Best iPad Holder for Your Car Buying Guide

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A baby lying in the backseat watching cartoons on the iPad

Going out on a trip with your family will be more fun with the iPad holder you can mount on your car. Are you looking for excellent brands? Find out how!

Traveling with your family for some getaway and bringing kids with you requires long patience. They tend to get irritated with long hours of sitting in the backseat. Or, if your destination is just a few miles away, you seem bored with just a few things to do on your trip. You thought of bringing your iPad with you as a solution for all these situations. However, can you hold it while driving? Can your kids carry it for a more extended period? Will you enjoy your relaxing time holding your tablet while watching?

Using an iPad holder for cars is the best thing to bring on your trip. You get instant entertainment by simply installing it at the back of the headrest, on the dashboard, or at the cupholder. You don’t need to hold your iPad to let the kids watch their favorite cartoons so they’d stop bugging you while driving. In this blog, we’ll discuss more about how beneficial an iPad holder can be.

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What is an iPad Holder for Cars?

An iPad holder for cars is a car mount holder dedicated to holding your iPad or tablet and even your phone during travels. It is usually made of aluminum and high-quality plastic to keep it in place on car headrests, dashboards, and cup holders. The holder is rotatable up to 360 degrees to get a better view at all angles you like.

It is user-friendly, too, so it is pretty easy to install at its specific location in your car. With an iPad holder, you could enjoy the trip when you are caught in traffic. You would be comfortable seeing your kids calm and entertained during long trips. Most of all, your device is safe from unwanted mess and situations that might damage it.

Sample of a Car Mount iPad holder

Image source: Lamicall

How Does a Car Mount iPad Holder Work?

Let’s move on to how this little thing becomes enormous when it comes to its capabilities. You need to consider how it works in different situations before buying a car mount iPad holder. As we mentioned, it is installed in a dedicated location inside your car, be it on the dashboard, on the car’s floor, cup holder, or car’s headrest.

A tablet mounted on the dashboard, showing a map

Image Source: iGeeksblog

This iPad holder helps you navigate your iPad hands-free. Suppose you are searching for a particular place, but you are not sure about the exact location. You can use your iPad to use an online map to show you the route. However, isn’t it difficult to drive while figuring out where to place your tablet to see the direction clearly? With the help of this accessory, you can safely install your iPad and view the instructions from there time after time.

Aside from that, it lets you reach your device quickly as you have an intended location for it. Going for the buttons is more accessible, without the risk of dropping it or swerving in the road for trying to reach it unseen. Hence, you can do things smoothly, such as listening to news or music. The advanced technology allows you to do voice commands. Just set up your tablet near you and command, for example, to play a song or ask a random question that Google can answer.

Types of Car Mount iPad Holders

There are several types of iPad holders that you can choose to install inside your car. Decide on where you want to put it, and you will find out that there is an available holder suited for that location.

Car Mount iPad Holder for Cup Holders

This iPad holder has pivots joints, extended bases, and flexible trays that secure installation for stability. It is stronger than the air vent and magnetic mounts. In addition, it can be mounted for the driver’s view or the backseat passengers’ view.

Sample of an iPad holder for cup holders

Image Source: Amazon

Car Mount iPad Holder for Headrests

It is attached to the rear headrest’s bars and is considered the most practical car mount as it is the safest for long travels. The kids will most likely enjoy this type of iPad holder as they are seated in the backseat. It would entertain whoever sits there as this car mount faces away from the driver and is meant for the passengers’ viewing.

A tablet held by an iPad holder mounted on the rear headrest

Image Source: Lamicall

Car Mount iPad Holder for Floor/Seat Rails

While other car mounts do not require tools to install, this type of car mount needs that. You need to use those tools to gear up and tighten the screws to attach them for stability. Also, you can adjust it to heights as high as your chest or your waist. Thus, this car mount iPad holder comes as the most reliable because they are sturdy. However, the installation process would require more effort.

A tablet holder mounted on the car floor

Image Source: Amazon

Car Mount iPad Holder for Air Vents

Mounting this type of holder is easy as you just need to pull back the tab clip and securely put it in the air vent. You can adjust the viewing angles, and it is easy to remove. The only downside is it blocks the flow of air from the air vent and may risk your device to overheating if used for longer trips.

A tablet placed on the air vent car mount

Image Source: Rice Power

Car Mount iPad Holder for Windshields or Dashboards

This type is the most common to buyers for its easy-to-mount feature. It has a strong suction cup that won’t detach easily, securing your device in place. But, it is not the most stable as it is prone to collapse because of poor driving and your device’s heavyweight.

2 tablets mounted, one on the windshield, the other on the dashboard
2 tablets mounted, one on the windshield, the other on the dashboard

Image Source: Galleon

Features of an iPad Holder for Cars

The use of an iPad holder became the new norm for people who seek convenience and entertainment while enjoying road trips and long drives. Why do you need to endure boredom when you can navigate your iPad without the need to hold it all the time? The following are the best features that a car mount iPad holder exhibits.

An iPad mounted at the car’s dashboard

Image Source: iPadable

Easy to use

The overall design of this holder is user-friendly, so you won’t find it hard to install. You will find different brands out there, but they have common features, so setting up is easy. Some of them don’t require the use of tools or screws to mount them. In just a few minutes, the iPad holder is ready to use.

Compatible with most devices

It doesn’t just cater to iPads alone, as you can also put your tables, or even smartphones, in the mount. Its adjustable sides can accommodate the size of the phones and tablets, depending on their extension capacity. Most iPad holders are compatible even with the newest designs of car headrests today.

Protection against scratches and damage

Since you will mount your tablet to the holder, you might think that the clamp would leave scratches on your device. Trusted brands create an anti-scratch feature to protect your tablet from abrasions that may ruin it for overuse. Putting your iPad on the car mount will secure it from situations that might cause any damage, as the anti-skid feature keeps it safe from falling.

Flexible viewing

You can rotate the holder any way you want it, 360 degrees! Enjoy watching while your iPad is on a landscape or portrait-style view. You can also change the viewing angle depending on the features of the iPad holder you choose. Other types can stand on the car floor or have an extended arm that lets you position your device at different angles.

Benefits of an iPad Holder for Cars

Aside from the features, of course, are its counterpart – the benefits. For every feature comes the benefit that determines the efficiency of the product. Below are some of the advantages you might be looking for as a deciding factor in buying an iPad holder.

A mother and two kids enjoy watching on the tablet mounted at the headrest of the car seat

Image Source: Auto Quarterly

It keeps you, and the family relaxed while viewing your iPad.

Sure, you can use your iPad while in the car. (NOTE: We do not recommend using your device while driving.) Your other passengers, including your family or friends, may use your device while sitting in the backseat. However, it is pretty taxing to hold it all the time alternately in both hands. And of course, the one who has the tablet got most of the view which might cause your children to argue.

With the help of an iPad holder in your car, the view is upfront, facing them all so they can all watch and enjoy. Besides, the kids might struggle to hold it as it is bigger and heavier than phones. Furthermore, there is no more hand fatigue and neck pains coming.

It prolongs your iPad’s lifespan in the long run.

Putting your iPad in a secured place inside your car would ensure its safety from damage. One can not determine when an undesirable situation might happen that may cause bumps and breakage or any risk along the way. Your child might throw tantrums at times you least expect it and may drop or cast it out. With the iPad holder’s strong hold, that will not happen.

You get the value for your money.

You will not regret buying a car mount iPad holder because it provides what you need – safety, convenience, and entertainment. The value of real enjoyment is achieved when you can navigate the tablet without holding it. Also, the need for security while on the road is one of the reasons for this purchase.

How to Install a Car Mount iPad Holder

Installing a car mount iPad holder is pretty much straightforward. Depending on the brand and type you choose, most of them offer an easy installation that you can follow.

1. Some types don’t need tools to mount. Just snap it at both sides of the headrest bars, and it is ready.

A hand snapping the end of a car mount iPad holder to the headrest bar

Image Source: Lamicall

2. Some need proper locking by turning the knob to tighten so the holder is fixed and secured.

Image of a hand tightening the knob of a car mount iPad holder

Image Source: Amazon

3. However, there are iPad holders that need tools for screwing to ensure the security of the installation. What’s good about it is that it is more stable, providing safety for your gadget.

Car Mount iPad Holder for Car Floor

Image Source: Amazon

Things to Consider When Buying an iPad Holder for Cars

Of course, for every product you want to purchase, you must ensure you did your research about it. There are things to consider before you buy a car mount iPad holder. It ensures you get the suitable one for your car with good quality at the right price.

Tablet mounted on the headrest of the car

Image Source: Ubuy

Where to mount

Before you buy an iPad holder for your car, make sure you have decided where to mount it, as there are various types you can choose from. It would not be a match if you selected your air vent to place it, but you suddenly bought a car mount for the headrest.

User-friendly features

If you are a person who doesn’t love the long mounting process, you must choose the type which does not require tools to install it. There are car mounts that are user-friendly and won’t impose too much time before you can use them. It always depends on your preference. Take into consideration the kids that you bring with you. If the iPad holder is user-friendly, they can navigate it independently, like simply changing the angles.


Buying a gadget accessory is more advantageous if the one you chose is compatible with other devices. Aside from your iPad, can they hold your other tablet or your smartphone? The two-in-one stuff you got there has real value for your money.


Of course, quality is the number one factor you have to consider. Don’t fancy those flashy designs that can not promise the longevity of the product. Search for the details and what type of material is used. Always base your decision on actual reviews, online customers’ testimonials, or recommendations from trusted people when choosing the right car mount tablet holder.


Besides the quality, we tend to look next to this factor. If it does not fit our budget, we continue to look for ones that meet what we can afford. But never compromise quality over cheap car mount holders to avoid remorse in the end. Always secure your device’s safety with suitable quality materials that are budget-friendly too.

Best iPad Holders for Cars

Since there are various brands and types of car mount iPad holders, we listed down three of the easiest to install car mounts for your device. They rated 4 to 5 stars when it comes to customers’ reviews to assure good quality.

A child sits at the back seat while watching at the tablet mounted on the headrest in front

Image Source: Lamicall

Lamicall has been in the industry for more than ten years and has established its name for trusted quality. It uses revolutionary technology to come up with unique designs and reliable gadget accessories. These car mount iPad holders are designed to meet people’s needs for convenience and enjoyment. Check out their products at the Lamicall shop.

Lamicall’s iPad holders for headrests

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It is user-friendly as you only need to snap the two sides on both bars of the headrest.
  • It is rotatable to 360 degrees so that you can adjust the viewing angle according to your need.
  • It has soft rubber pads to protect your tablet from scratches and friction.
  • It has a telescopic arm that protects your device from vibration and grips tightly on the headrest bars.
  • It comprises ABS materials and a sturdy aluminum alloy that is odorless.
  • It is compatible with device sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches.

iOttie Universal Car Mount Holder iPad Air

iOttie car mount iPad holder is universal. It sticks to almost every surface, not just on your car but also in other locations like your home. Its sticky gel feature lets the car mount attach to practically any location in your vehicle. These include the dashboard or your windshield.

iPad mounted on dashboard
iPad mounted on dashboard

Image Source: Amazon

  • It has a one-touch mounting process that securely clamps the tablet with one push of a finger.
  • Sticky gel pads that adhere strongly to most surfaces.
  • It is compatible with devices with dimensions 4.5 to 7.5 inches.
  • It securely mounts to counters, desks, dashboards, and windshields.
  • Knobs and swivel elbows can rotate at 360 degrees.
  • It has a telescopic arm that extends to give you better viewing.

iOttie Universal Car Mount Holder iPad Air

Cuxwill’s car mount iPad holder can be installed on the front cup holder or the backseat cup holder of your car. However, make sure your cup holder’s shape is round as it features a circular base for mounting. There are cup holders with different designs, so you can’t install this car mount there.

Car mount iPad holders for cup holders
Car mount iPad holders for cup holders

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is compatible with tablet sizes 4 to 13 inches.
  • It is intended for cup holder mounting and suits most cup holder sizes
  • It prevents shaking and vibrations, keeping your gadget safe with its strong hold.
  • It has an adjustable neck to raise the height
  • It has a 360-degree ball joint for better viewing angles
  • It has quick-release side buttons that allow you to assemble and disassemble effortlessly
  • It has silicone pads to avoid scratches and provides better grip to your device
  • It has an 18-month warranty upon purchase

Where to Buy an iPad Holder for Cars

If you want to find a store that has a vast supply of good quality car mount iPad holders, eCommerce shops are the one-stop-shop for that. Some of these stores are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and almost all rising online shops globally. You can also purchase from an Apple authorized reseller.

Logos of Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay
Logos of Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay
Logos of Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay

Image Sources: Brands Logos

You may also try visiting physical stores near you, though the brands and supplies there are limited. The only advantage is you can already see the actual product and take it home after buying. Whereas on eCommerce stores, you need to wait for several days before your order arrives. You might also receive defective packages, so make sure you read good reviews about your chosen car mount model.

Image of the Walmart Supercentre

Image Source: CNBC


Buying an iPad holder for your car is a good investment. Not only because it offers hands-free use of your phone and tablet, but it also ensures the safety of your device. You and your family will enjoy every minute of your journey with the mounted tablet ready. Just ensure you get to choose a trusted brand that can help you in many ways and let your passenger enjoy its features.

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