How We Made Childproof Pillow Tablet Holder

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It all started with an idea. 

Engineers at the Lamicall lab came up with a nonsensical idea of a tablet stand. What if, the stand was also a pillow, which was also a book stand, which was also safe for kids? 

The idea was pitched. Surveys were passed around the company. People came back with overwhelmingly positive responses. It turns out, everyone really wanted their children to be safe at home playing around with their iPads. Wow, who knew. 

Mobile phone and tablet stands currently in the market are generally made out of metal or hard plastic, both of which can cause accidental injury to children while use. Children can be injured by a falling phone holder, cut by sharp edges, or accidentally fall on tablet/phone holders.

These are the last things parents want their children to experience.

Nowadays our children often cannot avoid the need to use a tablet/phone for entertainment/learning.

Inventing a toddler-friendly tablet/phone holder is imminent. 

Lamicall saw this opportunity and launched the first generation product, PL01 in 2020.


Up to now, over 200,000 pieces of the tablet pillow holder have been sold on Amazon, benefiting 200,000+ families.

Recently, after we made the decision to run our own website, our second generation product, the PL02 tablet holder was born.

So here, we’re going to show you how we make them.

If you are interested in seeing what was changed about our first generation product, click here

pl01 and pl02

What We Did for Versatility?

4 Angles

After some math, we kept four (out of six in the previous design) commonly used angles for placing equipment: 45°, 51°, 56° and 63°

3 2

45° and 51° are on one side. 56° ,63° are on the other side.

It turns out, six was a little too many for most people. Also, three ridges on either side simly took too much space on the already quite slightly cramped space on the holder. 

Either sides of the PL02 tablet holder are suitable for different  scenarios. The larger angles are suitable for use on the couch, to reduce the pressure on the cervical spine while interacting with a tablet/ phone on the couch. The smaller angles are for use in bed, best for leaning against the bed. 

Again, we sorted out the four most comfortable angles after 200+ of our employees and their children tested and reviewed the prototype. These 4 angels are sure to be suitable for everyone’s needs. 

2 Pockets

pl02 pocket

There are two pockets on our pillow tablet holder, one in the middle on one side, providing an iPhone Pro Max-sized storage space. If you don’t own a phone larger than that (which might be a bit much, c’mon my friend), your phone should fit right in. 

The bottom pocket can be used to store your Apple Pencil or any stick/strip shaped item that fits in. I lose my Apple Pencils(trust me this is a definite plural) ALL THE TIME. Back when I had my Surface, I lost all my Surface pens too, too bad I didn’t have this pillow stand.  

My suggestion: It’s important to have a particular place to store each item, put it back to where it belongs once you are done using it. Make it a habit to take good care of your stuff.

Multiple Scenarios of Use

Not only can the PL02 pillow holder be used on the couch or the bed, it could be at any corner of your home. Use it in any situation that suits you. Take it with you on a Road Trip, for instance, and you can use it as a neck pillow to protect your neck. Trust me I tried using it as a neck pillow before, it’s surprisingly comfortable (for a couple hours). 

You can also bring it with you during Airplane Travels, it can be used as a pillow on your tray table, allowing you to take a nap whenever you want.

You can use the PL02 pillow holder in a Wheelchair. After all, it’s very comfortable on the thighs, and we’ve made sure that we have an Angle that works with thigh tops, to maximize all usage needs. Here at Lamicall, we do care about the disabled community and are more than willing to pitch in to add a little bit more comfort to the life they are forced to live in a way that is harder than us regular folks.

For now, this is all I could think of. There are always more ways to use this thing awaiting for all of us to find out, though. At Lamicall, our fascination in simple things never will comes to an end.  

What We Did for Stabilization?

Tilted Bottom

5 4

For more stability, we made the bottom tilted upward in a comfortable angle to support your devices well and securely. We managed to make the grove deep enough to support your devices while not blocking the screen

Deep Trenches

The original designing perspective of the six ridges (PL01)  was that we were hesitant to give up any one of the six most common angles of product use. But this also meant that groves had to be more versatile, therefore shallower.

We sacrificed a bit of stability for versatility, which has been proven to be a bad idea. 

Our design team went back to work and made 3 new prototypes, decreased the number of ridges from 6 to 4 that are fused together, and started a round of alpha testing within the company

Having gotten rid of two of the ridges, we deepened the groves. This time we are sure that no slipping will happen. We were slightly too ambitious with the depth, and went a bit overboard and it blocked the bottom of some devices. We quickly hot-fixed that issue. 

After Some serious consideration and voting, we ended up with a depth of 3 cm / 1.81 inches.


It is also a good help when reading. It is quite tiring to hold up a book for a long time. The same goes for children, and they may resist reading in the long run.


What Material Did We Choose?

The Cover

9 1

The Cover is made of Polyacrylamide, or Acrylic fiber. Acrylic is a well-known vegan fiber that is easy-to-clean, smooth, soft, and elastic. The texture feels extremely similar to Cashmere.

Despite the fact they feel like cashmere, they are not as fragile, and when it comes to washing, acrylic materials are easy to remove, wash, and are much more durable.

fc784fc2 0475 4623 9600 1e47159a50a9 1

Acrylic fiber is also called artificial wool or synthetic wool. As far as I am concerned, though,  it feels more like cashmere compared to wool. Sometimes wool can be a little bit rough, but this pillow tablet stand does not, at all. Acrylic fiber has the advantages of softness, fluff, bright color, light resistance, antimicrobial and anti-insecticide properties.

The performance of polyacrylamide is very similar to wool, its elasticity is even better than wool,

the rebound rate can still maintain a nice 65% even when it’s stretched 20% larger. Acrylic fiber is fluffy, curly and soft, and has a 15% higher warm retention than regular wool material. 

The strength is 22.1 ~ 48.5 CN/TEX, 1 ~ 2.5 times higher than wool. Well light resistance, which means if you expose it under the open air exposure for one year, the strength will only decrease by 20%. It can also resist acid, oxidant and general organic solvents, but it’s alkaline resistance is poor. The softening temperature of fiber is 190 ~ 230℃.


Moisture-wicking abilities


Heat retention abilities


Resistance to pilling/bubbling

Very high

What is alkaline resistance?

“The degree to which a paint resists reaction with alkaline materials such as lime cement or plaster; a necessary property for paints used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.”

The Pillow Core

For the pillow core, we use sponge materials with a density of 24kg/ m3

Sponge the word comes from Latin. It refers to a very simple animal group that lives at the seabed. These creatures have incredible adaptability and some amazingly simple morphology. Sponges consist of only two thin layers of cells. This allows them to easily pass water through its body. After a sponge dies, its skeleton– the crystal-like structure that holds the organism upright remains. Ancient people have learnt about the use of these remains and have been using their porous properties to act as a foaming agent to wash either dishes or their bodies. 

Nowadays, though, what is commonly known as sponge is no more the remains of the sea creature. It now refers to a group of porous polymer product that has much more complexity and higher level of performance compared to its animal counterpart. Artificial sponge is a vegan, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, easy to wash, and extremely malleable material.

Commonly used sponge, in respect to their structure, is divided into high density sponge, medium density sponge and low density sponge. According to the interpretation of the national customs department, sponge with ≥45 kg/ m3 is a high density sponge, those between 45 kg/ m3 and 18 kg/ m3 is medium density, and those  with the density of <18 kg/ m3 is low density ones. For you to have a better idea of what it feels like, the density of the sponge most commonly used in a mattress is about 22 kg/ m3.

 We choose a mid density sponge so that it is soft enough for children, and also strong enough to maintain its shape in use. 

The weight of our Pillow tablet holder is 220 g/ 7.76 Oz, which is a good balance between light weight carry-on friendliness and not flipping over on large devices. 


We use EVA autoclaved sponge (hot-pressed sponge) for the Base, which is the same sponge as the pillow core. But through hot pressing, it becomes more dense and supports the upper part of the pillow tablet holder much better.

What is an autoclaved sponge? 

Hot embossing is a simple and common processing method in the plastic processing industry. It is: heat the mould, inject the test material, fix the mould on the heating plate by pressure, control the melting temperature and time of the test material, so as to achieve the hardening and cooling after melting, and then take out the finished product of the model.

First, hot pressing molding can be divided into vacuum molding and compression molding

Most compression molding was firstly heats and softens the plastic in a mold, pressure again to molding, extrusion molding has the advantages of mould cheap, uniform thickness, its products from the early military map model and the airplane engine cover, now can be made into inner liner of the refrigerator door, car fender nameplates, automobile chassis, soft drink bottles, even thickness, packaging materials and other products!

Second, the more important characteristics of hot pressing materials, there are the following two:

(1) Plastic memory: it is an important characteristic of the material that the plastic can be heated into a rubber-like shape and closely adhered to the mold. Because of this characteristic, the poorly formed product can be heated outside the mold to restore it to the original flat shape.

(2) thermal strength and thermal extension: thermal strength is the strength of the plastic after heated the rest, some plastic heat after all will lose strength and become soft, creamy, but still has the strength, elasticity after some plastic is heated with high heat intensity degree of plastic, can be conducted on the mould, but will soon be in the low intensity of hot plastic tear!

The polyester label on the shipping mark is a little pricky, but we have taken this into consideration. We made it in a way that is easy for you to cut it off any time. 

The zipper is sewn down to ensure that it can be hidden underneath the zip flaps and it ensures the PL02 holder has a flat bottom for easy placement on any surface.

pl01 and pl02

What We Did for Alternative Experience?

12 3

Bookmark Gift (Thick Paper)

We encourage reading in this day and age and will include a bookmark as a gift with every PL02 holder sold. It is quite easy to put in your back pocket and it is shaped for easy take-out. It hooks to your hand. The bright yellow color also stands out.

This yellow bookmark in the shape of LAMICALL’s logo will sure to rekindle your love for reading. (just kidding, you’ll probably have to do that yourself.)

This middle part is good for putting your finger in. 

Pl02 bookmark

Multiple Color Choices

7 2

Overall advantage

Groves that won’t block the smaller device’s screen, but allows your device to stand still firmly.

Triangular design bears a good load and is very stable. It will not flip over even when the device is very large

10 1

Overall drawback (things we will be working on to deal with for the next product)

The polyester label is a little scratchy, feel free to trim it off if needed.

logo 2

Thanks for reading this article, now that you have a in-depth understanding  of how we made our Pillow Tablet Holder,

Tell me down the comment, Will you purchase this PL02 Tablet Pillow Holder? 

Or you hate the idea of a bulky tablet stand?

If you are a relatively shy person, feel free to email me to discuss your idea.

Contact writer via Email: 

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