How To Use Mobile Phone in Bed Comfortably

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Do you have the same experience with me? I like to play with my phone in bed before going to sleep, maybe watching a movie, reading an E-book, checking on my facebook and instagram, shopping on Amazon, or making a video call with my mom. But when I hold my phone for more than 15 minutes, I feel uncomfortable.

If I lie on my side my shoulder would get sore, if I lie on my back, my arm would get sore and sometimes, especially when I am sleepy, the phone even drop on my face. If I lie on my stomach, I would either get neck pain or jaw hurt. It seems that I can’t even find one position for me to play with mobile phone in bed comfortably.

If you are in the same situation, you may as well finish reading this article, I will share some nice method to you.

But first, lets discuss about why people like to play with their phone in bed.

Why people like to use mobile phone in bed

1. Tired

After working for a whole day, you must feel tired. And what’s the best way to kill tiredness?

jean de gribaldy

Don’t stand if you can sit, don’t sit if you can lie down.


I totally agree with him. And play with mobile phone lying in bed is definitely the best of the best way to relieve the fatigue of the day.

2. Cold

If you live in tropical area, please just pass this point. But right now in most of the northern hemisphere area, winter is coming. For those people who live there, it’s cold everywhere except under the covers. So just go to your bed and play with your phone, you will get warm and fun.

3. No sofa in dorm

I believe most students know what I am saying. If you’re crouching in a dorm room with three or four people, there must be no place for a comfy sofa. Your bed is now your private space on where you are willing to spend most of your time.

4. Lazy

Okay, just admit it. I am too lazy to stay outside of my bed for one more second.

How to play with smartphone in bed comfortably

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, there’s no way for you to use your smartphone in bed with bare hands. You’ll need some gadgets to help you free your hands and release your neck stress.

lamicall gooseneck holder

I have to say this is the best gadget for using mobile phone or tablet in bed. It’s light weight and could be easily installed on the bed or the night table. The long arm allows you to adjust the holder to any height any angle.

2. Bed tray

bed tray

It’s also a good gadget to free your hands when you using your smartphone for watching videos. And you can put some snacks on it if you like to eat and play at the same time. The only drawback is that bed tray is a little bit heavy.

3. Prism glasses

Prism glasses

This gadget looks a little bit funny. It turns your view to a downward 90 degree angle, which could eliminate the need for your head movement. Not just for playing mobile phone, it’s also good for watching TV and reading books.

How to play with smartphone in bed comfortably

1. Distance

No matter you using your smartphone in bed or outside bed, you should keep your phone at least 25 centimeters from your eyes. That way you’re much less likely to be nearsighted or have headaches.

2. Keep the room light on

If you turn off your room light and use your phone in bed, or if the light in your room is dim, that would hurt your eyesight. So keep your room light on and you can use your phone in bed with no fear.

3. Not lie flat

If you lay on your back and keep your phone up above you, there could be a strain on your eyes. You’d better sit up a little and put some pillow behind your back to make you feel comfy. And then use the gadgets I mentioned above to fix your phone to a appropriate height and angle.

4. Put cell phone away before sleep

Sleep with your cell phone in bed is definitely wrong and harmful, it may cause sleeping problem, headache, it can even cause your pillow on fire. For more details you can check my previous article:

What the bad effects of sleeping with your phone in bed

So don’t forget to put your mobile phone away on the night table or desk, and I suggest you to use a lamicall desktop phone stand to hold it.

sleep with phone

( Image from: Pexels )

Using your phone in bed may not be a good habit, but just admit it, too many people cannot get rid of it. Smartphone is now an important part of our daily life, if we can’t avoid it, then just try to minimize the damage it cause.

If you have any idea about this topic, welcome to leave it in the comment box below.

2 thoughts on “How To Use Mobile Phone in Bed Comfortably”

  1. I agree with your info that it is really best to jot use it in bed but the reality is that most people do use it for the convenience of what we can have available to us as a resting time like reading a book. I have also adapted to using my speak feature if the book is not an audible book to minimize strain for reading especially if you don’t want to get up to turn off your light or you don’t have or use assistive tech like Alexia. I am an office ergonomics consultant. This article is a very helpful one for sharing with my avatar! Thank you #wahooergoconsult #workathomeofficeoronsiteergonomicsconsultant

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