How to Set Up A Cozy Corner For Yourself?

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Nowadays, the modern life people live in is constantly overflown with way too much information, busy commute, strenuous housework, and sometimes, just tire. Each of us must have space to simply vent off the negative energy building up and feel cozy.
This is your ultimate guide to get comfortable in a corner on a Saturday afternoon at your house. Well, the setup, of course. Hardly anybody needs to be taught how to get comfortable in a cozy spot, eh?



Here is our auto-queued joke about how English-speaking people are so obsessed with Abbreviations. Consume at your own risk.

SAG stands for:
Softies, Ambience and Gadgets.

Indeed, these are the 3 things you will always need for this little corner of yours, no matter the type of corner you want it to be.

Firstly, Softies.

We, humans, have just such a solid preference for the soft stuff. The famous wire mother experiment [LINK HERE MAYBE] showed us that it was written in our primate genes that soft literally equals good.

So, for a cozy space, naturally, you will need a lot of soft stuff.
Here are a few essentials:
A bean bag
A few throw cushions
A very soft blanket
A Big and fluffy rug

There are a few things that these softies will give you.

They will allow you to lean, lie, or sit in any posture. You could potentially choose to sit on the bean bag with your limbs making a tremendous H shape, lean on a cushion put against a wall with the beanbag underneath you, or just lie on the rug covered in your new favorite blanket. Think about this: after a day of work and chores, with your kids finally asleep, you look at the clock, and it says 9:30. You feel so grateful that you still have a couple hours before going to bed. This comfy spot is going to be your go-to every time!

Secondly, Ambience


Two main things need to be considered in this category: light and scent.
For lighting, a ‘soft-white type of light (Kelvin rating 2700-3000). This will typically look quite close to the old-timey incandescent light bulbs. A bulb of this variety makes people feel at ease and could release stress and anxiety.
For scent, it really depends on what you consider a ‘good smell.’ People are both innately and acquisitively biased towards what smells good. Have a scent diffuser around your corner and enjoy your own favorite odor.

Last but certainly not least, gadgets.

We love having nothing to do, but our brains are wired so that if we actually do nothing, it finds random things for us to think about and do. See fidgeting. So, if you’re not planning to just take naps in your corner, entertainment is in order.
A few things you might consider doing in this space of your own:
Watch some shows.
Play, make or listen to music.
Play video games
Think about life and the impending Armageddon that is on all of us.

Now. We got all the elements. It’s time to get going on actually putting stuff in that corner.

Type 1 The summer cool-corner

summer cool corner
mini fridge

COOL is the keyword! We all know what it feels like when the summer gets hot and we’re missing AC in one out of 5 rooms in the house. That room becomes hell itself. Everyone would do everything in their power just to not step in that one room. You need your corner to NOT be in that one room. Very important. DO NOT PUT IMPORTANT STUFF IN THE NO-AC ROOM!

A mini-fridge would be a perfect choice of small appliance for this summer cooling corner. A few cans of beer to go with the game, an ice-cold coke after the post-workout shower, or a cold bar of chocolate when you are really just not bothered to go to your proper fridge would all be beautiful things you could get from this mini-fridge.

Another fun thing is the tablet stand T from Lamicall.
Beers don’t mean anything without a good football game. On the same note, that coke is not going to be nearly as good without your favorite show playing in the background right in front of you.

Lamicall Phone and Tablet Stand T

Weight: 8.1 ounces 0.5 pounds

Price: $16.99

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Silicon

Color: Black, Grey, Red, Silver


  • Broad Compatibility: T stand applies to all 4 -10 inch devices
  • Adjustable & Portable: This can be adjusted up and down for the most comfortable height or angle. The play stand also allows you to play and charge simultaneously. It’s very portable and can be folded easily to store in a pocket.
  • Warm Tips: For devices larger than 8”, please set it in landscape mode for a better experience.

Type 2 The Winter Hideout

The Winter Hideout

There are various ways to escape the cold during winter times, and setting up a winter hideout corner for yourself is definitely one of the most worthy things to do. I mean, who doesn’t want to snuggle themselves in a winter hideout corner?

Cabin fever an Alpine home thats the ultimate winter hideout

If you own a fireplace, you might need your cozy corner by the fireplace during wintertime. Paint your fireplace a little, put some decorations by the fireplace.
Pull your bean bag, cozy blanket, and rag in towards the middle of the fireplace and face them near the hearth to produce a relaxing place for wintertime amusement.

A Pillow device holder would be a nice add-on because more pillows are always good! 

If you are interested in Pillow Cellphone and Tablet holder, here is an in-depth article about where the idea came from. 

See difference between PL02 and PL02, click here. 

Type 3 The Music Corner

wes hicks MEL jJnm7RQ unsplash

Whether you can play a real instrument or you simply just enjoy listening to music, a music corner will cheer you up on a blue day. 

By your instrument or speaker, put on some plants, your favorite pictures, and last but not least, a gooseneck phone and tablet holder! This small gadget serves you well if you are playing/making music (hold your chord (device) in front of you) or listening to music (have your device face in any desired direction). 

gooseneck form

Type 4 The At-Home Man Cave [Video Games]

gaming setup

I am not a hardcore gamer, but I found the most incredible man cave setup so far. I would call this the ultimate man cave setup. Check it out.

Here are two gadgets that I would recommend to y’all, a Headset stand and laptop stand, so that they can assist you in making the most badass setup among all of your friends.

Thanks for reading this article, 

Tell me down in the comment section about what you think should be improved ? 

If you are a relatively shy person instead, feel free to email me to discuss your idea.

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