it looks amazing and is built really well I couldn’t ask for more.

Is Lamicall a Good Brand for Gooseneck Tablet Holders?

We can all agree that carrying an iPad in our hands is inconvenient, and the gooseneck tablet holder may be the final solution, at least for the time being. You’ve certainly heard of this product before, and it does appear to be a little unstable, despite its undeniably smart appearance. It can make using your iPad easier in a variety of situations, including.

  • On your desk and help you multitask
  • In your bed watching video hands-free
  • In the kitchen cooking while following a recipe on iPad
  • Recording video
  • In your cozy spot having the best time with your iPad
  • When putting it on the thigh, it conforms to the curve of the thigh and is extremely comfortable.
  • Don’t worry about losing your apple pencil again because of the side storage space.
  • Use materials that are environmentally friendly

Best Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder

gooseneck tablet holder ls02 grey-3
  • I’m very happy with this. I like to use it for seeing my photos while painting. The photo quality is much better on my tablet than the a hard copy from my printer. Plus I can place it in the right view of my eye glasses making it easy to follow where I am at in the painting. It’s very sturdy yes and a little hard to adjust at times but that’s ok – it’s not cheaply made at all and it is not going to fall apart. I’ve only been using it a few days now but I could see using it in the kitchen too for following recipes or watching a cooking demo… I do have the holder hooked to a shelf that is not secure so I just have to be mindful of that. I would recommend to anyone.
  • I’ve had several of this type over the years and can say hands down this is the best. I’ve used it for a week and use it every day, and love it. It’s a more solid construction than any of my others and hope it will last for more than a couple of years.
  • The gooseneck is strong enough to hold position. My Fire Notebooks fits well in the firm grips. I love it, and shared a photo on my Facebook.
  • Love it !!!! That is all folks

gooseneck holder for bed ls07 black-4
  • Works great! Got my wife an iPad (10.5”) for her birthday and followed it up with this. Boom.
  • I work as a merchandiser for grocery stores. Day after day of ordering for the stores with my tablet sitting in the carts child seat. Daily I was getting migraines from my head hanging over the cart to place orders in the tablet. I saw an Insta cart person who had clipped their phone on the shopping cart and surely thought there had to be something for a tablet. Well there is not one specific for a grocery cart, but when I saw the flexibility of this product, I had to give it a try. I figured what could it hurt to try and make it work. BEST THING EVER!!!! I no longer come home with a migraine from leaning over the tablet, but headaches from customers and stores, that’s another story.
  • I purchased this because I have a chronic condition that sometimes means I need to rest in bed for pain relief. It’d been difficult to watch movies or TV while in bed, so I decided to see if this mount would help. Man, does it!!!
  • I just got this delivered today and I couldn’t be happier with it!
  • This item is awesome! The neck is very long, so the positions and angles and heights are limitless. The carriage is rotatable 360 degrees, so the table can be used in portrait or landscape with a simple turn. The thing bounces a little if you are tapping, but otherwise is very stable and the neck always holds its position exactly.
  • Ok, so I never really thought about using one of these but when my arms felt tired while holding up my Switch above my head while lying down in bed and it almost falling onto my face a few times, I decided to give this a try. And oh man, am I happy.
  • Great support, even for a 13 inch portable monitor

Is Lamicall a Good Brand for iPad Pillow?

The iPad cushion is a relatively new concept compared to the iPad stand, which has been around for a long time. If you’re unfamiliar with an iPad cushion, it’s essentially a fabric pillow that also functions as an iPad stand. Foam or memory foam is commonly used as the filling, with nylon fabric, waterproof fabric, and other materials used on the outside. Some people refer to them as iPad cushions, pillow stands, and so on. These items are especially suited for youngsters because they may be used not only as a tablet holder, but also to read books. What makes the Lamicall tablet pillow stand so appealing?

  • Very gentle; will not inadvertently harm the youngster.
  • Provide a range of viewing angles and make it comfortable to use.
  • Some items are made of waterproof fabric, making them ideal for outdoor camping.
  • Not only will it fit most iPads and cell phones, but it will also work with e-books and physical books.

Best Lamicall iPad Pillow

Iapd Pillow Stand PL02 Black
  • This item most definitely fits the bill. I am very happy with it. When I showed it to my wife, she wanted one too, so I ordered a second for her use. She does not share my affection for history, but she does read novels, and some of those are rather large.
  • Just got my Lamicall Tablet Pillow Holder and I am super pleased!
  • I’ve only had this a few hours but I had to write. It’s absolutely perfect for lying in bed and watching videos.
  • This is such a good product and I love it! I use it for my tablet, and it can be used almost straight up or leaning slightly more, reducing neck strain; it frees my left hand which had the very tiring duty to hold my ipad or looking for something to lean it against it while working or cooking or just web searching! It is soft, sturdy and light. I LOVE IT!!!
  • This holds my books and tablet on my lap in a position that makes them easy to read and without putting any pressure on my thumbs and hands that have a lot of pain in them.
  • Great for tablets or phone if you have trouble holding tec for any length of time.
    You have two grooves to allow you to place your tec at an angle to suit you, very light but sturdy enough to use. We have a 8 inch tablet on landscape and you have just short of 1inch from the end of the pillow on either side.

Is Lamicall a Good Brand for Car Tablet Holder?

Many people, in fact, require it. Because most tiny children dislike sitting in child seats, it is critical to provide an iPad to small children who are seated behind the car headrest. The child is able to sit happily in the child seat as a result of this. Lamicall recognized parents’ pain points and created this product a few years ago, which promptly ran out and made a really good sale. It is very simple to install and remove, even in an emergency situation, such as when you need to remove the headrest, which can be done in a matter of seconds. So, what exactly are the advantages?

  • Compatible with a lot of iPads, tablets, e-books, and gaming consoles and phones.
  • 360 rotatable
  • Easy installation
  • Shockproof
  • Support both landscape and portrait viewing
  • Doesn’t block the charging port

Best Lamicall Car Tablet Holder

ipad holder for car headrest banner
  • I didn’t realize that you would have to take the case off in order to fit the ipad in it. If I had known, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. It was very easy to install though! Update: company reached out to me and is sending a new one that can fit the iPad with case! Great customer service! Update 2: the company sent me a new one and the iPad fits with the case on! It was very easy to install, and works beautifully!
  • Super excited that this fits our baby’s Kindle Fire in his kids protective case. It holds it securely & there is still room for his mirror for us to keep an eye on him from the front seat. We have a 2018 4Runner
  • Works out great for our 8 month old! Holds the iPad mini perfectly. Doesn’t fall or lose grip from the iPad at all
  • I wish I bought these years ago! Incredible bargain and incredible product. Such an easy install and fits both our old IPad and new Kindle 10. Two happy, quiet kids in the back seat as I type this! What a difference this makes compared to kids trying to watch a movie while holding a tablet in their laps – this eliminated the constant accidental clicking of somewhere on the screen, AND this set-up eliminated our daughter’s usual motion sickness experienced when watching movies. Looking straight ahead works much better than her looking down!
  • You know what!?!?! I’ve been looking everywhere for a tablet mount that stays in place when you actually start driving. If I haven’t had enough of reaching round to straighten the other mounts I’ve had previously for the kids when I set off over a speed bump… My word!!! Well this one is a dream.
Headrest Tablet Mount P3 Banner
  • Perfect in every way
  • This thing is really well made. Came nicely packaged and fits our 4Runner perfectly. I love that it’s low profile against the seat but has enough room to pivot and swivel the tablet. Fits the iPad Pro 10.5 inch and any smartphone. Best Ive seen so far.
  • Product functions as advertised. If you want a high quality, minimalist product design that’s incredibly easy to install and helps keep kids entertained in the back seat this is it. Tablet attachment is sturdy.
  • Cool product that works! This fit perfectly on the driver headrest of a Subaru and held a 12.9 iPad Pro. I had a glass protector shield on the iPad and was worried that the hold would crack the glass. It did not. I was able to rotate the iPad landscape or portrait with ease. I could take it on and off with ease but it does take two hands and a firm grip because the spring is strong which is a good thing. It did not slip from the set position one bit on a very long road trip. It’s perfect really. No suggestions, just praise. Yep, it’s that good.
  • Great for the price, easy for kids to use
  • Stop searching, the children 100% approve it
  • Perfect for kids. Very well made and durable!
  • This car tablet holder installs easily and accomplishes what we wanted it to do. This holder fits on the 1st and 2nd-row headrests in our Subaru Ascent. We do have to remove our tablets from their cases for the best installation. Additionally, the parents are the ones who usually have to assist in putting the tablet into the headrest. However, once your child can reach the tablet after installation in the headset, there really are no other times parents/guardians/drivers need to be involved. I would rebuy this item.

Is Lamicall a Good Brand for Headphone Holder?

Headphone holders help you store, protect, or display your headphones. Because the headphone holder is an integral aspect of your table set-up, it must be carefully chosen. People frequently inquire about the headphone stand, namely whether it would harm the headphones and whether it will topple over. These will be displayed in direct consumer evaluations on subsequent pages, but first, let’s figure out why you need a headphone stand.

  • Minimalist design, fit in all types of interior style and table set-up
  • Easy adjustable and installation
  • Wide compatibility
  • Multi scenario usage
  • Can also work for VR headset
  • Can be placed on a table or stick to the edge of table

Best Lamicall Headphone Holder

lamicall headset stand black H1-2
  • Simple and Amazing Headset Stand!
  • I bought three of these and they’re all flawless. Packaging is minimal and thoughtful, with ZERO blemishes from manufacturing.
  • My favorite headphone stand right now. I have a few other cheap ones similar in price but this one by far is my favorite out of the group.
  • It’s just an amazing headset stand, really. The moment I opened the package I knew it had the quality the other reviewers said it had and it was extremely easy to assemble, took me less than a minute.
  • Gently caresses my Hifiman and Grado headphones and looks great. Stable. Nice quality. I will be ordering more asap.
  • This headphone stand is made of 3 simple pieces that comes “flat-packed” and needs assembled. There’s the round base, the threaded rod, and the… uhh… hat? It’s plainly simple how to assemble it and it’s surprisingly sturdy.
  • This is a simple headset stand. It doesn’t do cable management and it doesn’t have any lights or wires or things to plug in. It was exactly what I wanted.
  • I ordered this device to rest my headphones. on. I really like it! It is not flimsy, cheap or bulky. I have limited space on my desk but it has found it’s own home. I have been very pleased with it the price is definitely matched to the value.
  • Great For Keeping Headphones Off Floor
lamicall headphone hanger DH01 black-1
  • Worth more than it’s cost
  • I have a white desk and a light grey chair and this headphone hanger matches the design perfectly. The quality and simple hinged design is brilliant. The adhesive is very strong provided you clean the surface before applying and let it cure for 24 hours before hanging anything on it.
  • It is a bit bulky but fits on top of my tube amp with no problem. I’ve had this on there with my headphones sitting on the hook most of the time for well over a month.
  • Just what we needed and really versatile!
  • Great choice for a more permanent headphone mount
  • I bought this to use for my headphones of course because I didn’t have a stand. With this one attached to the side of the desk, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of room. It’s adjustable and sturdy. Not a regret buy, and I continue to use it to this day. Highly recommend.
  • Very simple to use and because it can be attached almost anywhere, it’s more versatile than an actual desk type stand and is very sturdy. The adhesive is strong and comes with a second adhesive pad in the box should one need to remove the hanger and put it in a different location.
  • I have one at my home office and one at work. Very easy to install. Works great to keep my head set and cords out of the way and stored safely so it doesn’t get damaged when not in use. I liked this. Very handy to have
  • I had a plan prior to receiving this as to where it will go on my desk. Once I discovered how many ways it can actually adjust, I found a better location. Very pleased with this sturdy purchase.

What Makes Lamicall A Reliable Company?

We’ve already seen how well people view Lamicall, and to be honest, that’s all I’m interested in. However, as we’ll see below, there are a few additional reasons why Lamicall can be regarded as a good brand, and just a reminder, Lamicall is also a well-known b-side service provider in the field.

What is Lamicall?

Lamicall is a company headquartered in Shezhen, China. Focusing on the design, development and sales of intelligent ergonomic products such as holders/standers/risers/mounts for electronic devices. With sales in over 80 countries worldwide, more than 20M consumers have chosen Lamicall products. With over 130 intellectual property rights, it has also received the top 100 cross-border e-commerce enterprise award from Amazon.

What is Lamicall Willing to Give?

Better Consumer Understanding

  • 10 years of experience in its industry, as well as a thorough R&D procedure to ensure that the VOC is audible.
  • Analysis of customer insights prior to product definition and concept selection.
  • Samples from the trail will be used for internal/channel testing in order to improve the functionality.
  • Summarize experience from reviews and NPS analysis to improve/upgrade the products.

Premium Style and Concise Design

  • 130+ R&D patents, a beautiful appearance, and a user-friendly design
  • Detailed finishing and carefully chosen colors.
  • Excellent texture and high-quality materials

Online sales are performing well.

  • For the past six years, Lamicall has been ranked first in the electronic holder category.
  • Sales have been proven, and channel partners will find it easier to market the Lamicall brand.
  • A strong internet rating instills confidence.

Business Model for Profitable Cooperation

  • Excellent supply chain system and cost control; business partners are left with the proper margin.
  • Compares to other competitors, reasonable pricing.
  • Attain a price balance between online and offline channels.
  • Exclusive retail models to safeguard business partners

Exceptional Quality

  • The RMA rate is roughly 2%, which is lower than the industry average.
  • Strict quality control at the plant and suppliers; goods meet a variety of standards, including CE, RoSH, and others…
  • Partner or third-party factory audits are welcome.
  • Responsible for the product epidemic.

Support for Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Continue your social media promotion with posts, articles, and blogs.
  • Draw traffic to items based on the recommendations of KOLs.
  • Encourage end users to share their online user experiences.
  • Would like to invest in distributor channel marketing initiatives to increase sell-through.
  • Would like to attend significant industry exhibitions once the epidemic situation has improved.
  • Would like to add retail marketing and create POSMs to raise brand awareness (flyers, posters, give-aways).

Lamicall provides customers with feasibility.

Lamicall has gone to great lengths to assure customer happiness and provide exceptional service. They are always willing to assist you and are constantly interested in hearing from customers. This is also visible on their website.

They’ve also teamed up with outside businesses to make online transactions possible and to deliver your things quickly and without fuss. Their products are of the highest quality, and their clients adore their service.

Given the brand’s nature, we may see it develop even more and achieve various milestones over the next few decades. Furthermore, the brand’s one-of-a-kind solutions are constantly commendable.

You will never be disappointed, however, because they will always come up with something fresh, possibly something you could never have imagined.

Where to Buy Lamicall Products?

Lamicall items are available not only on Amazon, but also on the company’s own website and a number of third-party reseller sites. Lamicall has offline partners all over the world, and its products can be found in many electronic accessory stores. Lamicall also offers B2B&Co-brading (contact yanvi@lamicall.com) and OEM/ODM (contact service@lamicall.com) services. Please contact us at any time if you wish to be Lamicall’s partner!

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