How To Remove The Phone Ring Holder By  Using Toothpicks

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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How to remove the phone ring holder by  using toothpicks

Maybe you want to move your phone ring holder to another phone or you just feel that style ring is out of fashion. No matter what the reason is, you just want to remove the phone ring holder without cause any damage to your phone. But sometimes you may find it’s super difficult to do it because of the strong glue. It’s like it will stay there on the back of your phone forever-and-ever.

Let’s see some normal methods before I tell you how do I remove the phone ring by simply using toothpicks.

Normal methods to remove phone ring holder

1. Nail polish remover and other liquid

It’s said that the nail polish remover will weaken the power of the 3M glue. Some one also suggest lighter fluid or alcohol. But many people don’t dare to risk their $1000+ mobile phone to try this kind of chemical.

2. Rock it back and forth

It doesn’t work at all if the glue is strong enough. And that is why you will type “how to remove my phone ring” in google search box.

3. Razor blade

Please don’t try it! Unless you are as skilled as an experienced surgeon, or you will leave some ugly scratches on the back of your phone permanently. If you do want to have a try, plastic knife would be a better choice.

4. Credit /ID card, any card

I have tried once but my member card seems too thick to insert to the gap between the phone ring and my phone. Finally, the card is ruined but the phone ring was still there, without loosing a little bit.

Another thing, just don’t take a wrong card!

5. Dental flossor fishing line

I think it may work if your dental floss is strong enough, and fishing line is definitely a good choice if you have some by your hand. Just be careful don’t hurt your finger when you use it to “cut” through the glue under the ring holder.

Normal methods to remove phone ring holder


Prepare some toothpicks, it’s better to choose some strong toothpicks, mine are fragile.


Slightly insert these toothpicks into the gap between the phone ring holder and the phone.


Keep poking and rocking with the toothpicks until you find the gap between the phone ring holder and the phone gets bigger. Just like this!


Now you can pull off the ring holder easily.


The remain job is to peel off the 3M glue little by little.

peel off the 3M glue



If you like the phone ring holder in the video/picture above, tab tab tab…below!

Phone Ring Holder Red 02 1

If you have any else good idea of how to remove the phone ring holder, comment below!

Or do you have any good phone accessories that good take place the phone ring holder, tell us by commenting below!

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