Most Portable iPhone and Watch Charging Station – 2-in-1

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iPhone iWatch Charging Station

A week ago, Lamicall released a portable iPhone and watch charging station. A stationary 2-in-1 iPhone + Apple watch station is not a hand-me-down idea, but here comes the portable one!

Unlike the ordinary iPhone Apple watch, station stand, this phone and watch charger stand 2 in 1 Stand can be separated and taken in a palm-size.

Easy Installation

The installation process is straightforward. Once you open the package:

1. Insert the stand into the base as indicated by the arrow.
2. Flip the Apple Watch stand over and attach the Apple Watch charger to the charging cradle.

Notice:Only compatible with the original Apple Watch charger.

Strong Stability

Lamicall makes sure that the iPhone iWatch charging station is fully anti-slipping and anti-scratching. Thereby, we have wrapped high-quality rubber in the part of the mobile phone stand, and a rubber coat has also been installed at the bottom of the whole stand and the joint of the two components as well.
Rest assured that your smart devices are steady and neat.

Trustworthy Material

The top component is made of PC+ABS. PC-ABS is a plastic that combines the strength and heat resistance of polycarbonate with the flexibility of ABS. PC-ABS is a high-impact, high-thermal-resistance polymer that is suited for use in demanding engineering environments.

PC is a fantastic material choice because it is not only high-performing but also recyclable and environmentally friendly.

ABS plastic is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which is a recyclable plastic combination.

For better device stability, the bottom component is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.


The whole thing can be collapsed into a palm-size, which will be super easy to fit in your backpack, even your jeans pocket.

iPhone and Watch Charging Station
I have tiny Asian female hands, and here's how small this gadget is.
iPhone and Watch Charging Station with a sunglasses case size comparison
Compared to a small size sunglasses case, here's how this gadget looks like.

Pretty cool, right? If you need to travel a lot and would like to carry a small piece of your table set-up all the time, this is your go-to gadget. The iPhone iWatch Charging Station.

iphone and watch charging station dw02 balck-1


Q: Does the Apple watch charger stay in the hole when the watch isn’t there Or do you need to re-attach each time?

A: The iWatch charger will stay nestled once you install it. The charger will not move when you take the watch off.

Leave us a comment for the further question!

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